Birthday Musings


I think I forgot how to write on here. I've opened my computer to blog the last few nights and ended up staring at a blank screen. Easing into it with a quick update, and then maybe I'll be back for more? Who can say. I'm living hour to hour over here, anyone else?

Today (Thursday when I'm writing this) was the first day we left the house since Saturday morning, which if you're counting that's five, yes FIVE days of all five of us trapped in our house due to an epic snowstorm and record-breaking low temperatures that Oklahoma has seen approximately never. We are so thankful to so far not have had any issues with pipes freezing or bursting, because I know several people that's happened to. 

Our street is a solid block of ice, and I'm not sure if I will be able to get out to take the kids to daycare in the morning, but I guess we shall see. You better believe I will try. Anyone who has ever taken care of a child knows this, but it's impossible IMPOSSIBLE, I SAY, to get any actual work done when kids are around. Moving on.

Baby F is a year old! I can't believe it either. This year went so fast and yet somehow was also the eternal year that never ended. Global pandemic, riots, crazy presidential election, impeachment trials, giant ice storm, multiple snowstorms, and what the heck else happened this year?! 

He won't remember a thing about any of it, but I sure will. I had a baby, went on maternity leave, and then just never went fully back to my office. It was weird. 

I have more thoughts about F turning one, but I'm having a hard time putting them into any kind of coherent structure. Maybe later.

I started seeing a counselor last fall. It's actually been something I've always said would probably be helpful for me. I'm a verbal processor, and Jordan is, well, not. So the idea of having a third party to talk to has always appealed to me. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that the past year and a half have been incredibly difficult with J. I think the pandemic and being with the kids more by myself brought out some feelings that I wanted to talk through, and specifically as it pertained to J. I've gone several times since (about once every 4-6 weeks), and it's been really helpful. I feel thankful to be able to have the opportunity!

Okay, I'll let that be it for now. I hope if you are reading this you are doing well and staying warm!
Amie said...

same, same, same! My daycare is still closed because they don't have water. Thankful we didn't have any major issues either but I was soooo ready to get out of the house today for sure. Glad you realized a third party could be of help. It's been a difficult year for everyone and my goodness it just seems to be continuing.

AnneMarie said...

I hope your street thawed so you could get out of the house! My kids and I walked to a local park today, and I was SO EXCITED to see a couple patches of pavement where the sun had melted away all the snow. All week, our street has been one thick layer of snow. We haven't driven anywhere since Saturday evening, and someone on our street just yesterday was stuck for a few minutes with spinning tires. Oklahoma just doesn't have good systems in place to deal with this kind of thing!

It's awesome to hear that you've been seeing a counselor! My experiences in therapy have been so helpful for me, and I'm always excited to hear of people who jump into it :)

Carolann @ Finding Ithaka said...

For me, the longer I go without blogging, the harder it is to get into it. When I blog more frequently, I have a much easier time coming up with ideas and writing them. But lately I have to really muster the energy to sit down and do it. Also so glad you decided to go to a counselor. I did it in Hawaii and found it so helpful. I really think I should go now again.

Audrey Louise said...

Stay warm! I saw with a counselor before I had M. And then went on anti-depressants after having M. When your mental health is compromised it just compromises and complicates everything. I'm glad you've found someone to talk to. Also... how is F a year old? Raising a kid (baby) in a pandemic is nuts.