10 Things I Don't Care About


Happy Friday! 

I thought I would keep it short and sweet today and just share a quick list of ten things I don’t care about. And of course I shouldn't have to say that I’m totally not judging anyone who does care about these things. This is just for fun. We all have different preferences, and that’s great! Feel free to share what we have in common or what you disagree with me about in the comments. Have a great weekend, and see you back here on Monday, friends.

1. The Bachelor. 
Let’s just say I try to avoid Twitter on Monday nights because I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

2. Foundation. 
What’s the best foundation for my skin tone? Don’t know, don’t care. Hashtag low maintenance.

Stranger Things. 
I watched the first two episodes with Jordan, and it’s too scary for me. Yes, I am a total wimp, and I don’t care about that either.

Pumpkin spiced lattes.
I’m sure PSLs are good and all, but I don’t get the intense obsession people have with these.

See above. The Internet is obsessed with Nutella and I don’t get it. I prefer to spend my time obsessing about things that really matter. Like the Oxford comma.

New Apple products. 
I own a Macbook and an iPhone, so I'm not an Apple hater or anything, but standing for hours in line for a new gadget seems absurd to me.

Owning a pet. 
Jordan and I have said that we would at some point like to have a dog, but right now, owning a pet is way down on our priority list. So far down it’s not really on the list. Because after daycare and diapers, who has spare money to spend taking care of a pet? Not us.

I will drink a Sprite every once in a while, but I drink water or milk 98% of the time. I cannot relate to people who have diet coke (or insert pop of choice) obsessions where they have to drink one every day.

Jordan and I haven’t had cable for about four years, and the only time we miss it is during certain sporting events that are only shown on ESPN, but if it’s something we really want to watch we just go over to a friend’s house.

Weird flavors of Oreos. 
It seems like every other day I hear about a new Oreo flavor. Why mess with the deliciousness of the original? Is nothing sacred anymore?

What is something you don’t care about?
StephTheBookworm said...

Yes to foundation for sure. I know next to nothing about make up. I wear eyeliner and eyeshadow and that's it. Being low maintenance is a big time saver. ;)

17 Perth said...

The weird flavor of Oreos I'll never understand. I mean why? The ordinal Oreos are perfect.
I love the bachelor. Haha. I'm new to it--but it's definitely my guilty pleasure.

I don't get the PSL either. I'll just take my coffee or a chai if I'm getting crazy. Nutella is awesome--give it a second look. 😉

And cable--we may have just gotten cable so we could watch football here. Lol. It may be going back off when football season is over. Haha. #priorities

Nadine said...

I am totally with you on the Bachelor and Stranger Things. The Bachelor is so stupid, I can't stand it!!! And Stranger Things was scary for me too and sort of boring all wrapped in to one. We didn't make it past the first episode. I don't like weird flavored oreos either, I just like the regular ones and the golden ones. We got rid of our cable and stick to Netflix and Hulu. Now, I do like PSLs and Nutella but I am not so obsessed with them that I have to talk about them every day or anything. And I have always had pets. My older dog passed away a few months ago and it was so heartbreaking. We still have our other dog and we talked about getting a puppy for him so he isn't so alone but with a baby coming I just don't think I have the energy so we are going to wait until she is older to get a second dog.

Unknown said...

Oh, don't go pretending you didn't use to care about the Bachelor! I remember your hilarious commentary! Deep down, waaaay deep down, you care*!!

*and by "care" I'm using the transitive property. We're friends + I care = You care about me even if I can about the Bachelor.

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm totally with you on #1. I haven't watched it in years! Not for any particular reason, I just haven't tuned in! Who is JoJo? What is Bachelor in Paradise? Haha!

I totally agree on foundation (I basically buy the lightest powder I can find at Walmart), PSL's, and new products. This was such a fun prompt! Have a good weekend, girl!

The Lady Okie said...

ha! Okay fine you got me ;) There are two seasons I do remember watching regularly. The one with Melissa and... Jason? Where they awkwardly broke up during the final rose. And also the one with the blonde-haired girl... Emily? And that Mormon guy and they broke up shortly after. And I think I watched the one with Sean too. OKAY FINE. Ugh.

Brittanylea02 said...

I totally agree with you on some of these! The Bachelor is painful I watched one season because the guy reminded me of my friend but after that I was like nope never again can I do this to myself! Can't deal LOL

Rebecca Jo said...

I'm the strange one - I dont get football & the way people freak out about it - especially Fantasy Football. What the heck? Are Wizards involved?

Danielle said...

I agree with most!! Except Nutella-- it is awesome! (: Everyone is probably better off without cable too!

Maria said...

We are kindred spirits. I did enjoy Stranger Things (all of the nostalgia!) and I enjoy the occasional Diet Coke (trying to stop that), I almost 100% agree with this list. Oh, except I don't even like regular Oreos, but must say that their lemon thin ones are pretty tasty.

One thing I don't care about: celebrating my birthday for an entire week (or month). It's my birthday. Great. Let's have some cake and go to dinner. Done and done. I don't even want presents.

Angi said...

