Electric Run in Del Mar, California

After our whirlwind day in San Diego, we headed to Del Mar for the Electric Run 5k. First we changed clothes in a Marshall's fitting room, but you already know about that awkwardness. By this point we were all pretty tired. Remember, I had woken up at 4 a.m. CA time and flown in from Oklahoma, and we estimated that we had already walked at least 5-6 miles that day.
Alison had picked up a free sample of 5-hour energy at the December Nights festival, and she chugged it on our way to the race. She got super hyper almost instantly and started talking really fast and bouncing around. It was pretty funny.
Alison and Hilda don't run, but I was able to convince them that I would be able to hold back and not sprint away as soon as the starting gun went off. They shouldn't have worried. With all the stops we made to take pictures along the route and all the people who were running (10,000!) it ended up taking us about 50 minutes to walk 3.1 miles. I never thought I'd have so much fun finishing a race so slowly. 
I started off strong, but by the end of the race, I could have laid right down on the ground and fallen asleep. Luckily, they were giving out Rockstar energy drinks at the finish line, and just half of one perked me right up. We stayed for most of the after party, which basically involved lots of lights and loud music. Hilda took a short video on her phone, which you can see below if you want to check out some of that action.


As far as a race "review," I will say that I was impressed by the amount of lights and fun spots along the course (example: the giant glowing gummie bears). The race was well organized, and the after party was fun. There were a lot of parents with their kids, and overall I thought it was a family friendly event. (Minus some of the 20-something crowd at the after party, but that's to be expected I guess.)

That said, I always end up feeling the same about novelty 5ks races like this one or the Color Run, etc. They are something fun to experience once, especially when you have a good group to do it with, but for me they are a one-and-done kind of thing. It's just too much money for not enough running.

Have you ever done an Electric Run? 
What are your thoughts on novelty 5k races?


Dr. Seuss Plants and Teen Angst

*It was sunny, okay?

Two weekends ago, I flew out to San Diego for a girls' weekend with two of my oldest friends. You know those friends you don't have to see or even talk to very often, but when you do it's like no time has passed at all? That's the best kind of friend, and I am very blessed to have not just two but many friends like that.

Alison and I have known each other since the sixth grade. Hilda joined our crew freshman year of high school (holler to my Wheaton North friends!), but I kind of forget she wasn't around since the beginning. All weekend I kept saying, "It's just like the sixth grade!" And Hilda was all, "I didn't know you guys in the sixth grade!" She knew what I meant.

Earlier this summer, Alison and her husband moved to California, and as you can see I wasted almost no time buying a ticket to go see her. I told her it was 30% a desire to see her and 70% California. Just being honest.

Actually it was more like 90/10.
No hard feelings, Al.

It was a super short trip: I got in Saturday at 10 am and flew out Monday at 4 pm. We spent all day Saturday sightseeing in San Diego, and Saturday night we ran the Electric Run 5k in Del Mar. We spent Sunday in Alison's town of Temecula, going to wine tastings and shopping in old town. Today's post will just be scenes from our twelve-hour tour of San Diego. Hope you enjoy!
The first thing we did after leaving the airport was head over the bridge to Coronado Island. We saw a fantastic view of the city, ate lunch at the Coronado Brewing Company, and drove to the beach. It had been a very long time since I'd dipped my toes in the ocean.
The weather was gorgeous the two days we were there--75 degrees and sunny. People were laying out, playing beach volleyball, and even surfing. I can't even really imagine what it would be like to live close enough to spend every day on the beach. I picture it like the show Orange County. You know, all teenage angst and tan lines and stuff.

After leaving Coronado, we drove to Balboa Park to walk around the December Nights Festival. There was lots of fair food and also booths with food from all around the world. Christmas lights were up, but it didn't really seem like Christmas at all with the palm trees and the sun shining down. I actually got kind of hot!

One thing I couldn't get over were the crazy amount of succulents everywhere. Seriously, succulent explosion all over the dang place in every restaurant, every hanging pot, and even huge succulent bushes! There were also tons of weird-looking plants and giant trees. I felt like I was walking around a Dr. Seuss book. I kept taking pictures of the plants, and Hilda said, "So... you're going to write an entire blog post filled with pictures of flowers aren't you." Kind of yes.
We spent a little time walking around Balboa Park, although we didn't ride anything. I used to love roller coasters back in the day, but now I think I'm too old for them. I get really motion sick when I ride them now. Sad!
Our last stop before our Electric Run in Del Mar was La Jolla. We saw the cove, watched the sun set over the ocean, and ate sandwiches for dinner. Then we changed in the fitting room of a Marshall's for our run! 

*Oh, and in case you were wondering, it's extremely difficult to explain to a fitting room attendant that you're changing into a different outfit of your own clothes and aren't actually buying anything or trying on any of the clothes in the store. Plus, when you walk out holding a bag of clothes, you look like a shoplifter. Not our smartest move, but it was pretty funny. Alison and Hilda were making fun of me because I just kept repeating, "We just changed," to the lady while she stared at me in confusion. Yes, obviously you changed. You're in a fitting room.

I love San Diego!

*Next up on the California whirlwind trip, pictures (and maybe even a video!) of our Electric Run in Del Mar on Saturday night.

A question for people who live near/have been to San Diego: did we hit all the good spots on our tour?


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