Where We Get Dressed Up and Embarrass Ourselves


Two weekends ago, Jordan and I celebrated our 5th anniversary. Our trip to Virginia this past March was our official anniversary trip, but we still wanted to do something to celebrate on our actual anniversary. 
We started the day of our anniversary (May 14) as we have every year for the past four years: with breakfast at iHop. I remember last year I was pregnant, and we were imagining a highchair at our table, and this year she's here! Such a blessing.

My parents drove up from Texas that afternoon to watch R while Jordan and I went to dinner, and then we did something crazy and stayed overnight in a hotel room while my parents stayed at our house with R. It was the longest I'd ever been away from her, and both of us survived just fine. Actually, we were just coming out of a bad couple of weeks in the sleeping department, so when my mom said, "So how are you feeling about being away from R overnight?" I said, "I'm kind of looking forward to it!" I blame the daily daycare drop-offs for my apparent heart of stone, but at least neither of us are in a codependent relationship. Right? Right?
Anyway. I can't go anywhere these days without having some kind of story to share on the blog, and our date night did not disappoint. A month ago, I made reservations at one of the nicest restaurants in the city, which is on the 49th floor of the tallest building in OKC. It's one of those places with an actual dress code, and let's just say, Jordan and I are not exactly the type of people who frequent restaurants of this caliber. Jordan in particular was basically breaking out in a cold sweat on our way downtown. 

There is a lot of construction right now, but since I work downtown I knew where to go. Even so, we had a bit of an issue trying to get to the right place (the original gate was closed and the credit card machine didn't work at the second gate, to name a few), and by the time we finally parked Jordan and I were both sweating and feeling stressed.

We rallied and made it inside, where we were escorted through the building to the elevator. (The restaurant is inside an office building, so there are extra measures taken to ensure people don't just go wandering around after office hours.)

Our ears literally popped on the way up, which was interesting.
We were seated at our table, and our server came over to ask if we wanted some wine. I don't normally get wine, but occasionally I will drink a glass if it's something really sweet, so I asked if she had anything to recommend that was sweet. She immediately launched into something about a wine that tasted like a hint of roses from such and such city in France, and she might as well have been speaking French for all I knew, but I said it sounded good and sure I'd take a glass.

Then she asked for my ID, and I realized that when I switched into my fancy red clutch, I had left my license at home in my wallet in the diaper bag.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said and promptly whisked away both our wine glasses.

And I promptly started crying.

It wasn't that I had wanted a glass of wine so badly that I was crying because I couldn't get one but because we were already stressed out about the parking situation, and we were both all dressed up in this fancy restaurant, and now I felt shamed because my wine glasses were taken away. And then I was shamed because I was crying, which made me cry more, and I was just a hot mess.
Jordan, meanwhile, is staring at me incredulously because he just cannot understand what on earth is wrong with his crazy wife. "Um... do you, like, need to call your mom?" he says.

Bless his heart.

By the time the waitress came back to take our order, I had composed myself enough to order a salad, and then she asked, "What do you want for your entree?" and I realized like a moron that I had not even looked, so she had to come back to actually take our order.
Somewhere between our appetizer and entree, Jordan got up to go to the bathroom and banged his head against the light that was hanging between our table and one next to us (see photo below). Our waitress shouted, "OH MY ARE YOU OKAY?" And an entire table of people in suits and cocktail dresses turned to stare.
Clearly I can't just go to dinner and not have something ridiculous happen. Thankfully, it ended much better, and the free anniversary dessert certainly didn't hurt. Although I will tell you that at one point during the meal I ran out of conversation topics and ended up saying, "So, I have three shirts I need to iron." And Jordan said, "Okay?"

Apparently five years of marriage is when you start running out of things to talk about.

The second we walked out of the elevator, Jordan was like a completely different person. He visibly relaxed, and we realized we did, in fact, have more to talk about than wrinkled shirts. So that was a relief on multiple levels. We really just aren't cut out to be fancy.
I checked in with my mom (R was doing great!), and we drove to our hotel, where I slept like a baby until sunrise because uninterrupted sleep, you guys. Back home, the real baby woke my mom up at 2:30 and stayed awake for over an hour. Seriously, who came up with the phrase "slept like a baby"? It's just mean, is what it is.

The next morning we grabbed some bagels on our way home, and my mom and R were waiting for us on the front porch. She was very excited to see us! All in all, it was a great anniversary date, and we certainly celebrated in style. The food was excellent, the view was great, and bonus! We got a good story or two to laugh at later (once I, ahem, stopped crying).

Here's to year six!

links + loves vol. 2


Sharing some links and loves with you today!

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Charlotte makes these really fun "What I Eat in a Day" videos. They are so well done, although they make me wish I ate as well as she does. I linked to her YouTube channel above, which has some really great videos from her travels in Europe (where she's from). She's one of my inspirations for making travel videos of my own.

I loved Beka's post about speaking hard truths into other people's lives. It's easy to share about God's goodness, but it's important to realize why we need Jesus and what he is saving us from.

Luna Stroller Organizer is so awesome! I bought it after seeing a friend's and I love it so much.

Have you seen this YouTube video? I don't care if this is real or fake; it's hilarious.

Cassie wrote a post that I loved sharing a letter to her atheist self. As someone who grew up in church and has been a Christian my entire life, it is so interesting to hear from someone who had such a different experience. God really can work miracles in people's lives and I think that's so cool.

31 People Who Are Nailing This Whole Marriage ThingSome of these had me cracking up! #12 IS MY LIFE. *Please excuse some of the swear words and inappropriate lines.

I've mentioned before that my dad does a podcast. I'm not just saying this because he's my dad, but I really do think he does a good job with it. Just like any podcast there are episodes you like more than others, and two of my recent favorites have been this one talking about creativity and this one talking to a guy who is walking around the world. Check it out if you have a chance!

Happy weekend, friends!

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