DockATot: Multi-functional Baby Lounger


*I received a DockATot Deluxe in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions are my own.

I first heard about this thing called a DockATot while reading another blogger's list of baby registry items a few months ago. The difficult thing about buying stuff for babies is that you can't totally be sure what they are going to like or not like until you use it with them.

My first thought about the DockATot upon checking out their website was that it looked really neat, but also it was kind of expensive, and I was skeptical about how much use we would get out of it.

DockATot is made in Europe and designed in Sweden and is a multi-functional baby lounger and co-sleeper. The Deluxe model fits infants 0-8 months, and there is also a Grand model for babies/toddlers 9-36 months (supposedly great for assisting with the crib-to-bed transition). The idea behind it is that babies feel safer and calmer in a smaller environment, much like a mother's womb. DockATot's hypoallergenic fabric creates a soft place for babies to lie without needing buckles and straps to hold them in place. If you are interested in reading more about safety, go here.

J is now almost three weeks old (how????) and we have gotten so much use of out of the DockATot already! He sleeps in it, naps in it, and we put him in it to "sun" him during the day because he's been a bit jaundice. He really does seem to be living his best baby life passed out in the Dock.
One of the best things about it is how portable it is. We do have a bassinet, but the DockATot is so easy and lightweight to grab by the side handle and carry from room to room wherever we need J to be. There are different options for patterns and colors of the covers, although I do think most of them seemed rather "girly" to me, but I got this pattern and like it a lot. If J were a girl, I probably would have chosen this one.

If you have been considering the DockATot but aren't sure whether it's worth the cost, I can honestly say that I came into this review skeptical, but we have been loving it so far. It's well made, light, easy to transport, and seems comfortable for J. Also, in case you were wondering, the cover can be removed for washing. 

I can't claim this is a magical sleep aid that will have your baby sleeping through the night or anything like that, but I do think it is calming for J to have a smaller sleep/lounging environment, and we have used it daily since we came home. If you co-sleep, I think this would be even more useful!
If I can answer any other questions about this product, please feel free to ask! I know that it's important to spend money wisely when considering baby purchases. For how much we've already used this just in a few weeks, I would recommend it and don't think you would be disappointed if you got it!

***Guys, I have so many thoughts and things I want to share and so not enough time or brainpower to write anything down. Naps are giving me life right now, and that doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging. But I am almost finished with Part 2 of J's birth story, so hopefully I won't keep you waiting too much longer for that one! If you have any specific topic ideas that you'd like me to write about, feel free to comment below or email me!


  1. Most importantly is this precious squishy little baby!!! Such a cutie :)

  2. So glad to hear that this has been so useful for you guys! I'm looking forward to part two of the birth story when you get it finished up. Definitely take advantage of those naps!

  3. I've been intrgued by this device but have never seen one in person. What is your opinion on the safety of it? I mean, we aren't supposed to have blankets with babies or bumpers in cribs. Does this seem different?

    1. Hi, Grace. That's a really good question and the exact one I asked too! This page should give you more specifics about the safety of Dock (, but I do feel like it's safe. The sides are deeper at the base, so the baby's feet are lower but his face sits higher. Also, for co-sleeping in a bed, this seems much safer to me than having the baby just lying on the mattress between the parents or potentially rolling off a parents' chest in the night (although we don't co-sleep like that, but I'm just saying). It's not for use in a bassinet or crib, probably because of risk of a baby either rolling out (once he/she is older) or also because it hinders the breathability of the Dock on its own. I hope that helps give you a better idea. Like I said, I had that exact same thought about safety, but this does seem different than thick crib bumpers. In the picture of J with the blanket he was napping, so I was there watching him :)

  4. Yay! So glad there's a positive review from someone that I know and trust. We didn't get a lot of devices (bouncer, swing, etc.) to sit the baby in, because I was hoping this would do the trick and it seems like it does, for now at least.

    Also, what a cute little peanut! Cannot get enough! Hope you guys are all doing well.

  5. We never used one of these but I heard great things from friends who did.

  6. I have to admit, previously I scoffed pretty hard at these. I still think the price is outrageous and I could never justify actually buying one, but I can totally see the merits of having one now. I'd totally use it all the time.

    J is SO CUTE!!

  7. I'm going to tell my SIL about this. She's due in August and they have a 2 year old already and a tiny apartment so this could be great. Also, he is ADORABLE!!

  8. I like this review! I have heard about these but haven't read a review yet. My friend in Morocco has one of these and she says it works so great because of how portable it is. Glad you got one to review!

  9. I didn't know about the DocATot until I had seen it in a Mommy Group on Facebook when Zoe was a few months old and I thought....gosh that would have been nice to start out with but now I dont know if it is worth the price. If we decided to have another, I would totally consider it. Way cooler that you got it to review!!!! Those things are pricey!

  10. i have seen this thing around, so i'm glad it's useful for you guys. not gonna lie, there is no way i could spend that kind of money on something like this, though everyone seems to love it so who knows. maybe i'll change my mind if i have a baby that won't sleep or something lol

  11. I didn't learn about these until ML was about 3 months old and all I could think was WHERE WAS THIS THING 2 YEARS AGO!? Haha! I love that it's so portable! And I feel like babies probably love it because they feel so secure in it!


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