Cookie Musings


I have homemade chocolate chip cookies in the oven right now.

I should be in bed. Or, at least this morning I told myself I would be in bed by this time tonight, but suddenly I got home from work and I wanted to do ALL THE THINGS like make crafts for R's birthday party and bake cookies. I tried to talk myself out of them (the cookies) and it worked for about an hour and a half. 

Willpower, where are you?

Over the weekend I found this pin on Pinterest and found a giant R at Hobby Lobby and thought, Sure I'll just glue some pink tissue paper on this R real quick. Two days later and it's still not finished, thanks for asking. Her decorations might consist of one half-finished R and wilted balloons left over from my birthday. I keep reminding myself that R's favorite toy is the top of shoe box, so she probably won't care how many balloons she has at her party.
I don't have a party theme. Basically what I did was walk around Hobby Lobby and grab things I thought were cute. Everything was pink and gold, and when I got home and started looking at Pinterest I realized that pink + gold is an actual party theme, so there you go.

Speaking of, what are your thoughts on seeing something you like on Easy and trying to make it yourself? Part of me feels bad for blatantly copying someone else's work and not shopping small, supporting the little people, etc. The other part of me is cheap, and that's usually the part of me that wins these types of debates.

I've gotten a few questions since I shared my Chicago travel video about how I put those together, so I've decided to write a post briefly explaining my process. I basically know nothing, so if I can do it, you can do it. But I think videos capture some things a photo can't and they are fun!
This is my new favorite picture of R ever. We were at my grandparents' last weekend, and she was DYING to get the corn cobs. I don't know what the deal was. She stole mine when I wasn't looking and then proceeded to bite off all the stray pieces while side-eying anyone who got close enough to be a threat. Ain't nobody gonna steal my cob! It was funny and terrifying because lord help me she is going to be a toddler soon and how will I contain her????

She is the firstborn of two firstborns. Help.

My phone keeps telling me I am out of memory, but I cannot CANNOT delete the pictures from the hospital the day R was born. I keep scrolling back and looking at them and it is just crazy that it's almost been a whole year. I still shudder when I think about labor. Can I have more babies but just have the stork bring them? I really might spring for an epidural next time because ouch.

And... the timer is going off. Cookies are done! I don't see any sign of willpower, so I guess it's a good thing I went running this morning. Don't try to convince me it doesn't balance out.

A Weekend in Chicago: Travel Video


Last Saturday we drove 13 hours in the car with R to Illinois for a family weekend to celebrate my grandpa turning 80. We stayed overnight at my grandparents' house, and in the morning we drove into Chicago with my immediate family and extended family.

We went to a Cubs game, ate pizza, saw the bean, and walked over 22,200 steps just on Monday alone. Jordan, R, and I flew home Monday night. We partied hard, and we still haven't recovered, but we did it! R is a traveling rockstar, and I honestly cannot believe all the things we've done with her during her first year of life.

Once again, we had a rough traveling experience coming home. You may remember what happened to us coming home from Virginia in March. Our flight was cancelled, and we had to stay overnight and take an early flight the next morning. Annoying for adults, but when you add a baby to the mix it's SO FUN. It's just how I wanted to spend a day of paid time off. Read my sarcasm.

Well, friends, learn from our mistake and never book the last flight of the day. Our flight home from Chicago got, wait for it, cancelled. Mechanical malfunction or some other nonsense. Long story short, after weighing our options we decided to have American rebook us on an 8:30 pm flight to Dallas. We could stay at my parents' house and fly to OKC in the morning. Not my favorite but acceptable. But THEN, the 8:30 flight got delayed and delayed and delayed again and didn't leave Chicago until after 11:00. R decided sleeping wasn't as fun as crawling around the airport terminal making friends, so Jordan and I took turns chasing her around for hours.

We arrived in Dallas around 2 in the morning. We were the only flight and still had to wait over a half hour to get our bags,even though we didn't actually check anything, but when they gate checked the car seat and our suitcase they decided to put it through baggage claim. By the time we got to my parents' house it was after 3 in the morning. We got up at 6 so my sister could drive us back to the airport for our 8 am flight.

What I'm saying is, I was extremely well rested.

I practically kissed the Oklahoma ground and swore never to leave again. Or, at least never book the last flight of the day because only terrible things happen when you do that. BUT WE MADE IT. And I have another story for the blog. So there's that.

In related but not as terrible news, Jordan and I bought a video recorder as a joint birthday gift, and I took it for a spin in Chicago. I filmed a bunch and used iMovie to put it all together. I think making videos is my lost calling, because it is so fun to make these even though I stay up way too late working on them. The video should be embedded below, but if it's not you can click here to watch it on YouTube. Hope you enjoy! All in all it was a fun weekend with family, and we certainly packed in as much as we could in just two days.

p.s. If you are interested in how we budget for travel, click here.