Hello! I'm so glad you are here. Below are links to the posts I've written specifically about motherhood. They are in order from oldest to newest. The first post (The Fear) was written a month before R was born. You can read all of R's monthly updates here.

The Fear
R's Birth Story
Outside? What's That?
The Book Sucks and Everything is Terrible
The Hierarchy
It's Over (6 weeks pp)
A Quarter Plus Four
About Work
Lately and Whatnot
Favorite Registry Items (0-3 Months)
A Day in the Life
On Breastfeeding
On Thriving and Joy and Being a Working Mom
5 Favorite Baby Items
Everything You Need to Know about Traveling with a Baby
nothing quite like it at all (a poem on Mother's Day)
On Joy (Again)
Introducing Foods to Your Baby
Breastfeeding Update: 11 Months Later
Just Yesterday (on the eve of R's 1st birthday)
5 Healthy, Freezer-Friendly Breakfasts for Toddlers
Deciding What (and How Much) To Share About My Children Online
Thankful for Daycare (1 Year Later)
Let There Be Thanksgiving
R Update: 17 Months
i'm convinced teething is a curse of the fall
How I Do Everything
How to Support Working Moms
Favorite Toddler/Baby Items 0-18 Months
Bye Bye, Paci
R Update: 20 Months
On Breastfeeding and What I'll Do Differently with Baby #2