Confession Session vol 4


1. I got our Christmas cards in the mail a few weeks ago, and they've been sitting on our table addressed, stamped, and ready to send out since before Thanksgiving. But I wait (very impatiently) for December 1, which is what I consider to be the earliest possible time to send out Christmas cards without looking crazy. This happens every year because I love sending out Christmas cards so much.

2. Speaking of Christmas, I don't get why pictures of babies sitting on Santa's lap screaming their heads off are funny. The kid is clearly terrified! Why are we taking pictures and sharing them all over the internet? This seems like cruel and unusual punishment, but maybe that's just me. I probably made some people mad just now.

3. I bought a half gallon of ice cream two days ago and it's half gone, and Jordan's only eaten one bowl, so I can't even blame him for most of it but I'm going to anyway.

4. I've watched two episodes of the Gilmore Girls Revival so far, and it is completely and totally fulfilling all my TV hopes and dreams. It's clear that I have a mildly embarrassingly strong emotional attachment to these characters, because every time a new cast member appears in the scene, I shout, "It's ____!" like I'm meeting an old friend I haven't seen in a while. Oh, and Jordan claims he doesn't care, but he sat down of his own choice and watched the whole second episode with me and told me very specifically to not watch the third episode without him, so that's all I'll say about that.

5. R has regressed somewhat and is back to her old biting habits at daycare. It's actually really stressful because I'm not there to see it and so I really can't do anything about it. I picked her up the other day and they said, "She had a few attempted bitings but not as many as usual." Of course I was horrified and said, "HOW MANY IS USUAL?" And they said it depended on the day and her mood, so apparently she's 15 months old and moody. Yay. Jordan says she got that from me, and I can't even disagree. I'm moody.

6. I really really really want to find more blogs written by full-time working moms. And by more, I mean any. I do follow a few bloggers who work full time (to name a couple off the top of my head: Katie, Leslie, Christina, Rachel, Steph), but for the most part bloggers either don't have kids or stay at home. And a lot of the bloggers who do work don't blog very often, which I understand because hello, who has the time? (Me, apparently. I must be doing something wrong.) And when I do actually find a new blogger who works full time, she doesn't reply to any comments I leave! Apparently replying to blog comments is not what the cool kids are doing these days. I was really excited because a couple of bloggers I read consistently and were pregnant were going to work full time, but then they quit their jobs and now stay at home so that ruined that. I'm so very happy for them, of course, but I just sometimes don't feel like people get me anymore and are tired of me writing about motherhood and working, etc. And I start to get a complex about it and question the point of everything. ANYWAY. I could go on but I'm already tired of myself.

7. I've been taking R to the park with me right after work. We don't even go home; we just drive straight to the park and play for a half hour or so, and we both love it. She is so funny! Last time, we sat on the ground while she sat and poked sticks through a hole in the bench for a full fifteen minutes. I'm not even kidding, and if you know toddlers, you know that fifteen minutes is a long time to focus on one specific activity. I tried to get her to go down the slide or climb the ramp, but she just screamed and ran back toward the sticks. She also dives headfirst down all the slides, or at least she tries to and sometimes I let her because why not. I was talking to a mom I ran into one day who said her two-yr-old daughter just got over her fear of the slide, and I was like, "Yeah, we don't have that problem." Fearless, that one. Hold me.

8. Every night I go to bed wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants, and every night I wake up a few hours later covered in sweat and rip off my pants and sweatshirt and swear I will never fall asleep with them on again. But I'm cold when I first get in bed, so what's the solution? Maybe I need to buy an electric blanket or something. Or tell Jordan to get over himself and come to bed when I do so I can snuggle up. That guy is a furnace.

