Below are all the posts that I wrote about my pregnancy. Please feel free to email me questions or comments using the email on my contact page. I would love to hear from you!

Baby Bum Announcement

So Much Pee
Rock 'n' Roll Dallas 1/2 Marathon Recap (18 weeks pregnant)
Baby Bum Gender Reveal
Thoughts on Running for Two
Coffee Date
Week 25
Another Running Update
We Registered. It Was Overwhelming.
Week 33
Week 37
Things Strangers Say
The Fear
He Saw Us (An Amazing God Story!)
5 Pregnancy Favorites
Maternity Photos
My Pregnancy Journal
R's Birth Story Part 1 / Part 2
10 Reasons Running a Marathon is Like Having a Baby
It's Over

// Below are the post I've written about my second pregnancy!

Baby Bum #2 Announcement
Baby Bum #2: Details
How Pregnancy #2 Has Been Different
Baby Bum #2 Gender Reveal
20-Week Bump Update
28-Week Bump Update