Flashback Friday--Revisiting Wichita


This weekend I'm off to Wichita to visit my friend Hilda. We've been friends for... oh, FOREVER. Okay not really, but seriously since freshman year of high school. I was in Spanish class, and this girl kept raising her hand and knowing all the answers, and I was like, "Who is this girl?" 

It was Hilda, and we soon became fast friends. She lives in Wichita now, and the last time I was there it was October 2010, and it was for two reasons: 

A) visiting Hilda
B) running my first half marathon (I wrote about it in detail in this post, fyi.)

I ran with two friends, Audra and Cori. Although we didn't actually run together at all. We split up almost immediately, in fact. But we reconnected at the end...at the free massage table, obviously. Where else would you go after finishing your first half marathon?

See? It's me + Audra!

Cori was there too, but we preferred to take pictures later. When Cori was chewing blue gum.
And when I could really stick my neck veins out. Classic.

Good times, were they. 
This October, I will be running another half marathon. This time in Kansas City, MO. And Audra and I will be actually running together this time. 

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Hooray for Friday!

{p.s. Remember when I said I wanted to try to blog every day in August? Well, don't hold me to that. I may or may not still do it, but thinking about it was starting to stress me out, and certain people (ahem, Audra and Jordan) said that maybe I was being too ambitious. They may or may not be right (or they may or may not also be stupid), but regardless, blogging isn't supposed to stress me out. It's supposed to be fun. So just don't hold me to the blogging-every-day-in-August thing. Thank you and good day.}
Moments and Impressions said...

Wow a friend with that history is so special. I am newly try to run. I have a love/hate relationship with it right now - but it is the best exercise with a jogging stroller and a little one. Good luck on your next 1/2.

Amy Nielson said...

oh fun! i'm excited to hear how your guys' next half goes :)

Anonymous said...

Yay Wichita. Yay half marathons. Yay friendship!

Lauren said...

I visited my BFF this weekend too! Hence the super later comment. :)

Don't stress about the full month of blogging, this is going to be MUCH easier than you think. Google for a prompt list you like & use that when you can't think of anything. And even more importantly SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE WHENEVER POSSIBLE. You can do this.