A Visit to Pioneer Woman's Restaurant


RIP, my blog, am I right? Ever since we came back from England, I have not been able to get into a rhythm. I can't seem to get my crap together in basically any area of life. 

You don't even want to know the weird meals we've been eating due to my lack of meal planning. More than once the past two months, Jordan's been like, "um... these things don't really go together..." THERE'S A VEGETABLE AND A PROTEIN JUST EAT IT. Never mind that the vegetable is a bag of microwavable steamed broccoli for the fourth day in a row because my children are both aliens and love broccoli. They eat it all and ask for more. I'm not going to ask any questions.


What I'm here to tell you about is not the fun times of my personal cooking life but about the super fun trip I took this past weekend to the Pioneer Woman restaurant and shop in Pawhuska, Oklahoma! 

November 10 was a Saturday and also my mom's birthday, so we planned a girls' trip with my mom, sister, and two sisters-in-law. I found a cheap Air BnB for the five of us, and we left Saturday morning and came back on Sunday! Pawhuska is about 2.5 hours from Oklahoma City, so it wasn't a very long drive, but the other girls were coming from Texas, so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

My mom and I absolutely love Pioneer Woman. We have all her cookbooks and make things from them regularly. I've been dying to go to her restaurant since it opened just over two years ago, and it did not disappoint! The restaurant is small, so there was a pretty long wait, but we visited some of the little shops in Pawhuska, got some Pioneer Woman souvenirs, and got coffee and sweets at the bakery upstairs while waiting for our table. We ate dinner at the official restaurant and lunch at her pizza place across the street. Then we got pastries and cinnamon rolls for the morning, so it was truly a full PW eating experience.
The shop looked and felt almost exactly how I imagined it would, and the food was delicious. We had such a hard time deciding what to order because we knew everything would be good, and also because we'd cooked many of the dishes ourselves! It was fun to eat something from a restaurant that I have the recipe for and have made myself, but it was also fun to try something I hadn't made before.

I told our waiter it was my mom's birthday, and he brought her a cupcake from the bakery with a candle in it, so we sang happy birthday. It was such a special day, and I'm so thankful we were able to all get together and celebrate her. If you are ever in the area, the Pioneer Woman mercantile is definitely worth a visit!

Michelle said...

SHUT UP I AM SO JEALOUS! I dream of going one day. I don’t care that much about Magnolia, but Iooooove Ree. I met her years ago and was a blubbering fool and asked if I could hug her 😂

Amie said...

Sooo jealous right now!!! I have Pioneer woman dishes, coffee cups, utensils and other cooking stuff and I love it all! Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. :)

Maria said...

N's doctor said that most kids love broccoli after I proudly exclaimed/bragged that it was her favorite vegetable. Pfft. I still think all of our kids are special for loving broccoli.

What a fun girls trip! I did not know Pioneer Woman had all of this! There are so many hidden gems in Oklahoma. We'll have to share our favorite PW recipes sometime when I finally get back into the kitchen in about three years. Her recipes feed an army, so they require math on my part to cut them. I don't have the brain power for that.

Happy Birthday to your mom! She looks so young!

Unknown said...

What a fun trip! I like getting recipes off of the PW website, and I knew that her restaurant was in OK, but hadn't heard from someone who actually has been there. That looks delightful.

Also, oh man, I feel you on the difficulty of getting into a rhythm. I feel like ever since I gave birth in August, it's just been one thing after another between people (mainly my husband) getting sick, hosting relatives from out of town, and potty training our toddler on top of all the typical newborn stuff. And now we have Thanksgiving travels around the corner! I'm hoping for some peaceful quiet and normalcy during Advent. Hopefully you also get into a nice rhythm in the near future!

Friar said...

Glad you enjoyed your visit with us. One of the BnB's in town is next door to my house, which would have made for a fine Okie celebrity sighting on my part had I seen your crew ;-)

Amanda said...

haha! Oh my gosh that is too funny! Yes we had a great time :)

Jen said...

I am ridiculously jealous!!! I would love to visit her restaurant! It looks amazing.

Audrey said...

Um... If that's a pic of you and your mom how the HECK does she look like your older sister? Like- WOW. Also, SO jealous of this trip!! I want to go to some PW sights someday!! I looks like you had wonderful fun in a gorgeous place!

Rach said...

This looks so awesome! I love everything I've made from the Pioneer Woman so the idea of going to her restaurant is just awesome. And I love that you guys made a fun girls' trip out of it too! :)

Rach said...

Oh, and PS. your kiddos loving broccoli is awesome!