Marathon Training: Week 3


I promise that not every single I post I write from now on will be about running, but I didn't want to miss out on my weekly marathon training recap! I think it will be fun to go back and look at what I did later on. You know, after I'm all cool and tough because I actually ran a marathon.

This week I stuck with a 10-minute/mile pace for every run, which I am happy with. I want to be a little faster overall, but I also realize that I have a looong way to go (like, 14 weeks to go), and I don't want to burn out or injure myself because I went too hard in the beginning.

Saturday's 10-mile run was tough. I ran with the running group for another 6:00am wakeup call, and we ran in a park where there were a good number of hills. I talked in my last post about how I always set my treadmill at an incline, but there is nothing quite like running hills outside. My knees were feeling it. 

I'm glad to be done, and right now I can't imagine running for 26 miles. But I know I will get there, slowly but surely. Here's to week 4! 
Mimsie said...

This is your blog--you don't have to apologize about writing updates about your marathon training! Good for you, and I know you will do well in the race.

Natalie M said...

Doing great Amanda!