Valentine's Love Story in 10 Questions


1. When you met: January 2009
2. How did you meet? At church. I was new to Oklahoma and visiting churches on my own. I went to one of the young adult Sunday school class and Jordan was sitting on one of the couches. I thought he was the cutest boy I'd ever seen. (Seriously I told my friends that!)
3. First date: I don't remember the actual date, but it was July 2009. We went to Chili's because I had a gift card. I'm serious! I was even cheap back then.
4. Date you got engaged: December 26, 2010
5. Marriage anniversary: May 14, 2011 (only a 4.5 months engagement and it was perfect, in my opinion)
6. What is "your song"? We don't technically have "a song," but our first dance at our wedding was to "I Love Your Love the Most" by Eric Church, so we kind of consider that our song.
7. Do you remember the first movie you saw together? Julie & Julia
8. First road trip together? We drove to Chicago together for Christmas 2010. I invited him to come with my family, and he proposed to me in Chicago the day after Christmas.

9. Who was interested first? I think we were kind of both interested in each other, but we hung out as friends for a while before we started dating. I thought he was too cute to date. True story. Although I'm following that confusion up with a picture of his MUTTON CHOPS from a few years back, so I guess the joke's on me.

10. Who said I love you first? He did. He will absolutely kill me if I tell the story, so I'll just leave it at that. Jordan is the first and only person I've said "I love you" to!

Feel free to answer these questions in the comments or write your own blog post! I got the idea from a quiz I saw on Facebook and adapted the questions to my liking. Happy Valentine's Day!

p.s. Our Engagement Story // Proposal Story Part 1 / Part 2
Heather @Lunging Through Life said...

Aww I love it! Also love the short engagement. People who have years of an engagement are crazy in my opinion, ha. Ours was a year because I wanted July.

Miss Nutralicious said...

This is so fun! Great pictures too!

Here are my answers:
1. Met: February 2010
2. How we met: Blind date
3. First date: 2/19/10--we went to a deli for lunch.
4. Date engaged: No idea. February 2011 I think. I feel guilty not knowing this.
5. Marriage anniversary: 6/20/11
6. Song: No song that I can think of.
7. First movie: Shutter Island. It was weird.
8. First road trip: To my grandparents house July of 2010.
9. Who was interested first: It was mutual, I think. I could be kidding myself.
10. "I love you" first: Him?

Ah, memories! Or, lack of memories. Ha! It was hard to remember all of this, I should have made a scrapbook.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Michelle said...

Anniversary twins! I always forget we have the same anniversary. This is too cute, by the way. We wound up at Waffle House for our first date, so your gift card at Chilis was much classier. Now I think I might have to do this on my blog too.

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

This was so fun to read. Happy Valentine's Day to you and Jordan!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love this! You guys look so happy together in all these pictures!

Kayla MKOY said...

This is adorable! I love love stories :) I love that you thought he was too cute to date, how precious!

Angi said...

Love this! Our engagement was only 6 months, though I could have easily done 4 1/2 months if it wasn't such a pain in the butt to plan a wedding in Sitka. I could definitely NOT do longer than six months though, if I had to do it again. I never understand two year, three year long engagements!!

Carolann Chambers said...

This is so cute! I may have to do this on my blog. I love that you had such a short engagement. We had a 2 year engagement because we were waiting for Nick to be done with all of his deployments, and looking back, it was way too long!! And we have the same engagement anniversary! I love that, because so many people get engaged right before Christmas or on Christmas. I don't know many people who got engaged the day after.

Jen said...

This is such a sweet post! Short engagements really are the best! :)

Kate said...

Ok, so now I obviously NEED to know how he said he loved you. It must be a good story! ;)

Funny story time:
I had 4 serious relationships that all involved the L-word. 3 out of 4 times, they said it first. The ONE time I said it first? He (surprisingly NOT Michael) responded with, "Um, can I think about it?" So that was a fun day.

Nadine said...

And so now I am interested in hearing this I love you story....LOL Chris and I met in January of a year later :)

Audrey Louise said...

