How to Make Your Blog into a Book

Have you ever considered making your blog into a book? I do! I make one every year, in fact. I love having an in-print record of all my posts and I like the security of knowing I have them if the Internet decides to freak out and delete my blog or something.

My blog books are also useful as historical records. I use these a lot to look up when stuff happened. If Jordan asks me, "When did we go to the lake house last year?" No worries! I'll just look it up in my blog book.
I use Blog2Print and haven't had any complaints. Their website is super easy to navigate. You really can't mess it up. I know there are other blog printing services out there, but like I said, I've been using Blog2Print for about 5 years now and don't have any complaints with how much books have turned out, so I'll just keep using them!

If you get a soft cover book in black & white and use one of their gajillion 15% off coupons, it will cost you around $30 for 1 book with a year's worth of posts in it. The total cost, of course, depends on how many posts you include in the book, so that price can definitely go up or down. They do offer the option of color photos and a hardcover front and back, but that is much more expensive so I don't go that route.
You have the option of including a table of contents, which will give a title and page number for each post. That way, you can find things easily. You also get the option to choose which posts to include in your book! I typically do not include things like my Blog Talk posts, sponsored posts, or other things that I wouldn't care to keep or read about later.

When you input your website address into the site, you can choose a range of dates, so you can make a book of just posts from a certain year or period of time!
There are a few options for pictures: you can pick the size (I usually go with medium, pictured above), and you can have them included in the post in the order they appear (pictured below) or clumped together at the bottom of the post to save space. For the first few books I chose the second option, but I realized I much prefer putting pictures in order, even if it does take up more space and cost a little extra. There are a ton of other customization options available too if you just click around.
As you can see below, some of my books are really small and some are larger. I started including an entire year's worth of posts, which is what the bigger ones are. But like I said, if you want to do 6 months or something, you book will be much smaller (and cheaper!).

 Have you ever made a blog book?
Leave a comment with any question about Blog2Print, and I'll get back to you!

*I am not being compensated in any way to write this review. I just wanted to share with you all about this awesome service! I paid for these books myself, and all opinions are my own.


The Illusion of Better + My Word for the Year

A few years ago, I saw that a lot of bloggers I follow had chosen a single word to define the upcoming year. This word would be something they could focus on and remind themselves of as the year continued. I've never chosen a word before, but as 2014 drew to a close, I felt one word impressed upon my heart over and over:

I'm ashamed to admit this, but as I look back on 2014, I realize that I spent a lot of time being jealous of other people and not being content with the many wonderful things I had. Last year I watched people proudly post about pregnancy announcements, job promotions, European vacations, and smiling pictures of themselves standing in front of a beautiful house with a "Sold" sign. 

I've felt like we're just here, treading water.

But seriously. 
Enough of that.

I don't want to spend any time in 2015 being anything other than content. 

Last July when Jordan and I got back from Nicaragua, we were amazed by the sheer blessing of running water, toilets that flushed, and houses with doors. We came home to a bed. And air-conditioning. I forgot about that.

This year, I want to wake up every day and be thankful. I want to see pictures of other people's successes and be happy for them without feeling bad that I don't have what they do.

Because when I honestly, truly, think about it: I don't want any other life than mine.

Until we see in ourselves how unique God's touch 
on our life has been, we will always live 
under the illusion that being someone else 
would be better. 

-Ravi Zacharias
"Recapture the Wonder"

Did you pick a word for the year?


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