Preparing for Baby #2


*I suppose I should apologize for taking a leave of absence from the blog without announcing myself, lest you think I'm in labor. No, I am not in labor. But I am lacking motivation to blog regularly, and I've been filling any evening free time with other creative projects that I plan on blogging about if I ever get around to it! 

I posed a question to my blog’s Facebook page, asking what topics people would like to see me write about. A couple of people suggested I write about how we are preparing for Baby Bum 2.0, so I figured I’d sit down and see what I have to say about it. 

I suppose the reason I haven’t written much about my thoughts on having a second baby or how we are preparing to add a fourth member to our family is because 1) I wasn’t sure if anyone really cared about it and I don’t want to be crazy lady who only can blog about babies and pregnancy but mostly 2) I don’t feel like we’ve really done very much preparing. 

There will not be a brand-new Pinterest extravaganza of a baby boy nursery reveal because R and this baby will be sharing a room. We’ve made some minor adjustments to the original nursery but nothing super crazy. Total so far, I think I’ve spent less than $50, honestly. I switched out the giraffe holding a pink balloon to this print from the same Etsy shop of a fox holding a yellow balloon. 

I replaced the pink and white Target curtains with these gray blackout curtains from Wayfair that I totally love. It keeps the room so dark, especially now that it’s still light outside when R goes to sleep! I bought a picture frame for $3 during a sale at Kohl’s and added a maternity photo to the existing shelf. I am working on replacing the paper name banner above R’s crib with a new one I’m making of just scrapbook paper triangles. We have friends making a pallet with baby boy’s first initial on it to match the pink one they made for R. 

We aren’t buying a second crib because, to be totally honest, to me that seems like a ridiculous and unnecessary purchase. Not to say that anyone who buys a second crib is ridiculous, but it felt unnecessary for us. Baby boy will sleep in the bassinet we used with R for a bit while we continue to work on transitioning R to her toddler bed. My in-laws found it at Goodwill for $50 and it fits perfectly in the nursery! 

I guess if I think about it too hard I suppose I feel slightly nervous about the logistics of a two-year-old and an infant successfully sharing a room, but then I figure we are not the first people to do this and it will work out. We aren’t buying a new, bigger car, because we can’t right now. The backseat of my little Ford Focus will be stuffed two car seats, and we’ll just figure that out too. Where is this super chill attitude coming from???? Please never leave me. 
In order to fit R’s new toddler bed in the nursery, we moved this white cabinet (originally black from Target and painted white) into the dining/office room and made a little play area for R, which I mentioned previously in this post
It feels so good to have all of her toys out of the living room, and with the big window I love all the natural light in this space! We hang out in here a lot in the evenings after I get home from work. 

One semi-major project that I gave to Jordan was to add two more shelves in R’s closet. I never actually put any work into organizing her closet or making it look cute and functional, but now that two kids will be sharing the closet, my nesting urges took over and I told Jordan he needed to install some shelves in there for me so it wasn’t just a mad pile of stuff in there. I’ll try to remember to share a before/after photo with you once the shelves are in and I’ve organized everything! 

As far as purchasing items for baby boy, we haven’t really needed to get that much. All of the large stuff (car seat, bassinet, high chair, play mat) we have in gender-neutral colors, minus her bath seat, and who really cares about that? Not me. 

One thing I’m super excited about is setting up our MamaRoo infant seat! I had the opportunity to work with 4Moms on a sponsored blog post last year and got the MamaRoo for free. R was already too big for it, so we packed it up and have been saving it for baby boy. I’m so looking forward to having a baby swing this time! We never had one with R. 

I’ve been shopping consignment stores for baby boy clothes and have snagged some fun deals on Brickyard Buffalo when I’ve seen them for some shoes and a few other things. I’m buying a box of diapers whenever I’m at the store, trying to stock up, which we did not do with R and that was a mistake. I was maybe four months pregnant when I stopped at a garage sale up the street from our house and saw that they were selling a double stroller for $40. It’s not as fancy or compact as some of the other double strollers you can buy, but hello, did I mention forty dollars? I need to look up the manual online and figure out how it actually works.

My mom was visiting a month or so ago, and we knocked out some freezer meals from this post. I still want to bake up a few batches of muffins for the freezer. I found breakfast to be one of the hardest meals when R was a newborn because you’re so exhausted from the long night of no sleep that you don’t have energy to make breakfast, but you’re breastfeeding and starving so you have to eat something. I want to be prepared this time! 

As far as how I’m mentally preparing, I don’t know if anyone can ever be mentally prepared for the epic exhaustion and stress that comes with having a newborn, but since it was so intense with R, I am hopeful that it won’t be as difficult the second time around. It was so challenging on our marriage to add a baby, but I think we are in a better place now that we know more about what to expect! 

I have no worries or concerns about R transitioning into her big sister role. Maybe I’m just being na├»ve, but I honestly haven’t had any fears about my ability to love two kids or have time for two kids or about R feeling left out or abandoned. Lately I have been feeling a little nostalgic as I think about my time with just my little bean coming to a close, but I’m so much more excited to add baby boy our family and see R as a big sister. 

