5 Blog Posts I Usually Skip

Blogging is weird and awesome. 

The weird part is for people who don't blog and therefore don't understand the awesome part. To those of you fellow bloggers, I love reading your posts and making new friends, and I love that for some reason you all humor me and pretend like you like it when I post 200 family photos.

But let's be honest.

I know you don't read ALL of my posts. I know sometimes you guys are like, "She's blogging about running AGAIN?" Don't lie. I know you didn't read every single marathon training recap.

Let me tell you a secret: I do the same thing. I follow my favorite blogs via Bloglovin, and sometimes I mark a post as "read" without actually reading it. Do I feel bad about it? No I do not. No one can be interested in all the things. Even Jordan, my darling husband dear, has told me he has skipped a post or two of mine, or at least skimmed. (Case in point: my post about my first kiss, he told me he did NOT read.)

This is not specific to just blogging. You don't watch every news story or read every article someone links to on Facebook. We have our likes and dislikes, topics we're particularly passionate about or interested in. It's what makes us who we are.

So. All that long story being said, I wanted to share with you all 5 posts I usually skip.  You can thank Abbey for the post inspiration. (I was also inspired by Helene's post.) If you write any of the following posts, I'm not saying you're a bad blogger or you should not blog about this stuff or that I won't read your blog anymore if you do them. In fact, I would say that if you DO write these posts, keep at it! Don't change what you write because of me or anyone else. I just thought this post topic was random and fun and a good insight into personality types and interests. 

If you care to, share in the comments what kinds of blog/article topics you usually skip. I'm interested to know! I totally won't be offended if you say running.

1. Manicures

There might be a day when I care about what color you painted your nails, but today is not that day. Tomorrow probably isn't either. If I see the word cuticles or a picture of nail polish, the post is getting skipped.

Seriously, I don't have the money to spend on getting my nails done, and even if I did, it chips off after approximately .82 hours. Which is why you will rarely find me wearing nail polish, at least on my fingers. The one and only time in my life that I have ever gotten a manicure was for my wedding. It miraculously stayed on for the entire day and then chipped the following morning. 

And that, my friends, is why I skip posts about manicures. It just ain't my thang, mkay?

*Honorable mention: posts about makeup. Why? Because it reminds me that I have looked like a homeless person all summer long, and posts about makeup just remind me that there are pretty people in the world who own more than one color of eyeshadow.

2. Paleo Diets/Other Dieting Fad Posts

I admire people who diet. I think it's awesome, and I wish I had the discipline. I am so inspired by before/after stories, and I love watching The Biggest Loser. 

I am addicted to sugar, and that's the truth. Love me some cupcakes! But since I have never gone on a diet, nor am I planning to cut out carbs in the near future, I don't, at this time in my life, feel the need to read about it. 

Although, I will say that I am interested when people do crazy things like juice cleanses, because they always have hilarious/horrifying stories about the first 4 days when they feel like they're going to die. Does it make me a terrible person that I thrive on near-death dieting experiences? No, don't answer that.

3. Anything about Leopard Print

I have never owned nor desired to own anything leopard print. If you do, you are way cooler than me, and more power to you. 


4. Weekend Recaps/Random Thoughts

I know some of you will disagree with me on this one, but as a general rule, I don't like weekend recaps or any post labeled "Random Thoughts." 

I blame my editor mind for this.

It's just that I like to write posts that tell a story or have a point, and weekend recaps or posts full of random thoughts are too ADD for me. They jump around and aren't really about anything, and I usually skip them because reading them gives me headaches.

That being said, I have written such posts in the past, so I'm openly admitting my hypocrisy on this one.

5. Any Post that Has the Word Furbaby in the Title

You might have seen my tweet about this a week or so ago. I expected to get a lot of angry replies from pet owners threatening to torch my apartment, but I actually got a few favorites and retweets, so holler to all my sympathetically minded tweeples.

Basically, I cannot CANNOT handle the word furbaby. If this is you, I'm sorry. I still like you as a person and only semi question your intelligence (KIDDING!), but I really do hate that word. It sounds ridiculous and makes me think of a baby with fur, but the main problem is that it freaks me out.

Look. I get it. Your pet is like your child. That's awesome, and I'm sure your dog/cat/ferret is the most awesome pet in all the land, but I just cannot physically bring myself to click on a post that has the word furbaby in the title.

(Can you tell I'm not really an animal person? I feel like my life is that Friends episode about Chandler hating dogs. I fully understand that I'm the odd one out in this situation. Please don't torch my apartment.)

So there you have it! Five blog posts I usually skip, barring a few exceptions for my favs. Now it's your turn: I really would love to know what posts you skip over. Because I'm just interested, that's why.

Just remember: If you do comment, we're not bashing other bloggers/blogs. Keep it clean, people! This is just a fun, friendly discussion.

