We Painted and Stuff

Life is officially moving faster than I have time to blog about it. 

I'm doing my best to take it all in and enjoy this season of busyness. I feel so incredibly blessed right now with a new house and a baby coming, not to mention family and friends who have been so supportive and helpful! I could turn this into a cheeseball post really quick, so I'll stop there. But I honestly feel so undeserving of these gifts, and I am so very thankful. Just wanted to put it out there for the record.

Aaaaanyway, let's move on.

Two weekends ago, we finally started checking some things off our new house to-do list! The list is forever long, but one thing at a time, right? At least that's what I keep telling myself. 

My parents are basically the best and volunteered to drive up from Texas to help us paint a few rooms. The entire house is painted the same color, but it's not a terrible one, so I decided to just focus on painting the master bedroom, the guest bathroom, and Baby Bum's room. No need to get crazy and try to paint everything all at once.

I chose "Mint Condition" from Sherwin Williams for the nursery (pictured above). I knew I didn't want a gender-specific color like pink or blue. I wanted something bright but nothing too crazy, and I wanted something that could work for a girl or boy. No, I do not have a theme. Take that, Pinterest.

While my parents painted, Jordan and his parents worked on the front and back yards. Unfortunately, I do not have a before-and-after picture to show you. That's a blogger fail right there. Just imagine a jungle with weeds past your kneecaps, and you've got the idea. It was awful, and with all the rain we've been having, it needed attention fast before small children started getting lost in the thicket of dandelions. 

Like true first-time home owners, we don't own a lawn mower and had to borrow this from a friend. #sendmoney
^^^He was actually finished mowing by the time I ran out with my camera, so I shouted, "Pretend to be mowing!" Hence the confused stare.

The previous owners had some nice landscaping out front, so upkeep will be key from this point forward. Luckily, we both know absolutely nothing about maintaining a yard (or, ahem, keeping basil alive), so this should be fun.

Now for a few shots from inside the house! None of these rooms are getting painted for now.
^^^ Built-in bookshelves! It's kind of like a dream. We decided we're only putting books on there that make us look smart. We're going to start with buying a copy of the Bible in Hebrew and Latin, everything Shakespeare ever wrote, and throw in a Chinese dictionary for good measure.

A fireplace wasn't on our "must haves," but I am excited that it's both gas and real wood, so when it's cold outside it will be fun to light a fire and get all toasty!
One thing I love about this house is all the natural light! That was #1 on my priority list. I cannot cannot handle dark houses. I am so excited to have some great places to take pictures and read.

In related news, Jordan has declared he's already tired of moving. We have literally taken 4 boxes over to the new house. This concerns me. The other day he said, "I'm tired of this giant empty box that's sitting in the middle of our living room." To which I replied, "Maybe you should fill it with stuff."

This is what I'm dealing with here, people.

One project that we want to do before we move in is replace the kitchen sink. While we were at Lowe's looking for sinks, I happened to see this: 
I can't decide what's more ridiculous: that someone found this a selling feature or that they actually know this about the toilet, which means they tested it. "Hey, how many golf balls can we flush before this thing breaks?" You KNOW a man thought of this.

I picture a team of marketing people crowded around a toilet. "13!" Loud cheers. "14! 15! 16! 17... oh, no it's broken. 16 golf balls it is!"

America, you are weird.

After two full days of painting and yet another crazy Oklahoma storm that nearly had us retreating to the storm shelter (dear May, we are not friends), we actually got to enjoy some sunshine while eating burgers and ice cream at Freddy's. My dad apparently thought there were 25 people eating lunch with us and decided to get an excessive amount of ketchup.
So that's the beginning of the beginning of house stuff to do! Excuse me while I go take another load of random items over there.



Ask Anything Answers: Part 5

1. What's your favorite TV show?
Friends is my all-time favorite. However, I also love Castle, My Boys, Alias, and Parenthood.

The only show I watch semi-regularly that is currently on the air is The Middle. I watch Downtown Abbey, but I'm still on the season from last year.

2. What's your best tip for bloggers?

Have fun. I know that sounds too easy, but seriously. Unless you're making a ton of money off your blog and it's your job, your blog is a hobby! It's like exercising or scrapbooking or cooking or anything else you like to do. If you don't like it, don't do it! So make sure you're having fun with your blog and blogging about things that YOU want to blog about. If you start caring too much about what other people think, that's the best way to stop having fun and the fastest way to kill your blog.

3. What do you and Jordan do for fun?

I'll be honest. This question caused me some anxiety.

Truthfully, Jordan and I aren't very exciting. We don't travel all that much, and we don't work out together or cook together much anymore (we did that while we were dating, and then it kind of died). So I was sitting here having a panic attack like DO WE EVEN HAVE FUN TOGETHER?

We like playing Skip-Bo. If you don't know what that is, you need to rethink some stuff. We go for frozen yogurt dates or out for ice cream occasionally. As I mentioned in my anniversary recap post, lately we've been rewatching Star Wars so we can be ready for the new movie coming out this winter. When Jordan watched the trailer, he had tears in his eyes. I'm not joking.

We always read at night before we go to sleep, and even though technically I guess we're not really interacting, I like doing that with him.

When we're on road trips to Texas, we play 20 questions sometimes. Jordan is very good. He stumps me almost every time, which is saying something about his items and my lack of ability to ask good questions.

So, basically we're not very fun? I guess? I don't know. What do YOU do for fun?

4. What is the absolute best trip you have ever taken?

Okay, I obviously can't choose best trip ever, because I've been on so many great ones. But three trips immediately stood out to me when I thought of this question:

1. Family trip to Hawaii in 2002 (couldn't find any pictures)
2. Trip to Greece during January term, senior year in college 2008

3. Mission trip to Nicaragua in 2014. We went with a group from our church, including Jordan's parents.
Read more about our trip to Nicaragua!

5. What are your greatest pet peeves?

These are the first ones that came to mind:
-People who say they're going to come to something and then don't come
-People who don't use turn signals
-People who say they don't like a food item even though they've never tried it
-People who misuse the word "literally"
-People who slow down to look at an accident that is on the OTHER SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY, thus causing an unnecessary traffic jam and making me late to work.* 

*This is a hypothetical scenario that didn't just happen to me last week.

6. What are your guilty pleasures?

-Hershey's chocolate. I'm not a huge fan of candy bars, but I'm a sucker for the plain chocolate.

-One Tree Hill. This show is so stupid. I hate myself when I watch it, but it's a good fluffy show to watch while I'm scrapbooking.

-Sometimes I feeling like blogging is a guilty pleasure because I probably could be doing something more productive with my time.

-Anything on this list.

That's all for now!
Want to ask a question? Click here.

See also: Ask Anything 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


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