The OttLite Difference for Jordan's Man Cave (+ a Giveaway!)


This post is sponsored by OttLite, but all opinions, text, and photos (and excitement!) are totally and completely mine.

Usually I do sponsored posts about things for either me or for R, but I agreed to do this post about the OttLite specifically for Jordan.

I had the option to choose one of a few different lamps from the OttLite website, and I chose the LED Crane Lamp because Jordan has told me in the past that he would love to have a brighter light to use at his desk. Our back bedroom is his "man cave" and it's as dark as a tomb back there if he doesn't have the overhead light on. As a hobby, he paints these miniature WWII figurines sometimes and has a hard time seeing what he's doing without good lighting. Welcome to his setup with a before/after comparison. I did zero editing on these photos, and seriously there's so much difference! I'm not just saying this for the post. Honestly, I am really happy with the light this thing gives off.
^^^I showed Jordan this post before I published it, and he said QUOTE, "I look like a sea urchin on the right." LOL.

What I liked about the crane lamp was the option to use the desk lamp base or use the clamp to easily move it to different locations. However, I also considered getting this lamp because of the sliding dimmer and USB port in the back. So handy!
^^^ Can any other video game wives out there relate to this headphone with microphone and double monitor setup? Please someone.

Our new OttLite is also great for at my desk at home (when Jordan shares it, which he already told me he doesn't want to do because he loves the light so much I'm not kidding). 

OttLite is engineered to bring the quality of natural daylight indoors so you can see more clearly and comfortably. I'm a bit of a hypochondriac and freak out about going blind just about every other day, so I appreciate that the natural LED helps with less eyestrain. You can read more about that here if you're interested. 
Save 25% on your very own OttLite by using code BLOGGER25 (valid through December 31, 2016, on in-stock lamps).

Enter to win the OttLite lamp of your choice and win one for a friend! Enter by clicking here. There will be FIVE winners! (Contest is open November 7 - December 3, 2016.)
Audrey Louise said...

I'm giggling at all your husband's little hobbies. That's adorable. My husband is a drummer so his hobby is a little louder....... ha. I was JUST looking at these the other day! I scrapbook and the room I have everything in has an overhead light, but it just gets to dim in there. This would be perfect!

The Lady Okie said...

So, this light is actually really great. It's very bright and since it's LED it also doesn't get hot. I was telling Jordan just last night that since he decided to never share this light with me (lol!) I might have to use the 25% off code and buy another one for me. ha!

Ashley H said...

I bought an Ott Light for my scrap room a couple of months back and I love it!

Kayla MKOY said...

I can't believe how bright it is! That's so awesome. I feel like that would really come in handy for so many things.

Nadine said...

I 10000% can relate as a video game wife! My husband has every game console imaginable but he will tell anyone that his favorite gaming is PC gaming. Sometimes I walk in to his man cave and he is just talking away and I am like...were you talking to me?? Nope....and he cant even hear me either. LOL.

Anyways, that light looks bright!! That is awesome!

Laura Darling said...

Whoa what a huge difference! I've been looking for a desk lamp for myself, so I will have to check this site out!

Sara Oss said...

Sea urchin or Michael Phelps? :)

Erin LFF said...

Haha! I thought Michael Phelps too! :)

Rach said...

Such a big difference! So glad this is working out for him! :)

Betsy said...

omg some of Jon's friends do something similar - Warhammer, a mini tabletop war game in which you assemble and paint kajillions of figurines as part of playing - and I accidentally called the figurines "dolls" and WHOA BOY that did not go over well.