A Few Things I'm Not into Right Now


{Note: I may or may not be writing this after having taken a muscle relaxer for my back pain. As such, the following post may or may not make sense.}

In April, I wrote a post titled "A Few Things I'm into Right Now." 

In the interest of seeing what's changed since then,
and because it's the last day before the last day of August,
(which means I'm almost done blogging every day!)
and because it's almost the start of a new month,

{and because I think the muscle relaxer is making me feel funny}

I give you: A Few Things I'm Not into Right Now

1. Pinterest

Over the past few weeks, I've heard this come up more and more often. It seems there's now another place to post pictures, be crafty, and in general put yourself out there on another (what seems to be) social media site. 

I can't claim to know what I'm talking about, seeing as how I don't actually have a pinterest account. But my initial conclusion is that this seems like the perfect way for me to become more distracted and, consequently, more overwhelmed by all the meals I want to cook, all the crafts I want to make, and all the clothes I want to buy.

There's enough going on right now without thrusting myself into a land full of more examples of crafty people who can seemingly whip up a curtain or fabulous homemade meal while most of the time I fail at my attempt to be the least bit creative. (My recent scrapbooking obviously being an exception.)

 Overall, I think Pinterest looks really cool, but right now it's just not appealing enough to actually sign up for it and figure out how it really works.

2. Twitter

I know twitter has been going on for a while; I'm not stupid. And I've considered joining in the past, but I'm just just not into it.

Maybe it's because I don't want another site to look at; maybe it's because I really don't think I'd have much to say that would interest anyone else. Maybe it's because I have to join and actually start doing it to fully realize it's awesome power. Whatever the reason, I just can't seem to get into Twitter. Not that I never will, but at least for now I'm Twitter free and plan to stay that way. 

3. A smart phone. 

So many people have an iphone or a Blackberry or an Android or any other type of crazy phone with apps and email. But I am totally not kidding when I say that I'm 100% satisfied with my regular flip phone. I can't listen to music, read emails, take video, edit pictures, read books, or play Angry Birds, and I couldn't care less.

Pet peeve #804: people tinkering with their phone while we're supposed to be having a face-to-face conversation.

When did the real-life person lose priority to the person you aren't even with?
I'm not exactly sure, but I don't like it.

Also, I am not into having my monthly phone bill increase by a ridiculous amount because of a stupid data plan.

4. Dressing Up

Is it just me? Lately all I want to do is wear cotton shorts and a sports bra. Yes, everywhere. Darn you, Oklahoma and your ridiculous heat!

But don't worry. I'm not going to be that girl (you know, the girl who runs on the busy street in just her sports bra and her six-pack). Good thing I have about eight hundred different colored Old Navy tanks tops. Pair one with a cardigan and khakis, and I've got myself a semidressy-but-mostly-not-dressy-at-all work outfit 5 days a week!

I am also mostly not into fast food (because it makes me feel weird), Harry Potter (because it looks like I'll be reading Game of Thrones for a while), and baseball (because the Cubs are 18 games out of first place and 4 games away from being eliminated from play-offs).
amyloudotcom said...

i know what you mean with there being more sites distracting us from life and i see so may things i wanna cook and never get round to it i <3 your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Agreed about Pinterest. WHAT is the fuss with this thing? Not into it. Over it, actually. Don't get Twitter. It's not worth it. I spend less and less time on there and am pretty close to closing my account. Agreed on the smartphone thing (but AP Style says it's one word, just FYI). :) And WAY agreed on dressing up. It's okay to not be into things. Especially these things.


Amanda said...

Amy, thanks! Glad you agree with me.

Audra, are you being serious about Twitter? I thought you loved it! That is very interesting. Glad you agree with me about Pinterest. And thanks for heads up on smartphone, though since when are you all about AP Style? ;)

Anonymous said...

Since I have to be, for my job. It sucks. I have to switch back and forth, depending on what I'm editing. It's LAAAAAME.