If you're not a blogger, you still can join in! What news stories or online articles do you find yourself skimming over? Style? Politics? Running? Let's hear it!

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  1. ha, it's true. i really don't know what to say about fashion blog in general. i'm not interested in furbaby too. it's not a bad thing. i mean, we love the person but we may not like every single bit and piece of them, do we?

  2. So true. I typically skip over posts about diets etc as well. To your point, I give MAJOR credit to those who are eating healthier/cleaner, but it just gets a bit much for me.

    Great Saturday read on this rainy day for me! :)

  3. haha spot on!! it's true, especially your nails, i'm sorry but no.

  4. Can we add to Furbaby the word Furmom, hubby and 20-something? Those three things will make me click off a blog so fast. I cannot stand Furbaby and Furmom. Hubby grates me when I see it over and over again in a post. And you are either 20 or you are not 20. You are not 20 something.

  5. I have never heard the word furbaby before and quite frankly I am glad of this! It is quite a weird one - I am of the people who doesn't like cats and everyone at work looks at me like I'm a mentalist when I say it! Kittens are cute and all but when they big no sir not for me!

    I am with you on the dieting posts although I do read a few if anything mentions diet pills or diet quick fixes I will never read it - I don't believe in quick fixes I believe in healthy eating and thinking about what you consume that's what works long term :)


  6. I skip diets and MOST fashion blogs. I generally read just about everything else. Thankfully, I have never seen a "furbaby" post. I have about 4 blogs (maybe 5) that I like enough to read every single post (this being one of them). This last thing is going to sound awful, but I don't read posts about people's kids very often, either.

  7. haha there are deff some posts I skip too like the ones that are super mushy or the recipe ones. thats awesome that you are training for a marathon. I do love the ones that share tips or pictures.

    I hope you have a beautiful saturday.


  8. I love almost every item on this list...except the furbaby part because girl I am the complete opposite on my position on animals. Haha. I still love you though. I will never ever post about my nails because they are almost always naked...oops. And I will most likely never be on a diet that I will discuss on my blog. I say good for all the people that do, but I'm probably not going to read about it.

  9. Yeah I don't do manicures either. A) I'm scared I'm going to be infected with some unknown fungus and die a grisly death B) I would rather spend that money on food.

    DIY mani/pedis are my shizz.

    Michelle @ Mishfish13

  10. I'll tell you what kind of blog post I NEVER skip: posts with lists. There is something about organizing thoughts in list form that really appeals to me, and I can't not read those posts.

    I have used the word furbaby frequently, though not on my blog. I use it as a way to distinguish from my babies that are animals, and my baby that is human. Especially when I refer to them collectively, because I have a lot of animals, and it gets exhausting to be like, "Yeah, so, my two dogs, and my cat, and my human..." So anyway, I agree it's an off-putting word. But I thought I would explain the practicality of its usage.

  11. I usually skip fashion posts that are just a ton of pictures of themselves posing in awkward ways. It's just odd to me.

    I'm not big on diet posts either. I also skip the running posts. Sorry, still love you, don't hate me! :)

    My blog can be so random at times because I'm very random. I usually say whatever pops into my brain at the moment haha!

  12. I almost always skip weekend recaps, with a few exceptions where people are creative and concise. Or if they always have good pictures. I also have to be pretty invested in you for trip recaps. And then most any linkup with a theme like Friday letters or things like that bore me. Some people are excellent at them, but most are kinda the same.

  13. Agree! Well, not with all. I admit I don't read blogs with nail stuff, but these can be seen on my Pinterst page, I blame it on my daughter who likes doing her nails all fancy.) (she is 17, we give her some slack)

    Lately, I skip right on over posts about being divorced. Am I the only middle aged happily married woman around? And because I am, I don't want to hear how to handle a divorce. (I may actually blog about this...lol)

    Diets, NO. Skip right over those. Recipes...YES. I like reading new recipes but not gluten free, paleo (didn't even know what that was till the other day), vegan, vegetarian, etc.

    But lately, I have been reading all kinds of different blogs, so that's about it. Great post btw. :)

  14. i totally skip over diet posts, too! i always say the title is just as important as the content because if a title doesn't interest me on blog lovin', it gets marked as read without being read. great post!

  15. I skip over weekend recaps in most cases but I love random thoughts posts, I feel like they give me a glimpse into someone's mind because in reality our minds are all full of random thoughts.

  16. .....I'm actually planning on reading every post about your marathon training. I just signed up for one myself, so I'm trying to get every piece of advice that I can get :)

  17. i skip over posts that are all about:

    -kids (hypocritical since *I* have a kid too)

    -outfits (dress like a slob most days)

    -food-only/recipe posts (can't cook for shit)

    -makeup (barely wear any)

    -DIY-anything (that's what my husband's for)

    i do love random posts and sometimes, depending on the blogger, weekend recaps.