Ha, I can agree with so many of these. I think the only two I really disagree with are pets and Stranger Things (all the 80's nostalgia!). But I like scary shows/movies...and I looooooove my cat. (Not a dog person)

The rest...yeah. Meh.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I agree with many of these (PSL, Nutella, The Bachelor - unless I'm in a bracket in which case I'm IN IT TO WIN IT). I've never watched Stranger Things and I'm not tempted to do so.

But I love my cats. And I'll choose mint Oreos over regular Oreos every day of the week.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I KNEW STRANGER THINGS WAS SCARY! Everyone keeps lying to me and saying it's not but I'm a baby and I'm afraid to even start it. Also, I feel like maybe I just don't understand foundation. Because to me it seems like maybe you just paint your entire face? And that just seems VERY unpleasant and also very difficult. And what happens if you sweat? Or cry? I'm guilty on the PSLs but for me I think it's because I save all things pumpkin for fall and even just the smell of a PSL makes me SO HAPPY.

Ashley said...

I agree with you on everything except the pet thing. I love pets and hate that I can't have one right now. #rentingsucks

I would also add that I don't care about Harry Potter (and I get dirty looks for it all the time), Pretty Little Liars, or Snapchat. People have been begging me to get a Snapchat for years and I've had no trouble resisting thus far.

Love this post, by the way!

Audrey Louise said...

I feel like I agree with every other one! Haha. Obviously I love having a pet. I will ALWAYS have a dog. Always. It's a requirement for my husband and I. We love them. But Nutella and Stranger Things and Oreos and Apple products are a total MEH to me. Haha! Foundation is necessary for my stupid skin and the Bachelor stuff is interesting to me, though if it went off the air I wouldn't shed a single tear! Haha!

Laura said...

I am SO with you on the PSL and The Bachelor! My husband and I have considered cutting the cord with cable too for a long time. He are both huge football fans so it's a tough call, but we are probably going to go for it next year. My parents live close so we could always go to their house for the games. Love this list!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

Can I say yes to not caring about all 10 of these? Don't care about any of them either. Don't have cable. No long lines. No pets. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE!

erinhzauner said...

girl, people keep asking us when we're going to get a dog, and I'm like when I'm done having kids and they're old enough to fill the food and water bowl and walk it. like you said, I don't need to deal with another type of poop at this point in my life.

Kaity B. said...

Literally. All of these things. Also, Chipotle. I'm sorry, it's just not that good.

Emily said...

I almost threw up in my mouth when I saw the new Oreo flavor of Swedish Fish....GROSS.

I love this post, love your honesty, and love that you're not posting pics of your PSLs all over your Instagram! ;)

Torrie said...

We could be besties :) The only one I care about is Diet Dr. Pepper, and I'm in the fiercest battle ever over here trying so hard NOT to care about it anymore... #caffeinewithdrawalisreal

Carolann Chambers said...

Are we long lost sisters? Cause I don't care about any of those things! I would like a dog one day, but I'm not interested in having one right now. I am really glad that I turned out to be low maintenance because worrying about foundation and all that seems like a lot of work. Not that I would know, I don't think I've ever bought foundation. Two other things I don't care about are sports and running. So, I guess we're not long lost sisters after all!

Michelle said...


Michelle said...

I am so tired of hearing people talk about Stranger Things. I have a cat and she's great and all, but why are people setting up separate instagram accounts for their pets? It's ridiculous! I could never care enough about makeup to see if I'm wearing the right shade. I just do the best I can.

Sara Oss said...

I wear makeup maybe once a month so I hear you on foundation. This trend might be on its way out, but I don't care for those adult painting parties. Or Chipotle. I totally agree with the commenter above: it isn't very good.

Robyn B said...

i've gotta say i'm kinda disappointed - i was waiting for a "i don't care about numbering things" ;)

shelleystirs said...

Agree with the Bachelor, PSL, and nutella (did you see what I did with the Oxford comma?). Haven't seen Stranger Things but I bet my husband would love it--he likes scary shows.

I gave up pop/soda in January and haven't looked back, with the exception of the occasional LaCroix. Now I drink either coffee or water.

Paige @ Reasons to Come Home said...

I was so excited to try the PSL for the first time a few years ago because EVERYONE was raving about them. Turns out, I don't even like them! Also, we got Sling TV this football season just for ESPN. We don't have cable either and don't mind paying $20 for a few months to be able to watch the football games!

AnneMarie said...

PSLs are tasty, but I don't get all the hoopla about them either. Especially when it's part of a "Falltime" craze, since Oklahoma (and the surrounding states) don't really have a legit Falltime. (it's nothing like falltime in Ohio or on the East Coast) Funny thing about foundation-I always buy whatever is cheap, I don't even wear makeup often (I can't remember the last time I did all-out makeup) but once a random girl in Ireland complimented me on it! I was so confused haha.

Laura Darling said...

I had a Starbucks gift card today so I got an iced PSL. It was fine, but not the greatest thing in the world. Also, it costs $5.25 for a grande which I thought was completely insane!!

Ashley H said...

Agree with all your points except soda (diet Coke), pets (3 dogs), and foundation (terrible skin). I've never even tried Nutella or PSL.

