Regarding My Name Change


So when I got married and signed my marriage license, my name changed. But apparently nothing is officially official until I actually go to the social security office.

The reason I haven't done that yet is first of all because I haven't had a free afternoon to spend waiting in line. And when I do have a free afternoon, I sure don't want to spend it at the SS office.

But the other reason I haven't done yet is because I was waiting to legally change my middle name to my maiden name. Your marriage license doesn't let you do this, just fyi.

(Also, for purposes of this post, "officially official" is not the same as "legally.")

In case you're wondering, doing some tiny thing like making Reese my middle name instead of Ellen is quite an ordeal. I will need to hire a lawyer (which will cost at least $150, if not more); set up a court date, where said lawyer and I will stand before a judge and promise that I'm not changing my name to avoid paying my taxes or defaulting on credit; and pay the state of Oklahoma $170 for filing fees.

Upon discovering this information I was, as you can imagine, rather annoyed.
What the hay, people? All I want to do is keep Reese as part of my name forever and ever. Why are you trying to destroy my dream? 

I've gone on like this for some time now, and Jordan's like, "Please just decide something. I don't really care what you do as long as you do something."

What he wants is for me to make my last name officially official and stop signing Reese everywhere and confusing people.

I think that's fair.

Upon further consideration (and polling a number of people), I have made my final decision: I am leaving my middle name as is. Why? Well, there are a number of reasons, but mostly because when I thought about me, I realized that I am and always will be Amanda Ellen. And I realized that everything would just be plain weird without that E.

So this month, it's happening. I will be heading to the SS office (once I find out where it is), standing in line, and making it official. Amanda Ellen Bumgarner.

Apparently I'll also have to get used to spell check underlining my new last name. Thank you, red squiggly line, but you are actually quite the opposite of helpful. Unless your intention was to make me question the spelling of my own name, in which case, well done.

Then, after the line-standing thing happens, I'll be doing other fun stuff such as going to the bank, getting new credit cards, changing my work email address, and learning my new John Hancock, just to name a few.

And then, after I get myself knocked up and with child, as they say (which will NOT be any time soon, fyi. No baby comments, please); and after it's a girl; we'll be naming her Reese.

Don't worry; Jordan knew that was part of the deal when he asked me to marry him.
A daughter named Reese, twins named Peanut and Butter (a son and daughter, respectively), and another son named Cup.

Okay, not really. I was kidding about that last part. I mean seriously, who names someone Cup?
Lauren said...

You know there's not a limit to the number of names you have, right? You're not limited to 1 middle name, you can be Amanda Ellen Reese Bumgarner. Lots of people do it! So don't settle if you really want that to stay a part of your name, I'll probably do the same thing & keep my maiden name in the mix.

Caitlin said...

I have had those squiggly red lines under both first and last name my whole life. Sigh. Embrace the uniqueness, I say! Also, I am told by my parents I would have been named Reese if I were a boy. But seriously, Reese Rohrer? Probably not. In your case, I love it!

Anonymous said...

Umm, first of all - squiggly red line? Come on. Double-click it and add it to your frickin' dictionary. It's not that hard.

Secondly, Cup can be the dog.

Third, I really like Peanut. Not Butter as much. I feel like that will just be a self-fulfilling prophecy of roly-polyness. Let's avoid if possible.

Fourth, do you like how I said "let's," as if I'll be involved in the raising (and naming) of your child? Hmm. I DO like the implication. Ha.

Fifth, a comment from you on my latest review (ooh, that rhymed!) is conspicuously absent. Please correct ASAP.


Amanda said...

Lauren, I did consider a double middle name; it's a good idea. I know a few people who have done that. I don't feel like I'm settling, though. Promise!

Caitlin, I think Reese would be a great name for a guy too! That's awesome. But yeah... be glad you aren't a double R.

Audra, good point about the dog name. And Butter. No roly-polyness, please. Let's not :)

Anonymous said...

This is funny, sis! love reading your posts :)

Tiffani P said...

California (where they legislate everything) actually has a "name equity act" (or something like that) that delineates name change rules and allows you to change them with the marriage license. Its something like "both partners can change their last name to either the other's name, or to an agreed upon third name that is some combination of the two names (yes seriously), and both can change their middle name to their original last name"

Anyway, even though the wording is confusing and there is a lot of it.... it sure does make me glad to live in Cali rather than OK! :)

Amanda said...

Are you serious, Tiff? Man, you're lucky. Oklahoma is weird. Glad I could enlighten you and make you feel better about California rules!