    Vodka and Soda

  18. I could not agree more! Particularly with weekend recap ones... is it bad to say I find them a little dull? Blog posts need a theme for me and something with random rambles that don't have a rhythm is not enjoyable to read!

    Kate - diariesofanessexgirl.com

  19. I tend to skip over most outfit and manicure posts. I'm just not THAT interested in fashion and I don't have the budget for it, even the "fashion for cheap" posts . . .
    I'd much rather read stories about someone's life or reviews on things like books and movies. :]

  20. Guilty... I have done/sometimes do (but probably never again thanks to this post) weekend recaps... Oops hehe!

    And what the heck it a furbaby?!?

    I like recipes (mostly) but don't like 'what I ate' posts...

  21. I skip the sponsored posts most of the time. You can tell right away if someone has written one and is not passionate about what they're writing about. I love to get inside another person's head, so the random ones appeal to me. I also like running posts, as well as recipe posts because I like the inspiration from the running ones and I get bored with my own recipes easily.

  22. Haha, I think this is pretty spot-on. I don't read fashion blogs because they usually make me jealous (I have no money for new clothes, and I don't know how to look like a model in every photo every day). As a dog owner, I think using the word furbaby or furmom discredits a person completely. In fact, I hate most cutesy titles (please, don't ever say hubster- it is not a word! I had to unfollow a foodblogger on facebook because every other post was about her hubster).

    I also tend to skip posts that are just photos (please engage me) or when I click on the post, there is only a short blurb about a picture (again, please engage me).

    What I would add to the list is any kind of relationship re-cap post (engagement, wedding, anniversary...even birthdays go on this list). I just really don't care.

  23. I'll admit I skip posts that are too fashion focused. I myself are not that fashionable I think so reading about other people's cool fashions does not inspire me at all :)

  24. This is amazing! There totally ARE certain posts my eyes just glaze over. Really, anything that is too long... That's terrible, I know. My own posts get too long all the time. Overly political, celebrity gossip, and the weekend update posts you described are also skippers;)

  25. Bahahaha I also skip those! This is a great post. Very true.

  26. what Alesha said: anything with furbaby, furmama, and/or hubby, hubster, hubs.

    also, I actually like posts about bloggers' kids EXCEPT if I catch a whiff of "anything you've done, I've done more intensely because I have born and am raising a child." you know, the "you think you're tired? wait till you have kids!" posts.

  27. I skip blogs with too many words in big paragraphs / posts without pictures.

    I promise I am not a dumb blonde ;) I really do love reading and books and studious things but blogs to me are all about pictures and points. and I will read a lot of writing if I have first been intrigued by a picture.. lol!

  28. I detest anything with the word "random" in the title or the content. I move on to the next blog. I also skip running posts ;)

  29. Totally awesome post, and I am with you on 1,2, and 5. Well and I guess 3 if it is about clothes or home decor because I am too poor for that shit anyways but then again what else would be leopard printed so I guess 4 is the only one I will read but then it is blog specific.
    In addition to that run on sentence what is wrong with just using the word pet because that is what it means an animal that lives in your house and you take care of!

  30. I skip fashion posts and reviews about products, usually. I'm totally guilty of writing the weekend recaps, though!

  31. I totally skip anything with nail color or really any beauty posts overall. I also can't stand leopard print. But I do love a good weekend review. :)

  32. I just love how similar we are, Amanda. I don't remember the last time I painted my nails. I love the way it looks, but it lasts for like a second, so the effort is just not worth it!

    And the whole weekend recap thing - I've found that I only enjoy them when I actually know the person and care about what they are doing. I occasionally will do a weekend recap post, but I try to keep it to Fridays since I know that the only person that really reads those posts is my mom. Ah, mom. My blog's biggest fan :)

  33. I skip over a lot of the same type of posts too. I really don't care what people are eating or how the latest detox made them lose 7 pounds. Boring!


  34. For me it's not so much genres, but depends on three main factors if I'm clicking on the "mark as read" button

    1) How many blog posts I have sitting in my bloglovin' cue
    2) How much time do I have/want to give to reading blogs that day
    3) TITLES... the old addage "don't judge a book by it's cover" yeah, I do that. And I judge blog posts by their titles.

    Too many blog posts in the que + not a lot of time = looking for titles that catch my eye... and my favorite bloggers of course :)

  35. I'm 100% guilty of skipping any and all exercise related posts (sorry!) and manicures, makeup, and hair related posts....funny, since I'm a cosmetologist but I just don't want to hear about that beauty stuff unnecessarily. :P And I also have the editor's rejection of "weekend rambles" "miscellaneous thoughts" type posts. I like ones with a point! I think you've inspired me to write a little about the posts I'll always read....

