Frustrated by [Lack of] Fitness


*Yes, I am still rocking the giant, old-school Garmin. If it ain't broke, don't spend money you don't have on a new one.

Can I get real with you guys today?  

I have been extremely frustrated by my lack of fitness lately. I genuinely enjoy running, and over the past few months I’ve gotten into more at-home workout videos and even some yoga. I love getting my heart pumping and working my muscles, but I just don’t think I’m ever going to be one of those people who exercises on a consistent basis. 

This year I have really kept trying and trying to start a fitness routine, and it’s been a giant fail. I know, I have a baby and I need to give myself a break, but I don’t want to use that as a crutch. I'm not talking about losing weight here. Personally, I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I just feel better about myself, my eating habits, and my body when I’m exercising, and I want to set a good example for my children too.

I’ve noticed that I will do really well for a week and then something will derail me. Either I’m not at home for the weekend or R is sick or I’m sick or it’s ten thousand million degrees outside and I feel like I’m sitting on the surface of the sun if I even open my front door.

The struggle is real.

I don’t really have a point to this post other than to admit to you that I’m frustrated. Working out is something I enjoy, but it’s not always something I want to do, if that even makes sense. But I will keep pushing, and I will try not to let myself get discouraged when I miss a day or two or ten. I will celebrate the little things like getting out for a three-mile run instead of feeling lame that I “only” ran three miles instead of six. We can be really mean to ourselves, can’t we?

 So here’s to trying to get back into a groove, whatever that looks like. Join me, won’t you?

What is your exercise of choice? Do you struggle to stay motivated to work out?

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Illinois, I Love You


Last weekend, I took R with me to Illinois for a fun girls' weekend! In case you haven't been around very long and are confused about my obsession with Chicago and all things Illinois, I grew up in a Chicago suburb and went to a small, private college less than an hour outside Saint Louis. My grandparents and some aunts, uncles, and cousins live in Illinois, and I still have college and high school friends I keep in contact with who live all over the state. I've been back many times in the past eight years I've lived in Oklahoma!

I was nervous to take R on an airplane by myself, but she did great on both flights. (Just as an FYI, I reviewed my post on traveling with a baby, and everything was applicable this time around. I essentially did everything the same! Southwest Airlines did need to check her birth certificate, so I was glad I had brought a copy. Neither American nor United checked it when we flew with her in March.)

We flew into Saint Louis, where a college friend picked me up from the airport. We went back to her house, where R and my friend's daughter had a good time playing together. They are just two weeks apart in age! The cuteness was too much to handle.

Then, another college friend drove down from Springfield, IL, and picked R and I up so we could spend the weekend at her house. She has a three-month-old, and I was so excited to meet him! I want to be respectful of my friends and their babies on the Internet, so I won't post pictures, but just imagine the cutest thing you've ever seen and you can pretend you were there. While you're doing that you can imagine R swatting him in the face and trying to sit on him.

Our flight was early Thursday morning (5:30 flight), and we came back Sunday afternoon, so R and I partied hard for close to four days and had a lot of fun. Never in my life would I have expected to have fun with a ten-month-old, but it's a real thing!
^^^She slept great in the pack-and-play for the three nights we were there! After she woke up to eat around 5:30, I brought her in bed with me and we slept a little longer. We also took a few naps together in the afternoons, and it was glorious. And sweaty. She is small, but she is a giant furnace.

One highlight was R's first trip to the pool! The first time, she didn't like it so much and basically cried the whole time and glared at everyone. We went back the next day, and she seemed to enjoy it much more as long as she was holding on to me.
^^^ Two different days, two different swimsuits! Both from Target for less than $10. The hat is from Gymboree from my mom. I die.
^^^ My friend's air conditioner broke while we were there, and Springfield was setting blazing temps, so it got toasty in their house. At one point I gave R a damp towel to cool off, and then she wore it around like Mother Theresa and I couldn't stop laughing. Also, that tongue is out all day every day. 

Also x2, I tried off and on to put a bow on her throughout the weekend and see how she would do. She went in long spurts where she left it on, but ultimately it always ended up in her mouth. We still have work to do!
She did so great on both flights! I nursed her during takeoff, and then she promptly fell asleep and woke up right as we were landing. She laughed and clapped and cheesed it up to all of our seat mates, and it really couldn't have gone better. Plus, I didn't throw up, which was a legitimate fear of mine after last time coming back from Virginia when I used the barf bag twice in a row. I have problems.

I'm so thankful for friends in exotic locations like Saint Louis and Springfield to spend the weekend with. I'm also thankful for $89 flight deals from Oklahoma City to Saint Louis, which is basically the only cheap place to fly out of here. Amen.