Outrageous Lies: Before the Proposal [Part 1]


There's one topic (besides my marathon and my wedding) that I don't think I'll ever get tired of talking about, and that's the outrageous lies that were told to me by my future husband and loving family to hide the fact that Jordan was going to propose to me in Chicago the day after Christmas.

I've written about the actual proposal on this blog, but I've never talked about how the whole thing came about. I am now choosing to document the story on this blog for historical purposes. This will be in two parts, because I know some of you skimmers won't last through the whole thing if I didn't break it up.

This past weekend, Jordan reminded me that December 14 was the three-year anniversary of the day he drove to Texas to talk to my dad about proposing. This isn't an anniversary we celebrate or anything like that, but every year Jordan reminds me about it because, as he says, it was one of the scariest moments of his life. (Possible slight exaggeration.)
Our very first picture together ever!
Proposal stories are funny if you really think about it. We're beaten over the head from the time we're two years old with all this crap about telling the truth and never keeping secrets from your spouse or family, but then all of the sudden it's totally okay to pile lie on top of lie to keep the proposal a secret. 

I love it.

My mom likes to remind me about how I was all, "Oh I am SO going to know if Jordan is planning on proposing. He's a terrible liar." Yeah, apparently I don't know anything, and Jordan is, in fact, a fantastic liar. I'm only slightly concerned.

It was December 2010.

Jordan and I had been dating for almost a year and a half, and I asked him to come with me to Illinois for Christmas. My whole family was driving up, and I thought it would be fun to have Jordan come with, since he'd never been to Chicago before or met the majority of my extended family.

Jordan will tell you that he'd been saving up money for a ring for a little bit and started thinking about when and how he would propose to me, and when I mentioned Chicago, he knew it was perfect since Chicago is my favorite place in the whole world. So he told his mom, and they went ring shopping together, and then he had to find a way to ask my dad.

I know some people scoff and say the whole ceremony of asking for the girl's dad's blessing is outdated and ridiculous, but my family is such an important part of my life that it was less about getting permission and more just about including them in the excitement. Plus, I do personally like the tradition. I just think it's nice.

Jordan considered just calling my dad up on the phone, but he said that he felt like he needed to make the three-hour drive to Texas and talk to my dad in person. The problem now was how to make that happen without me knowing about it, so he enlisted the help of our friend Jeff. 

They concocted a story about how Jeff needed to drive to Texas to drop off a guitar for a (girl) friend of his, and he wanted Jordan to come with him. Not only that, but Jeff needed Jordan to drive because he (Jeff) didn't trust his crappy car to make it all the way there. 

When Jordan told me about it, he made a huge deal about how annoyed he was that he had to give up his entire Saturday to drive to Texas just because Jeff had a crush on a girl. This story was 100% believable because Jeff is the sort of guy who routinely has crushes on girls and does ridiculous things for them. Driving six hours round trip just to drop off a guitar was only slightly unusual, but Jordan's seemingly honest irritation sold me.

I even got annoyed at Jeff myself and told Jordan what a great friend he was being!
What a sucker I am.

So on December 14, Jordan and Jeff headed south. (Jordan decided to have Jeff go with him on the drive for moral support, so at least that part was true.) My aunt and uncle live on the same street at my parents, so Jordan had enlisted my aunt's help to make sure my parents were home when he got there. He didn't want my parents to know he was coming in advance, because they'd guess what he was coming for, and it would ruin the surprise and negate the whole point of driving all that way in the first place. So Aunt Mindy stalled them while my mom kept trying to leave to go to the grocery store.

Jordan got lost on the way to my parents' house and started freaking out, but after a quick stop to check the GPS, he finally made it. He pulled into the driveway, put the truck in park, and looked up to see my dad striding purposefully across the yard...

Check back on Friday for Part 2!


  1. I'm hooked! I want to hear more. I love a good engagement story.

  2. Great writing. I know this story and I still can't wait for part 2.

  3. I'm excited to hear some more...
    And isn't it nice when everybody around you
    likes the one you are about to marry?
    They'll play along with him for a great proposal.


  4. "...it would be fun to have Jordan come with." Uh, such a Chicagoan!

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  10. Ha! I can't wait for part 2!! And I have always been a little thankful to be the girl because I bet it was scary asking your dad (any dad for that matter!)....looking forward to what's next!

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  13. ahhhhh the suspense! I can't wait to read the rest! I love stories like this :) I totally agree with you about asking the Dad. I just love tradition, and I think it's respectful too. It's Dad's little girl after all, and it's sort of like handing over the torch. Hopefully Andrew remembers that when the time comes :)

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    You two are really such an adorable couple!

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  17. Well now I'm glad I'm so far behind on my blog reading, because I don't have to wait for part 2! :) And don't worry - I had no idea when Jonathan was going to propose either, so I am also marrying a fantastic liar haha. And guess when Jonathan decided to ask my dad for his blessing? When they went shooting. That's right - MY DAD WAS HOLDING A SHOTGUN! Haha good thing my dad loves Jonathan.

  18. How funny!!! That's really cool that you have family in Chicago, and that it's one of your favorite places. :) I've never been (except to drive around it en route to WI), but it's one of my husband's favorite places, too. He plans to take me ONE DAY. ;)

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