Kristin said...

I am so with you on so many of these. And yes to caring about the Oxford comma!!

Unknown said...

Okay. Here goes. Don't care about the Bachelor. I could not care less about the Kardashians. Soft drinks haven't had one on 12 years. Oh but I do have a fur baby. Stranger Things...don't know what it is. I live under a rock...actually a pile of books so if it's on TV I probably don't care about it. We cut out satellite a few months ago although our satellite company begged us to stay. I'm so glad you posted about Oreos. I thought I was the only one...leave them alone people. Same thing with chips...really biscuit and gravy chips.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

Ew! Oreos! They are just gross in general and I only eat them when I live overseas like a crazy girl because they taste like America.

What the heck is Stranger Things?

The Bachelor - I used to watch that and it is addictive. Then, I thought to myself how ungodly and horrible it was and how everything about it is anti-Jesus and decided to never watch it again. I don't judge those who watch it but it isn't godly.

Foundation! I have pores so I wear it just not all the time. Also, I love this spf moisturizer from Origins. It comes out white and then it somehow magically changes to whatever skin color you are. Isn't that weird? I love it but don't use it all the time because it is expensive.

PSL - NASTY! I can't even handle the smell. I mean, why??? I'm finishing up a post about foods I hate that most people love and PSL is on that list. So gross!

I love owning a pet! However, if I have a kid maybe I would feel differently. Dave's cat, that now loves me more than him, is so much fun! Plus, Dave is gone so much so she is good company for me.

Longest comment ever!

Courtney said...

I do wear foundation and the PSL used to be absolute favorite drink in the world....before my morning sickness with Mabel. I joke that I have PSL PTSD because they still sound awful to me.

Otherwise, I am with you on EVERY SINGLE THING!

And I'm SO glad you said that about stranger things because I have a friend who has been trying to get me to watch it and I am a giant chicken. So now I have someone who can back me up(you) and say that it is too scary!

Unknown said...

Did I comment on this...? haha! I remember trying to comment on this from my ipad... but now I can't remember so maybe there are two from me now... who knows, ha!

I had a super long conversation the other day with a friend about how I don't care about Nutella and I didn't understand what the big deal was, haha! I figure if I'm going to each chocolate it's going to be the real thing.

I'm with you on other the other things... except... owning a dog. Man oh man, we want a dog. But we also don't have babies and babies really aren't on a timeline, but a dog, we'll take all the dogs.

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

hey i noticed the number thing now! haha but only because i read your other post first. but anyway. i am with you on the bachelor and all of the spin offs. i just don't get it.
i am a super wimp, gremlins gave me nightmares when i was like 5 and still shows up in my nightmares, and also the guy from hocus pocus with his mouth sewed shut? him too. anyway. and i didn't find stranger things scary! KC liked it more than me though.
i don't drink coffee so i am 100% behind you on PSLs. although i kind of hate everything pumpkin flavoured here... i'm not trying to complain or make it about me (what, i never do that) but it's sweet here, but at home it's savoury. when i eat something pumpkin flavoured here, like pie, it's like eating chicken flavoured ice cream to me, it's so bizarre.
with you on nutella. i unfortunately have a diet coke every day, without fail. i used to drink 2-3 litres of real coke though, and now i only drink 1-2 cans of diet.. so i feel like it's improved? i drink a ridiculous amount of water as well. i can't stand milk unless it's in the form of a milkshake or in cereal.
we don't have cable - we had sling tv and recently cancelled and got playstation vue. we lived without ESPN for a couple of years but KC would never go back now that we've found a cheaper option.

Love always, Jess said...

um you are my soul sister!!!! I agree with all of these!

Brita Long said...

I'm with you on most of these! I watched The Bachelor once, and that was when I was living with my now-best-friend, and we had no friends except each other for about a month, and she made me watch terrible TV.

I own some BB cream, and some mineral foundation, both of which look great on my skin. The last time I wore either was the last time I attended a wedding.

I rarely start new shows anymore unless they're done, so I can just watch everything at once. "At once" doesn't necessarily mean binging. My husband and I usually have 1-2 dramas and 1-2 comedies that we watch together. We're currently on Star Trek Enterprise, Scrubs, and Animaniacs. I think I've convinced him that West Wing should be our next drama, but he wants to wait until after the election to start it.

I don't like coffee or chocolate, so PSLs and Nutella are not for me.

I have an iPhone and an iPad. The iPad was the newest one in 2012. The iPhone is a 5S, maybe? It has the fingerprint unlocking thing. I don't need a new one until this one dies.

I want a pet snake. My husband says we can have a pet or a kid one day, but not both.

I do love me some diet soda, but I've diligently worked to cut back. It's an ongoing process. I'll get really good about reducing my consumption to 1-2 a week, and then it creeps back up to 3-4 a week, and sometimes 1 daily. I'm back down to 2-3 a week for now.

Netflix and Amazon Prime are all we need! And my dad's login info for his DISH account so I could watch the Olympics live this summer.

Double-Stuff Oreos are the best. Classic flavor, twice the icing. Yum.