A Trip to Pumpkinville (year 2)


Happy Friday the 13th! It's even spookier in October ;)

Last year during one of my lunch walks downtown OKC, I happened upon a sign for Pumpkinville at the children's garden during the month of October. I immediately called Jordan and told him we had to go. R was only 14 months old, and we weren't sure if she would care that much, but she loved running around. (You can see pictures from last year's outing plus baby R here.) I've been looking forward to taking her to Pumpkinville this year now that she's a bit older, and I had the chance last weekend!

Truthfully, I might be more obsessed with Pumpkinville than R is. I just think it's so neat. They upped their game from last year and had even more games and fun things for kids to do. There were food trucks, music, face painting, pumpkin carving, and even a train you could take rides on! Plus they have so. many. pumpkins of all shapes, colors, and sizes.

I had a friend and her toddler visiting from Illinois, so I took R and left J at home with Jordan, although I told Jordan that we should try to go as a family before the end of the month.
I know R is a toddler, but man she does not want to pose for pictures pretty much ever, so I have a lot of her from behind or from the top because any time I tried to get her to look at the camera, she instantly got upset. WHY. I try to just roll with it, but honestly. Doesn't she know I'm trying to document life over here? She just raced around from one thing to the next. No time to stop for pictures!

I thought this board was neat. There were sticks attached, and she could bang on the different pots and pans to make different sounds.

One thing I thought was hilarious was there are these big letters that say GROW, and she crawled into the G and propped her feet up and just sat for a few seconds. She kills me.
I loved looking at all the different types of pumpkins and the beautiful flowers they had everywhere! Have I mentioned I love Pumpkinville? This is a different display from the one last year, which was really neat also.
We stayed until the very end, and most people were gone by then, so R had full reign of the haystacks and the slide. She loved it! I really love watching her have fun. At her age, I'm not sure exactly what she will remember about going to things like this, if she remembers anything at all, but I do hope that it's building memories and experiences in her little brain and that she knows she can have fun with her mama.

I already can't wait to go to Pumpkinville again! Check out pictures from last year here. And just for fun, here's a comparison photo... 2017 on the left and 2016 on the right. Back when she was still wearing hairbows and smiling for the camera. RIP.

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

SO cute! Glad you guys got to go there. And that pumpkin mural is pretty epic.

Nadine said...

Pumpkinville sounds so fun!!! I love how R propped herself in the G with her feet up. Just taking a rest mama! Haha!

Jen said...

This sounds like such a cute place!!!! :)

Rachel said...

Your pictures are awesome! Sounds like a really fun fall outing. I don't have that much personal affection for pumpkins, but I do miss Michigan's apple orchards around this time of year!

Torrie said...

Ha ha, the hating-photos thing seems to come with the age (because as a photographer, trust me when I say that it's a RARE toddler who likes looking at you on command and smiling!). For Raven, I usually have to just take a bunch of candid pics of her and then try to get her attention by calling her name or saying, "Hey! Show Mama what you have!" or something like that. I've also asked her, "Where's Mama's camera?", which works about a third of the time, ha ha.

Looks like a fun trip! I always love comparing outings to the same places year after year! It's amazing how much stuff/people change in the interim.

Callie said...

Wow, this looks like such a cool place! The pumpkin display from last year is so cool! Sheesh. I think the places here need to up their pumpkin game.

Rach said...

The board with the pots and pans is awesome! That's honestly something I would have fun putting in our backyard. A great way to upcycle old pots and pans that I'm not using anymore (because let's be real - I keep buying the cheap stuff that ends up warping and not surviving more than 5 years in my kitchen haha).

The G pic! I LOVED that on Instagram! So adorable!

And the sunset over the house pumpkin display is just super awesome! I love it!

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

My SIL and niece/nephews live in OKC/Edmond and she just today posted about Pumpkinville! I recognized that photo! Myriad Gardens puts on the coolest festivals!