Do You Compress?

I've talked before about how much I love ProCompression calf sleeves in my post on "6 Tips for Faster Post-Run Recovery." It was tip #5: compress your calves. I've found this to be fantastic for recovery after a particularly long or tough run.

I am a Sweat Pink ambassador, and recently I was offered the chance to review a pair of ProCompression socks. As I said, I love my calf sleeves, but I was excited to try out the socks. Especially because (spoiler alert) Beka and I already bought a couple pairs to give away in a future Runners Tell All post! That's right. You're welcome.

Here's the deal: I personally don't like running in compression socks, but I know a lot of runners who swear by them, so it's just personal preference. I feel like they make my calves feel WAY too tight. However, these socks and calf sleeves make my legs feel awesome when I put them on after a run. Awesome.

ProCompression socks are a quality product. They are made in the USA and built for comfort with moisture-wicking material to keep blisters away. Which would be useful if you were the kind of person who liked running with compression socks.

If you want to snag yourself a pair, use the code PINK for 40% off your order at ProCompression. Seriously, these babies are usually $50, so you should get on this like yesterday. Consider signing up for their email list too. I know you probably don't want more spam in your inbox, but ProCompression has a "sock of the month" that is a fun color or design and is usually discounted. Holler.

Tweet: I #KeepItTight w/ @PROCompression! Use the code PINK for 40% OFF your entire purchase! http://ctt.ec/W2UDL+ @fitapproach #sweatpink

Do you run with compression socks? Love em or hate em?
Have you ever tried wearing them after a run for recovery?


We're Back From...

Hello, friends! 

I know I was cryptic last week when I said I was off the grid. The truth is, Jordan and I left with 48 other members of our church for a missions trip to Nicaragua early in the morning on Saturday, July 19. We got back in the evening on Saturday, July 26.

We signed up for the trip way back in January, and we sent out support letters to friends and family and have been praying about this trip for months. I felt bad about keeping this a secret, but I did so for two reasons:

1. Not to be That Paranoid Person, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to share with the Internet that we were going to be away from our apartment for a whole week. I trust all of you, of course, but you just never know what kind of shady characters are out there, and I felt better not announcing our absence to the whole world.

2. The second reason is the main reason I didn't share about our trip. After we signed up and paid our deposit, I was really excited about going and getting to share this experience with Jordan. However, when we started telling people about the trip, I got this overwhelming feeling of self-righteousness about it. Whenever I heard about someone going on a fancy vacation or buying a house or a new car or whatever else, I couldn't help but think, Well fine you're going to Europe, but I'm spending thousands of dollars to go to a third-world country and help spread the gospel to poor people.

That's terrible, I know.

I began praying about my attitude and that I would be excited about this trip for the right reasons and also be able to be excited for my friends when they shared about summer vacations. I didn't feel right about blogging about this trip until I had my attitude under control. God was faithful and answered my prayer, and my feelings of self-righteousness went away. 

For the most part anyway. Let's be honest. I still do want to go to Europe. But who doesn't?

So that's the longish story of why I kept this trip a secret. But now we're back, and I'm excited to share with you all that went on during our week in Nicaragua! 

I picked a few pictures to share below, and later next week I'll have a few posts in more detail of what went on in the village. Telling you everything that we did and saw in the village of La Pintata would seriously take a month of posts, but I'll try to limit myself. If you have any specific questions about our trip, please email or leave a comment so I can try to answer those specifically!

^^^This is where we stayed Saturday night when we arrived in Nicaragua and then again on Friday night before we left to come home. The mission house in Managua, Nicaragua, hosts a new group every week. Below is the view from the balcony of the mission house.
^^^We slept here, in the classrooms inside this school. The students moved the desks and held school outside under tents. They have school all year in Nicaragua, with a break for December and January. This picture is of the middle "courtyard" area, and the classrooms are around the outside.

^^^ (Note: I did not take this picture.) Jordan is in the middle with the hat and sunglasses. He was on the vet team and spent the week administering vaccinations to the animals of local farmers. They vaccinated horses, pigs, and cattle. Their group also shared the gospel with the famers they saw. In the back in the red shirt is Miguel, the translator they took with them all week. And get this: the Nicaraguan veterinarian's actual name was Dr. Nicaragua. That just kills me.

^^^ This is Jordan and I with Jordan's dad and mom. Jordan's mom has gone every year for five years, and Jordan's dad went to Nicaragua last year. It was truly a blessing and a great bonding time with the in-laws for us all to be in Nicaragua together. Bumgarners for the win!

I know I've been a sporadic blogger lately. I still haven't even blogged about what we did for my birthday yet! (Three words: summer bucket list)

Over the next few weeks, I plan on getting caught up with all the things that have been going on in my life lately. I hope you'll stick with me! I really do love sharing about my adventures and general life happenings with all of you.

Also coming up over the next few weeks is my Project 12 post for July, a review of compression socks, and two giveaways! The Lady Okie Blog is gonna be hoppin', so watch out.


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