Potato Feet: Our Favorite Baby Shoes


I received a pair of shoes for J in exchange for this post. However, I purchased a pair myself  before he was born that he has been wearing for the last four months. I loved them so much that I reached out to see if I could collaborate to share about them with you! All opinions are mine.

Before J was born, I came across Potato Feet booties during one of my trips down the Instagram rabbit hole (raise your hand if you know what I'm talking about). He was born over the summer, but once it started being cold outside consistently, they were the only thing I ever wanted to put on his feet, and five months later, that's still true! (You can see him wearing them in this post.)

Every time I go out with J, I get compliments on his shoes and people ask me where I got them. I tell them to check out Potato Feet. If they look warm and cozy, that's because they absolutely are. AND I am here to tell you that these shoes actually stay on his feet. All the praise hands.

I had the hardest time with R because she always kicked her socks off, and I couldn't find anything to keep on her feet that would be warm enough in the winter. I would have loved to have a pair of these two years ago!

J is a little over five months old and about to need a size up from the 0-6 size he has been wearing (these), but that just tells you that these run true to size! I am excited about the two-tone 6-12 booties that Potato Feet was kind enough to send me. If I had a girl, I really love this minted lace bootie or just the baby pink.
Perfect for a baby shower gift or maybe a Christmas present for your little, you guys need to check out Potato Feet. They have loafers, moccasins, and accessories too! J hopes you love them as much as he has! 

p.s. If you check them out on Instagram, they are often having sales, so be sure to follow!
Nadine said...

Ohhh I haven't heard of this place. I have the hardest time finding shoes that stay on Zoe's feet too. I bought three pairs at Old Navy and none last more than about 30 minutes. Might need to check these out, they are so cute!!!!

Jen said...

How cute are these!??! I've never heard of them. I might have to check them out!

Audrey Louise said...

Those are the cutest little shoes/slippers!! I want a pair in my size!

Rach said...

I love these! They are the ones I asked you about when I saw him wearing them in a picture! :)