I love this!! Happy Valentine's Day to you two!!
Here are my answers:
1. Met: May 2005
2. How we met: High school band :)
3. First date: 4/16/2007
4. Date engaged: 10/21/2011
5. Marriage anniversary: 4/27/2013
6. Song: No song that I can think of.
7. First movie: Talladega Nights. Hahaha...
8. First road trip: Hmmm... I don't know. All our families live in town so we didn't travel a lot in the beginning b/c we were young.
9. Who was interested first: I think it was we.
10. "I love you" first: Him.

Breenah A said...

1. Met: He says fall 2003, I say spring 2005
2. How we met: He says acting class, I saw through our mutual friend hanging out after school
3. First date: December 2006, a friend's murder mystery birthday party
4. Date engaged: March 30 2009
5. Marriage anniversary: December 1 2009
6. Song: He proposed while "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons played, but we don't really have a song
7. First movie: After some Googling, I'm pretty sure it was Dead Silence.
8. First road trip: Does driving an hour to our future college to get our books count? That was summer of 2007. I hit a deer after dropping him back off at his house.
9. Who was interested first: Definitely him. I was both delusional and oblivious as a teenager.
10. "I love you" first: Pretty sure it was him.

Rach said...

But now I want to hear the "I love you" story! You can't go dangling a carrot in front of me like that, haha!

This is adorable! We had a short engagement too (6 months for us, though) and I loved it. I had plenty of time to plan everything, but not a crazy long time to wait. Which was great since, you know, by the time we got married we had been dating 4 years which felt like most of my life at the time, haha!

Jenny Evans said...

What? You can't just leave it hanging like that! Did someone say it by accident, like you were on the phone and said "Love you, bye... I mean... errr..."

That must be some story...

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

This is so fun! We got engaged in Sept 2010 and married in April 2011, so very close to you :) Fun fact fo the day

Sara Oss said...

Jordan in a polo looks just like the American Eagle models of our youth. :)
First interested: We're both big on order and rationality over feelings (hardcore INTJ x2!) so it's amusing that we were both instantly besotted with the other upon meeting. Songs: Dispatch "Walk with you" and probably "Is This Love" by Bob Marley...apparently the intersection of our disparate musical preferences is reggae.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

So cute! Maybe I will write a post like this at some point, so fun!

Lux G. said...

Awwww. What a cute story. And look at you, your smiles through the years are unchanging. True love exists! There is "forever".

Laura Darling said...

So sweet! I am laughing at the mutton chops! I am a fan of a short engagement too. Ours was 9 months and it was more than enough time!

Susannah said...

Awwwww... This was so fun to read! Our engagement was 4.5 months too and I agree, that's the perfect amount of time!

Allison said...

This is so fun! I might have to do this myself...if I can get my kiddos to nap at the same time again this week. ;) And you two are adorable! XO

Laura J said...

I love learning how people met each other! SO cute! And that wedding picture is gorgeous!! Your dress and hair are perfection.

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

I'm so intrigued by the "I love you" story now. Maybe you could tell a hypothetical story about some people you know named Gordon and Cassandra. (See the names are not even remotely similar. They barely rhyme. No one would know. ;-) )

Unknown said...

This is cute! My husband and I met in January 2009 also, although we met on a blind date so that's also when we started dating!

Torrie said...

Our love story timeline is very similar to yours, except we got engaged one week sooner and married one week sooner, ha ha!

I love all the pictures, and I'm thinking we for sure need to see some more gorgeous wedding pictures!

Betsy said...

omg 9 years haven't aged either of you at all! <3

Rachel said...

Aww!! I love seeing all the old photos!!! And I think short engagements are way more preferable. My sister is going to be engaged nearly a year before her wedding and I'm like there's no way I would have done that. Being married is way more fun than being engaged.

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

How fun to look back on! Might have to steal this for someday!

Victoria said...

This is THE sweetest post!!!! The "too cute to date" thought deserves a post alllll of its own! Seriously...I want to know more about this and what made you change your mind. There's an essay (or a confession?) in that topic waiting to happen!!!

I'm glad you two found one another and that you saved your "I love you" just for him! :) <3