  36. Reading these comments it seems like people mostly skip posts that they can't relate to or that remind them of things they don't have time for or can't afford!
    And also posts that don't appear to be focused or engaging.

    Don't mind me, just making observations :)

  37. Do people actually write about their nails? I would definitely skip those posts. I generally stick to my favorite bloggers and then branch out from there. I click 'mark as read' without reading ALL.THE.TIME! :)

  38. Wait... people post JUST about their nails and manicures?! Wow... just wow!

    Furbaby makes me cringe EVERY single time. But you do know I love me a good weekend recap ;)

  39. It's true. We are all different. Some of the posts you skip over (diet and randoms) are ones I enjoy. I also am not interested in make up/cosmetic posts. Weekend recaps seem to be hated by all. I feel like you are the only blogger I've read who isn't an animal person. I'm not either!!

  40. this is so true. i love it! this actually helps me, as a blogger. i used to do weekend recaps, but i'm so glad i've stopped.

    posts that i pass over are usually ones that are too wordy..or have big words that i have to look up/google. ;)

  41. Well ... I recently tried to make a chevron canvas ... I searched my little heart out and read so many blogs who said 'just eye ball it'. really? If I could just 'eye ball' chevron I wouldn't be searching pinterest for a how to...

  42. I love the honesty + humor approach to your post. Personally, I tend to avoid posts that seem like they're headed for a "vote for me or my entry on this website" punchline. And sometimes giveaways or posts that seem commercial in nature. But I'm with you on the sentiment that "I'm not saying that I won't read your blog anymore" if you write these kind of posts. To each their own.

  43. Haha, I'm so with you--the word furbaby is just weird! I also don't read any diet posts, or recipes for that matter. Although I'm sure there are tons of things I blog about that don't interest everyone haha (I mean, how many times can I blog about my jewelry shop, like, really?!) But I guess if you blog about what you love, you'll attract people who love the same ;)

  44. Great idea for a post! I usually skip posts that are strictly polyvore outfits or OOTD posts. And obviously sponsored posts for products I don't need. Just not my thing!

  45. Haha this made me giggle. I can't connect with a lot of these topics either. A lot of people do and that's okay. I for one feel claustrophobic with nail polish on. Blehh!

  46. This is all SO TRUE. At least, the part about having your own personal list about what you don't click through. Mine is probably certain giveaways (ad space? yes! random "paypal money"? nooooo...) and hair posts...I have short hair! There are NO HAIR POSTS THAT PERTAIN TO ME!!! Haha, awesome post!

  47. HAHA! Love this! Blogging is such a crazy thing, right?! :) Now I'm off to read your always reads.

    Just found your blog via a comment you left on 'Simple Moments Stick'. So glad I did because this was an awesome read tonight. So much so I have to tweet it for others to read the awesomeness. ;)


  48. To each their own! I do manicure posts, and those are some of the posts I get the most comments on! But of course, I understand that not everybody is going to like it. And I actually do like seeing people's manicures and what colors they're using! I also love leopard print (although I have not blogged about it... yet).

  49. I am so glad that I came across this post, I definitely agree with those. Another post I generally won't read is one about vacations, and it's because I am envious that I didn't get to go ha ha!

  50. "hubs. hubby. the boy." It just all sounds so pet-sy. (When it comes to pets though…it's different. Because they're babies with fur, you see ;0 ha ha ha) Also on the list: any letter between A and Z that is supposedly the first initial of their name, but do you REALLY call them that in real life? I mean if so, then by all means, you have the rights to referring to "your man" by their nick name on your blog. I call Chad, "the Chadster" and "Chaddy" on my blog sometimes (when I'm in a giddy mood, I guess). But as cheesy as they are, they are REAL things I call him, and not what all the other bloggers do. :)

  51. This was very interesting! : )
    Thank you for sharing what you dislike.

  52. Okay when I saw the title of this post and the nail polish image, I knew I was going to love this, and I have! I do the same thing on Bloglovin'. Some days I'm just not in the mood and yeah, some things (like nail polish) I really don't care about. Although I do enjoy a "Random Thought" post every now and then. :) Great post!

  53. I had to make sure I hadn't already commented on this!

    I tend to skip over all sponsored posts, including posts that someone is writing about a product and you can tell they've been paid to do it, because really, your toilet paper is just not that awesome, and also posts introducing blog sponsors. Include guest posts in this, because I really want to read from the blogger and not from someone else. I skip a lot of fashion posts because they just make me want to buy clothes I don't need, or the blogger's taste doesn't match my own.

    I do like random thoughts, especially if the blogger is humorous, though I do tend to skip weekend roundups, too.


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