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This month's topic is: your training routine

As quite often happens, the idea for this post came to me while I was running. You know how they have those slogans like "I run for cupcakes"? Well, that's true. Obviously. But I think I also need to add "I run for blogging" as a personal slogan, because so many of my best ideas for posts come to me while I'm out on a run. This makes me wonder if all of life's troubles, little and big, could be solved if everyone just decided to go out for a run every now again.

For today's post, I decided that instead of writing out the ins and outs of my training routine, I would take my camera with me on a Saturday run and let you come along for the ride. Or, run, if you will.

As I've mentioned numerous times on this blog, during the spring and fall I do most of my Saturday long runs with the Oklahoma City Landrunners. They meet every Saturday at 6:30, and it's completely free (although I do pay the $20 annual membership fee because I love them and want to support them). I know it sounds all hardcore of me to say I get up at 5:45 on a Saturday morning to run, but the truth is, if it weren't for the Landrunners, I wouldn't do it.

Fall training recently started up again, and I thought it would be fun if you came along with me for an 8-mile run along Lake Hefner. (Note: the location of the run moves around from week to week, so my Saturday runs don't always look like this).

I carried my little point-and-shoot with me the whole time and stopped to take pictures along the way. Just in case you're interested, here is what your mile splits will look like if you do this: 

So let's go! Come run with me.
^^^There's really nothing better than hearing the sound of hundreds of feet pounding the pavement. The light chatter of voices and the beeps of Garmins getting turned on. The beginning of these training runs is one of my favorite parts. That and the end, when I stuff my face with all the calories I just burned off. You think I'm joking.
^^^This is one of about 50 attempts of me to take a cool, artsy, shot of my legs and the pavement. Note to everyone: these pictures make no one's legs look good. Ever. Hashtag cellulite.
^^^Do you like how I hashtag my pictures so we can all pretend we're on Instagram right now? This is what I get for not having a smart phone. 
^^^One of the awesome things about the Landrunners is that they provide water stops along the route. For this out-and-back loop, we had water stops at mile 2 and 4, and then we caught it coming back at mile 6.
^^^It figures that the day I decide to take my camera on a run, there's a hot air balloon taking off pretty much right above me. Blogger's luck. Also, artsy shot of my leg and the pavement coming up! You're welcome. (Quick shoutout to Kari for the inspiration of blurry running pics.)
Did you like our run? Well it gets better! I have a video for you too. Oh yes. Since I can't actually take you all on a run with me, I figured a little video was as close as I could get :) Enjoy!

(Sunday, September 21)

Your Race Bucket List
What races would you love to do if you had the time/money? 
These can be as realistic or unrealistic as you want!

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How to Kill a Basil Plant (in 10 easy steps)

Step 1: Buy a basil plant

You obviously can't kill something unless you have it. The real key to fully embracing Step 1 is to get really excited about buying the basil plant. You should probably tell your friends and maybe even blog about it. Start collecting recipes that call for fresh basil.

Step 2: Keep the basil pot on the ledge outside your apartment.
You want your basil to get sunlight and shade, and the ledge is the perfect spot!

Step 3: Water the basil plant

During Step 3, you are creating the illusion of growth.  You are careful to give your basil just the right amount of water. Your basil is growing! Excitement abounds.

Unbeknownst to you, however, in an effort to be nice, your neighbor is secretly watering your basil when she waters her flowers, which are sitting on the ledge right next to your basil.

Step 4: Become confused when the basil plant starts turning yellow.
At this point you think maybe the basil isn't being watered enough, so you water it more. Google tells you this is a terrible idea and that basil leaves turn yellow when the plant is being watered too much.

Step 5: Freak out and completely stop watering your basil plant. Notice the leaves are continuing to turn yellow and are now starting to fall off. Mass confusion ensues.

Step 6: Become suspicious that your elderly neighbor might be secretly watering your basil plant.

Step 7: Stage a stakeout and catch elderly neighbor in the act.

Step 8: Instead of confronting her, passive aggressively move the pot inside where your neighbor can't get to it.

Step 9: Return to a routine watering system.
Step 9a: Get excited when your basil plant seems to be improving.

Step 10: Leave the country for a week. (To here, in case you missed it.)


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