Obligatory Pictures of My Baby with Pumpkins. Because Fall.


So I know I said I don't like photo dumps. Buuuuut, it's happening. Because pumpkins. And cute babies. And fall. And did I say cute babies?

Over the weekend, Jordan and I took R to Pumpkinville, which is hosted in the kid's garden in downtown OKC. I happened to come across a sign for Pumpkinville during one of my lunch walks at work, and I told Jordan we were absolutely definitely going.

We honestly weren't too sure how much R would really be into it at 14 months old, but she loved it, and it was so much fun. She's only really started walking pretty much full time within the last two weeks. We just let her take the lead and walk where she wanted, and it was really fun to see her get excited about the hay bales and pumpkins. She also got excited about metal chairs, and once she stopped to play with a sprinkler head, but anyway.
There were all these different paths lined with pumpkins, and even though there were a lot of people, it never felt crowded. There were also a lot of different places to sit with pumpkins and photo ops, and they really did a great job setting it up! It was $6 per person to enter (under 3 was free), and we thought it was totally worth it. I'm already looking forward to next year!
My favorite part of Pumpkinville were all the different types and sizes of pumpkins. They had this giant wall of all the different types lined up, which R liked and I thought was really cool!
R is big on climbing on things right now, and she hopped up on that rock all on her own and Jordan had to race over there and make sure she didn't topple off. And yes, you probably noticed she kept her hairbow on! When she's sufficiently distracted, she forgets about ripping her bows off and eating them, which means people don't mistake her for a boy and I'm a happy mama to be able to put my bow obsession to good use.
There's really no end to my thankfulness for my little family. Jordan and I have had our ups and downs since R was born, but we are continuing to grow and learn together, and I just love it so much when we're all together. Thank you, Jesus, for Saturdays and fall and cute babies with pumpkins. Amen.

12-Minute Memoir: Waking Up


*This is part of a new post series where I set my timer for 12 minutes and write about a specific word or phrase. Idea originally from here.

On a typical morning, I set my alarm for 5:45. I like to take my time in the mornings and not feel rushed. I would much rather go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Jordan is the opposite and usually snoozes his alarm a few times before finally getting up, but I (generally) get up within 5-10 minutes after my alarm goes off.

The very first thing I do is go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and put in my contacts. If I’m feeling inspired or have a few extra minutes, I’ll put on some makeup or straighten my hair, but I often don’t do either of those.

Then I go into the kitchen and fix my breakfast (to eat at work), lunch, and R’s daycare snack. I make sure R’s diaper bag has everything she needs, and I check that my purse has my important things like my phone and wallet. I’ve been trying to slow down even more and take a few minutes in the morning to pray or read my Bible. I’m reading through Psalms right now.

Once Jordan is awake, I go back into our bedroom, turn on the light, and get dressed. Jordan does not like to talk in the mornings, and I always (unintentionally) annoy him by asking questions and trying to talk to him right after he’s woken up. He is not a morning person. If I have some extra time, I'll lie back down on the bed and close my eyes for a minute or two.

By now it’s 6:40 or 6:45, and R is awake. Sometimes she’s still sleeping, and I have to go wake her up so we can get ready to leave for the day. My favorite is when she wakes up on her own in a good mood. I go into her room and sit by her crib, and she reaches her hands through the bars and I play with her for a few minutes. Then I get her out, change her, dress her, and load up the car. R comes with me because I drop her off at daycare on my way to work.

Jordan and I both leave around 7:00 for the day. Sometimes I am a few minutes behind, but if I leave much later than that, I get stuck in rush-hour traffic on the highway. 

My morning feels so much less rushed now that I’m not nursing or worrying about packing bottles and milk for daycare. I’m so thankful I was able to breastfeed R for a good part of her first year, but man it was a lot of work getting all that together.

Of course when my alarm goes off, I wish I could keep sleeping. The bed is cozy and warm, and my eyes are still heavy. But I am most definitely a morning person and in general, I have to say that I really don’t mind waking up.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? What time do you usually get up?