Ask Anything Answers: Part 2 [A Vlog]

Hello! I'm still working away in Salt Lake City this week, but I made another vlog to answer more of the questions you asked me, so I hope you enjoy. 

See the first round of questions here.
And as always, if you have a question you would like answered, enter it here.

The video should be embedded below, but in case it's not, watch it on YouTube by clicking here. Alsooooo, I am SO sorry about the weird beeping noise. My computer is on the fritz! It's a refurbished Mac from 2008, so... yeah. It's an old grumpy thing.

Here are the questions I'm answering in this vlog, along with the times in the video when each question starts so you can skip ahead if you want: 

1. (0:53) You are alone by yourself (Jordan is out), and you choose to watch a movie. What do you watch?
2. (1:28) At what time of day does Jordan's butt look best?
3. (2:06) Tell us about your family (siblings, parents, closeness, etc). How have those dynamics changed as you have gotten older?
4. (5:00) Are you planning to run another Tough Mudder?
5. (6:26) What is your favorite type of bra?
6. (7:51) Do you have any more marathons on your bucket list?
7. (8:41) Do you and Jordan plan to buy a house soon?
8. (9:48) Will you be my bff?

I'm going to get Jordan in on some of the questions in the next answer post! Maybe I can convince him to do a vlog with me, but no promises.


Housekeeping + Links to Love

Hello! This week I will be in Salt Lake City for work. I'll be gone until Sunday afternoon, so, like alllll week. I thought about setting up a meal train for Jordan so he wouldn't just eat rice and ramen every day, but then I decided it would be much more fun to leave him to his own devices. So yeah. Wish him luck.

That picture above was the view from my hotel room when I went to SLC back in June, also for work. I have meetings and sessions scheduled, so my access to blog emails will be sporadic, if possible at all. I did schedule another vlog to post on Wednesday answering some more questions I got from you guys, so check back for that!

Hopefully I won't have the same issue as what happened last time I went on a business trip to Salt Lake City. It definitely helps that I've already been on one trip, so I sort of know what to expect. Still, I would appreciate any prayers for safety and that I won't stress out! I'm leading two different meetings, and I hope everything goes well.

Coming up in March, I have a few posts in the works you can be looking for:

1) Another Blog Talk post! I have the topic already, but I'll keep you all in suspense for now.
2) Linking up with Jenna and Anne for a "Currently" post on March 4.
3) A review and giveaway of a healthy and delicious snack as part of the Sweat Pink Ambassador program.
4) Answers to more of the "Ask Anything" questions. I told you I got a lot of good ones! You can see answers to the first set of questions here. The comment box is still open if you want to ask a question. Totally anonymous.

Today I thought I would share some current life updates and favorite links from around the web that I've come across recently. Enjoy!

-Over the last year or so, I have been trying to move away from chemicals and look for more natural products to use on my face, hair, and body. Caroline wrote a great post on the dangers of Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), which is a chemical in most lotions, shampoos, and soaps. Since then, I've moved away from Bath & Body Works soaps and started buying all-natural, organic bars of soap. I also use a baking soda/water shampoo combo on my hair once a week, which works fantastic.  (Jordan thinks I'm becoming a hippie, but WHATEVER I'M KEEPING US HEALTHY.) 
Recently, Tracy posted about a brand called Yes to, and after checking it out online I decided to order a facial cleanser and night cream from the Yes to Carrots collection to try out. It's 96% natural with no SLS (yay!) and no fragrance (which is another harmful chemical found in a lot of lotions and such). Oh my word. You guys, I love this stuff! Even Jordan loves it. He's washing his face regularly for the first time since high school! He says his face feels so clean and not dry at all. I've loving the night cream as well. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a more natural product line.

-I look forward to these monthly desktop calendars and have been using them on my work computer for about a year. Aren't they gorgeous?

-This article about singleness is fantastic. I'm not single, obviously, but I still appreciated the article and shared it with some single friends of mine, who liked it too.

-My dad started a podcast recently! If you want to, you can check it out right here or here.

-This Pinterest board has a lot of thought-provoking posts if you feel like browsing around.

-Sarah's post on contentment totally resonated with me.

-I am encouraged, inspired, and let's be honest a little convicted by Rachel's passion for sharing about Jesus.

-A few weeks ago I made this recipe I found on Pinterest, and it was Jordan and Amanda approved. Super easy and delish. Officially added to my "Entrees I've Tried and Liked" board.
-I finished my Project Life pages for January and couldn't be happier. This is so much fun!  I plan on sharing my pages soon. I know some of you said you were interested in seeing some updates throughout the year. Find out more about Project Life here, and there's also a digital version (and an app!) for those of you techy people.

-Stationary, hand-lettering, and cute cards are my kryptonite. Especially when they're from Etsy. Because Etsy. Currently loving this, this, and this.

See you on Wednesday for another Q&A vlog! And please excuse me if it takes a few days for me to answer comments. I blame the mountains.


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