Someone recently asked me how I knew I was ready to start trying for a second child, but I find that a hard question to answer. For sure there are definitely better times than others to think about having a baby. But at the end of the day, I was never going to be ready for the physical and emotional toll of being pregnant, especially working full time and chasing a toddler around; I was never going to be ready for the exhaustion of a newborn; I was never going to be ready to face the difficult first day back at work after maternity leave; I was never going to be ready for the financial aspect of paying for my delivery and paying for two kids in daycare and adding someone to our insurance and all the other things you have to pay for when you have another child. I don't agree with people who say kids aren't expensive. Sure, they don't need the newest clothes or the fanciest toys or the most exotic vacations, but there are other expenses to consider, and it's pretty overwhelming sometimes.

But Jordan and I both grew up with three other siblings, and we love our big families. We knew we wanted to have more children, and we knew that as much crazy that comes with having a baby, it also comes with a lot of laughs and a lot of fun and a lot of love. 

We all prepare for babies in the best way we can. We wash the tiny clothes and set up the tiny swing and buy the tiny bottles and fold the tiny blankets. 

But there’s one thing you just can’t prepare for: the giant amount of love you feel for the tiny person who was inside one minute and outside the next. The person you can't imagine your life without, even though you just met.

Finallyyyyy, just for fun. A bump comparison from 35 weeks. I have been wearing the same shirt each week on purpose, but the purple shorts was totally accidental. Also I need to clean my mirror, thanks for noticing. 

Officially less than one month until my due date, and R was 9 days early, so it could be even sooner than that! I can't wait!

We So Classy


I was working on entering May receipts into our budgeting spreadsheet a few days ago when I ran across the receipt for our anniversary and realized that we ate at McDonald's for dinner on our anniversary. Let me repeat: our 6th anniversary dinner was from the McDonald's drive-through. We so classy.

Jordan got a strawberry-banana smoothie, I got a $.99 cheeseburger, and R got a 4-piece nugget Happy Meal with apple slices she refused to eat so I ate them instead. I think the last time I ate a cheeseburger from McDonald's was 1995, so I find it highly amusing that the dinner receipt for 5/14/17 was for $8.04 at McDonald's.

A few weeks ago, my mom sent a message to our family group text to ask if anyone was interested in going to see the Texas Rangers for on Mother's Day. I ruled it out almost immediately, but then I started thinking that maybe it would be fun to take one last trip to Texas before Baby Bum arrives. We drove down on Saturday afternoon and stayed with my parents Saturday night.

On Sunday morning we woke up and went to iHop for breakfast, which is something we've done every year since we got married. I have no idea how it started, but it's a fun little tradition. The service was slower than slow and Jordan's gravy was cold, but we had a good time and that's what counts.

We went back to my parents' house after breakfast and met up with my brothers and their wives and my sister to head to the 2pm baseball game.

It was only as we turned off the highway that I realized what Jordan had tried to warn me: 2:00 is prime toddler nap time and also prime Roast in the Blazing Inferno of the Texas Sun time. Sometimes I don't fully think things through, and this appeared to be one of those times. R passed out in her car seat five minutes before we parked at the game. Obviously.

For Mother's Day they were giving out Texas Ranger scarves (yes, in 95-degree weather), but by the time we got there they were all gone! One of the security guards raced up to me and said, "Wait here." He came back with a flower and said, "We don't have any more scarves, but I'd like you to have this flower." How nice was that?

Our seats were on the third-base side in the upper level directly in the sun. Ninety-five degrees in May. IN MAY, people! Luckily, the game wasn't sold out and there was a large section of seats way at the top that were unoccupied and in the shade. Jordan, R, and I relocated immediately, and the rest of my family followed soon after. I didn't want to inconvenience anyone and make it all about me, but let's be honest: I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant so it's kind of all about me. Our new seats were in the shade and there was a good breeze, so it wasn't too bad!

Considering that R completely skipped her nap, she actually did really well at the game. I fed her goldfish and granola bar and forced her to keep drinking water so she wouldn't get dehydrated. It wasn't as easy as at the Cubs game we went to in Chicago last July. During that game she fell asleep and I just held her for most of it. Clearly we are beyond that now.

We drove separately to the game instead of riding with my parents so that we could leave early and head straight home. We stayed until the end of the 7th inning, which was awesome because in the bottom of the 7th the Rangers scored 3 runs to put them ahead 5-4!

We got out of the stadium before the crazy traffic and hadn't even been driving ten minutes before R fell asleep. (Side note: I could hear her snoring, and toddler snores are way cute.) She woke up two hours later, and since we needed to stop for gas anyway we pulled off the highway to grab a quick dinner. I won't go into the whole thing because it's too annoying to talk about, but the first place we stopped to get dinner was a complete and utter fail of a disaster (hi, Arby's), so after wasting nearly a half hour we got back on the highway foodless.

I was able to keep R mostly happy with the rest of the goldfish, a package of fruit snacks, and half a granola bar all the while trying to tell myself I wasn't ruining her forever with this farce of a dinner. Finally we reached another exit and stopped at McDonald's, where we bought the aforementioned anniversary dinner for less than $10. I suppose this is real parenthood life, and if Jordan is honest he probably enjoyed this a lot more than last year's anniversary dinner, which cost a heck of a lot more and was probably more stressful. Also, I don't know if it's the pregnancy talking, but my cheeseburger wasn't terrible. Actually I kind of liked it. Don't judge me.

All in all it was a crazy but fun weekend celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary and Mother's Day. Our anniversary will fall on Mother's Day only every six years, so this was something special! I can't believe that the next time we drive to Texas, we will have TWO car seats in the back of my little Ford Focus!