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Jordan and I will be celebrating our five-year anniversary next weekend! I made reservations at a fancy restaurant, and we are going on a date together while my parents watch R.

We are also celebrating that the end of this teething phase is hopefully coming to an end. R started cutting two teeth on the top last Thursday, and we are out of our minds with a fussy baby who wakes up screaming in the night and won't calm down for anything. Send help.


My college friend Emily recently finished writing her book! It's called The Dark Ferret Society, and I just got my copy in the mail yesterday. She's a very talented writer, and I'm excited to read it!


I have a blog post that I'm working on, and I'm pondering how best to say what I want to say. It's on a somewhat controversial topic, but it's something that has been on my heart lately and I feel like God is wanting me to share it. I just want to make sure I can share it in the correct way. Words (especially on the Internet) can be so easily misconstrued.


Water, water all day long. I don't drink coffee, as you probably know (what kind of blogger am I????), and I very rarely drink pop. I mean, we are talking maybe half a can every month, which is basically nothing. Jordan and I are like two old people splitting a can of Sprite. 

Lately I've been drinking hot lemon water in the mornings at work, and I know that sounds gross but it's so good.


I just feel like I'm going all the time right now, and it's pretty exhausting. Working full time outside the home and having an almost 9-month-old is no joke. I feel like I'm constantly going, and by the end of the week I am mentally, emotionally, and physically drained.

This past Sunday I showered before church and then I was so distracted and rushed trying to get R ready that I forgot to fix my hair or put on any makeup. I literally showed up at church with wet hair and an unwashed face. This isn't actually all that abnormal for me on a work day (low maintenance problems), but I happened to realize this fun fact while I was sitting on stage playing my violin in front of hundreds of people. Oops.

On a much happier note, I'll be heading to Illinois two times this summer! Once to visit a friend who had a baby in March, and the second time for my grandpa's 80th birthday. We will be flying with R both times, and hopefully we can follow all of our traveling tips for a smooth experience. We have tickets to a Cubs game, and I'm super duper totally pumped about it. Yay!

What's happening currently with you?
Rachel Emily said...

Congrats at 5 years! It seems so crazy to think about being married that long (even though Nathan and I have been together for 7 years...) but maybe I'm just being crazy! It's awesome. Good luck with teething, that has got to be so hard to switch up your routine once you finally feel like you have one :( Hang in there, Mama!!

shelleystirs said...

Happy almost anniversary! If it makes you feel better, I actually forgot to put makeup on before church recently as well. Not a good feeling!

Michelle said...

I swear the top two teeth were the worst thing ever. Gracie was a nightmare for what felt like weeks. So much crying.

Rebecca Jo said...

I've been the same way sitting on a blog post but its so heavy on me. Its scary when you know you'll ruffle feathers. You're great with words though.

Have a great date night celebrating your anniversary!!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I'm on a hot lemon water kick, too! I read all these things it's supposed to do for your body, and while I have zero idea if it's actually doing them, it's still so cozy and delicious!

Kayla MKOY said...

SO COOL that you play the violin. I'm envious! I've always thought that was one of the prettiest instruments. You go girl. Wet hair and all! ;)

I pray you are able to write that certain blog post and that you find the right words to express yourself. It's scary being bold on the blog, but usually worth it! :)

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I drink so little pop (or coke as we say here in NM even if it's a Dr. Pepper, Sprite, or something else not Coke) that I'm right there with ya! And I don't drink much coffee (once a week?). Water for the win!

I'm sorry that R is having a rough teething time. :( This too shall pass. And soon, I hope for your sake.

I went through a hot lemon water and honey phase last year. I totally buy into all the benefits - skin, digestive, calming, etc. Keep it up! And I should pick it up again!

Anne said...

Happy almost anniversary! So glad to hear you get a fancy date night. Hang in there with the teething and the harried mother problems... it gets easier! The mantra "it's all a phase" helped me get through some of those weeks :) Thanks for joining us as always - great to hear what you're up to. And to see your little cutie there!

Andrea H. said...

Now, I'm pondering what your blog post will be about. Yay for upcoming trips and your 5 year wedding anniversary - SUPER fun!! And thanks for sharing about the book - looks intriguing!

Erin LFF said...

YAY for 5 years coming up!! Glad you two have something special planned :) I had to LOL at the splitting a sprite. At Christmas this past year, my great-uncle asked his wife to "split a coke" with him and Jared and I just thought it was the most adorable thing ever for some reason haha.

Courtney said...

Those two trips sound so fun! We have one 8ish hr car ride over memorial day and the big flight to the beach over labor day- so, cheers to travel with our minis lol.

I really do wish there was a sarcasm font on the interwebs. Because, I could say so much more if there was :p

Leslie Lukens Martin said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous evening planned for your 5-year anniversary! I hope those teeth break through and stop causing R so much distress. I thought H was cutting his top teeth a week or so ago...I swear I felt them under his gums, but they must have decided it wasn't time yet bc they're nowhere to be seen (or felt) now.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Teething sucks- so hard to see them in pain. Teething tablets saved us!

Susannah said...

Happy almost anniversary, girlie! Hope teething gets better soon! It's sad to see the kiddo upset!

Charlotte said...

"by the end of the week I am mentally, emotionally, and physically drained." Man, I feel like that every week and I don't even have children. What will I look like when/if I do? :) Good luck with the teething guys. x

PS: Yaaaay, lemon water!

Unknown said...

Hi! and Happy Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to your blog post! I love hearing what God has put on their hearts of His children! Also, I pop in on your blog all the time, but I'm a slacker comment maker. Hopefully we can still be friends. ;)

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Yay for your upcoming anniversary date night! I thought Remi was terrible when her top teeth came in... until she started getting molars 2 weeks ago. That's been just lovely. I'll send help! ;) I'm with you on the drinking anything besides water thing. Although lately I just reaaaaaally want some wine! Ha!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

I'm sure your post (the one your pondering about) will be great, especially since your putting so much thought into it. Remember you can't and won't please everyone, but I'm sure you know that already. I'm looking forward to reading it!

Also, happy anniversary! I hope y'all enjoyed a date night. :)