Baby's First Snacks with Gerber!


So far I am 2 for 2 with babies who love to eat! Starting food with J has been honestly a lot of fun, and it's hilarious to see how animated he gets when we put him in his chair and he knows food is coming. At nine months old, we give him mostly regular table food now, and he eats modified versions of what we eat, although he does still love purees! Jordan and I have both commented that it felt like I made R so many more purees than I made for J, and it's hard to remember exactly, but I do think we started J on regular food earlier. In any case, J loves loves food of all kind. (Except berries, which I've mentioned before he's had reactions to even in baked form!)

I'm excited to be able to share with you about Gerber Puffs, Lil' Crunchies, and Yogurt Melts. We loved the convenience of these with R, and J is now enjoying them too! And, let's be honest, R gets some too. She asks for "one of them yogurt things" whenever J is eating one ;)
I love Gerber because their nutritious snacks have ingredients like whole grains, real fruit and yogurt, with no artificial flavors or synthetic colors. I mean, seriously it grosses me out when a package says it's colored or flavored artificially! I actually have a coworker who refuses to eat anything blue because he says no food is naturally blue. 

Did you know that babies and toddlers ages 8-24 months get 25-30% of their daily calories from snacks? That makes it even more important to offer healthier options like GerberJust last weekend I traveled by myself with both kids to Texas to visit my parents. (Perhaps a story for another blog post. It was in the top 5 of Worst Drives to Texas Ever, and I've made a lot over the last 9 years!) A canister of Puffs is one of my must-have items because they are so handy for traveling and kind of actually saved my sanity a few different times. You can learn more about Gerber's line of snacks for babies/toddler here.

You guys. I had SO much fun taking these pictures of J when I was at my parents' house and kind of didn't want to stop. The following is a segment I like to call: 
A Boy and His Lil' Crunchie
(don't ask me where the #2 went. I have no idea because it was there at some point, but I'm not redoing it! haha)

Get a coupon for Gerber Puffs, Lil' Crunchies, Yogurt Melts, and more here! There are paperless options you can get right from your phone! (Because am I the only one who finds coupons I dutifully cut out of the paper crumpled at the bottom of my purse and past their expiration date?)

Look for the new BLUE Gerber packaging, which is phasing in to stores now! :)

I love him.
Don't forget your Gerber coupon!

Currently March


wearingthese sneakers that Rachel blogged about (see: above). They are, in fact, as comfortable as she claimed and a rather amazing dupe of these Steve Madden sneakers. I sized up half a size and they fit perfectly, FYI. Also, ignore the fact that I am in H&M pretending that anything in there will a) fit me and b) not look ridiculous on me. 

Dear H&M,
Crop tops* = death

p.s. *Also, animal prints. No.

seeing: my family this weekend and next weekend! It's that season of showers, and I have my cousin's bridal shower and my sister-in-law's baby shower coming up, plus my cousin's wedding this summer and the arrival of my niece! I'll be driving by myself with the kids this weekend while Jordan stays home. I've made the solo 3-hour drive a few times now, and it's gone mostly well. Praying they both just fall asleep!

planning: a trip to England in the fall! Jordan and I are both completely over-the-moon ecstatic about this. Four years ago we got a pretty good tax return and decided to open up a specific savings account for a trip to Europe. We put a little bit away here and there over the years, but it's basically just been sitting there. No matter what happens, we've both been like don't touch the Europe money, and we've been talking about going for what seems like forever.

We thought about our schedules and the ages of the kids and when we might want to start trying for baby #3 (spoiler alert: not this year), and we decided that this fall would be the perfect time to go! I CANNOT WAIT. Two weekends ago I booked our flights to London. 


Can I be totally honest for a minute, though? I know some people have a perception of dual-income families that they have all this extra money floating around for presents and fancy vacations. I feel a little self-conscious talking about this trip and always want to explain that we really have been saving up for a while and have never done anything like this before. I know it's not anyone's business, but I feel better putting it out there :)

We don't have anything else booked or planned yet, but at least we have tickets to get over there! Have I mentioned I'm super totally excited about this?

pretending: that I'm not anxious about my upcoming half marathon or semi-depressed about the state of my fitness and post-baby body. I'm not comparing myself to anyone else. I'm comparing myself to myself, and I've been feeling emotional and grouchy about all of it lately. I know all the inspiring and true things I could and should be saying to myself, and yes my babies are SO worth it. I'm not fishing for compliments. But sometimes it just straight up is a bummer to think about how fast I used to be and how flat I used to be and how... just, how everything. I also hurt my back last week and I haven't been able to do anything at all in a week, so that is helping my mood immensely.

Basically I'm just having all the feelings right now. Hold me.

making: a few things out of the new Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I tried some cookies earlier this week, and she has a recipe for a sweet potato side that was super easy and delicious. I have a few other things I want to try out of it too! At one point in my life, I would love to cook through one entire cookbook. I don't know if it will ever happen, but I think it would be fun. I like trying new things out in the kitchen.

Tell me, what are you planning? What are you making?