9. When you have a husband who plays video games, you sometimes hear some ridiculous things coming from his room. (For example: this) A few weeks ago I was passing by and heard, "Well dang it. There goes 20k and all of our cocaine." I immediately popped my head in and was like, "Um, excuse me?" And he says, "We're drug dealers, okay? We just got robbed!" So I looked at the screen and his character was literally a skinny dude in a polo shirt and frat boy shorts and loafers hiding in a warehouse. Who is this person I married? I told him I was going to tweet about it, but I never did because without context I didn't want people to get the wrong idea about us. I also told him that once R starts talking and not just babbling, he won't be able to play those types of games because what are we supposed to do if she repeats that kind of thing to the daycare teachers???? They'll send DHS over with sniffer dogs or something. Gracious.

10. Thanksgiving potlucks completely ruined our November food budget, and I don't even care. I refuse to stop the bleeding and went to the new Trader Joe's last week and spent a rather absurd amount of money on an individual serving of microwavable organic frozen mac and cheese. And let me tell you: it was delicious.

Want to confess something? Go right ahead. This is a safe space, friends.

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Thanksgiving in Texas

We spent Thanksgiving in Texas this year, just like we've done every year since Jordan and I have been married. Some of you longtime blog readers might remember that my family puts on a local turkey trot 5k and 1-mile fun run/walk on Thanksgiving morning. Each year we sell out and have almost 1,000 people come to run with their families. We do everything from the shirts to finisher medals to setting up the route, water stops, and packet pickup. It's quite a job but really cool to be a part of something like this. All the money raised supports Youth for Christ in North Texas. (And by "we" I mean mostly my parents and my aunt and uncle. The rest of us basically show up to help on Thanksgiving morning.)

Last year R was only 4.5 months old, and I carried her in the Ergo carrier most of the morning. This year she was mobile, and we weren't entirely sure how she would handle everything, but she did amazing. She woke up at 5:30 when Jordan's alarm went off and was talking up a storm and wide awake. We bundled her up and put her in the stroller, where she sat and watched everyone getting things set up. Eventually she wanted to get out, and she mostly just wandered around while we all took turns watching her. I was so excited because she is finally big enough to wear the hat I bought her on sale forever ago. That paired with overalls and a puffy coat, and I could barely handle the cuteness.
^^^ She's pretty much going to be happy as long as she has a banana.

The trot went really well this year, probably the smoothest it's gone in 6 years. I think everyone had a good time, and the weather was fantastic! After the race was over and we cleaned everything up, we headed back to my parents' house to get the food ready for our Thanksgiving meal. My aunt and uncle and their family live just down the street from my parents, and we also go over to their house to eat. My aunt is seriously one of the best decorators I know and always sets such a lovely table! I feel like it's something out of a magazine. Each of those acorns had our name written on it as our place setting and they are going to be ornaments on our Christmas tree!
Later that night, after we ate and napped and ate again, my family went back to my parents' house, where we played a really fun game. It's kind of like Pictionary meets Telephone. You start with a sentence, and then pass the paper to the next person, who draws a picture based on the sentence. They fold the paper back so only their picture is showing and pass the paper to the next person, who writes a sentence based on the picture. Then the paper is folded back so only the sentence is showing, and the next person draws a picture. And so on until it's made its way all the way around the circle and back to the person who wrote the original sentence. Each person writes a sentence, so everyone in the circle is always writing or drawing! It's always so funny to compare the original sentence to the ending sentence.

This was my paper, and I cannot stop laughing about it.

In case it's hard to read, it says "Daniel stands under a tree during a rainstorm" (Daniel is my brother, FYI)
The next sentence says, "Adam just ate from the tree of life and is judged."
Then: "Adam loved the tree, then ate the apple, then bowed before the cross."
Then: "Sin and repentance."
It ends with: "Black Christ."

I don't know why, but I was dying laughing.

I read something a few weeks ago about how hard the holidays can be because so many people dread getting together with their families. And yes, there is always going to be stress when there are so many people around, all with different opinions and different personalities. But I truly love being with my family, and so the holidays for me are just extra special time together. I had a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you did as well! Going along with what I shared in my last post, even though this year has been difficult for me personally for various reasons, I do believe there is always, always something to be thankful for.

p.s. I made a short video of behind-the-scenes of our turkey trot! It's mostly just for my family to have the memory in video format, but if you are interested, you can watch it here.