Runners Tell All: My Race Bucket List(s)

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Before we get started, a quick public service announcement: If your name is Amanda and you entered my giveaway for a bag of Hemp Pro70 protein powder, email me, girl! You won!

Okay, this month's topic is: race bucket list. I made two of them for you.

Let's start with unrealistic. 
Obviously it would be fun to run a race in a place like Hawaii. Because Hawaii. 

I've actually been to Hawaii twice, but sadly I was not a runner then and didn't take full advantage of the whole running-along-the-beach-in-Hawaii thing. And of course any runner knows that it would be amazing to run Boston. However, I have neither the natural speed nor the desire to train for the speed to get fast enough to ever qualify, so that's most likely out. Paris is really just a placeholder for any European country, and I really want to visit Alaska some day. I have cousins who live there, and it just looks awesome. It would be so fun to run there!

The second list of races are slightly more realistic. As in, chances are high I will actually do these. I have friends who live in San Diego and Minneapolis (hi, Alison and Erin!), and I live close to Dallas. I WILL run in Chicago at some point. It is absolutely happening, and when it does it will be glorious. And Little Rock isn't too far from me. I want to do that one because the finisher medals are gigantic aka awesome, plus I've never been to Arkansas.

This year I have actually only run 2 races: a 5k (recap here) and a 10k (PR by six minutes! recap here). I started feeling like I didn't want to run races just to do them. I want to save up my money and run new races and in a place I haven't run before, like the ones on my realistic bucket list. So hopefully I'll get to cross some of these off at some point.

While we're on the subject of races, I am interested in your thoughts on the Rock & Roll race series. The Dallas race is March 2015, and I'm considering signing up. But the fee for just the 1/2 marathon is $80! Has anyone run a Rock & Roll race? Is it worth the money?

So that's my list! Or at least a few of the races on my list. Link up below and share yours! Hop around, meet other running bloggers, and maybe you'll find a race or two to add to your bucket list. Speaking of... I want to suggest two races you should add to your bucket list.

I know Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is probably not high on your list of must-see places, but I've run in this race three times now (the half, full, and 5k), and it really is one of my favorites. First of all, there is a ton of crowd support. It's almost like the whole city comes out to cheer on the runners, and it's really fun. I also think it's a pretty route through downtown, old neighborhoods, and then partly around the lake. If you live in a surrounding state, consider coming out! It's every April.

The Cowtown in Fort Worth, Texas, happens every February and is definitely a favorite of mine as well. For one thing, half marathoners get two shirts (one for registration and one for finishing), and it's a fun race through the downtown stockyards.

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Man Make Fire

Vacations are the best.

For a short span of days, you can push aside the stress and requirements of daily life and claim "spotty Internet access" and "no cell phone service" on the fact that you are completely avoiding any and all incoming communication

The awesomeness level of your vacation, of course, depends on your ability to forget about the mound of emails, voicemails, and junk mail that are piling up during your absence. Just don't think about it, and it doesn't exist. Amen.

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably know that this past week Jordan and I road-tripped to South Dakota.

When we first started telling people we were taking a five-day vacation to South Dakota, we were met with blank stares and then, "...South Dakota?" It only got worse when we said we were going to drive the 13+ hours

"So you're driving through Kansas?" they said.
"And Nebraska?"

Then they shook their heads. "That's going to be boring."

The middle part of the United States don't get no love, in my opinion. Boring and flat are two words commonly used to describe the portion of the country many refer to as "flyover states." But whatever. We decided to drive because A) flights were going to cost around $450 per person and B) we didn't want to have to rent a car plus C) I think road trips are fun and also D) road trips mean road trip candy. Sour patch kids, get in my belly.

I decided we were going to take a different route there than coming back so we could see different parts of the states. The right side is the route we took driving to South Dakota. The left side is the route we used coming back. All the letters are the places we stopped along the way to see roadside attractions or stay in a hotel for the night.

We didn't intend on driving through Colorado, but our GPS had other plans. There's nothing quite like being on a road trip, seeing a "Welcome to" state sign, and freaking out because you think you might be driving in the wrong direction. Luckily, we weren't (even though it did add a few minutes to our drive), and we had a good laugh about how we hit four states (five, including Oklahoma) on this trip.
(Skinny jeans are surprisingly comfortable to wear in the car. Who knew?)

We took back roads almost the entire way there and back. The longest stretch of actual interstate was on I-35 north from OKC to Wichita. Back roads are the only way to travel. No cops. No cars. No people at all, really. Which is only a terrible idea if your car breaks down, which luckily ours did not.

So yes. We went to South Dakota. And I'm here to tell all the scoffers that South Dakota is so awesome! There's a ton of fun stuff to do, plus the Black Hills are spectacular. Seriously, if you haven't been to South Dakota, you really should.

TOTALS (round trip)
28 hours
1,784 miles
$196.26 spent on gas <--- Compared to $900 on airfare + the cost of renting a car once we got there? Yes, please.

I took over 500 pictures of the following (in no particular order): Crazy Horse, Mount Rushmore, Carhenge, our cabin, downtown Rapid City, cool road signs, the food we ate, deer outside our cabin, black bears, the scenery on our drive, building a fire.

I'm telling you all this so you can start getting excited for South Dakota recap posts. It's happening. Now excuse me while I get back to my 200 emails. Darn you, Old Navy promotional spam!

What's your go-to road trip candy?
Would you rather drive or fly?


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