This Book is Really Long and Really Good


If you read nothing else in this post, read this: Don't judge a book by its cover.

I did at first, because let's be honest: the cover is kind of weird. Not bad, just not really my cup of tea. With all the darkness and the hooded figure. But oh my gosh. I'd easily say one of the top 3 books I've read this year.

Here's how I describe the book to Jordan: 
Think the epicness of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones without all the sex and cursing.

My friend Natalie recommended the book and even let me borrow her copy. I've had it for months now, because this book is a hoss. Seriously, we're talking over 600 pages! It's huge. But it's so good.

The Name of the Wind is part 1 of a trilogy that tells the story of a boy named Kvothe. The story starts off when Kvothe is a grown man, but the majority of the book is Kvothe telling his story to a chronicler, who has come looking for Kvothe to find out the truth behind the legends and rumors that are told about him.

There's adventure, romance, magic, dragons, and mystery. The writing is solid, and the story is unique. It's a huge book, but it moved quickly once I got into it. There's really too much to describe here; you just need to go read it for yourself. I'm excited to read book 2, although I've heard it's not quite as good as book 1. Mostly because I guess there's a weird part with a fairy...? I'll have to let you know. Book 3 isn't out yet, although hopefully it will be soon.

And if you need another reason to read this book, I think I'm in love with the author, Patrick Rothfuss. He's hilarious! I was checking out his blog earlier this week and came across this fantastic post he wrote titled "If I Mail You My Book, Will You Sign It?" where he includes a flow chart that is just too funny. So take a look at that if nothing else. I love an author with a sense of humor and a love for tacos.

Have any of you read this book?
What's the last book you judged by its cover?
Shay said...

Thanks for the book rec! We're headed up north for an early family Christmas, and there will be lots of down time, so I really need a long book! It's on my list now. :-)

Anonymous said...

You lost me at dragons. I might be wrong though. I hated Lord of the Rings and that type of books/movies. What book is similar to The Name of The Wind?

Allison said...

Yay, a book review! :) I've been going through books in about two days a piece, so maybe 600 pages will slow me down a little! I just looked it up and I can get it from the library on my kindle! And the cover pictured is even stranger than yours, haha. It's sounds a little out of my typical genres, but my tastes have been all over the place lately anyway. I'm excited!

Unknown said...

I'm going to look into this book for sure. Thank you for the advice, because I probably would have crossed this book of my to read list because of the cover. I can be a bit of a cover snob. I need something that jumps out and grabs me from the second I look at it or I move on looking for other shiny things.

Keep it Sassy & Classy,

Niken said...

i kinda like the cover. haha. 600 pages is not that long. Game of Thrones series go up to 1200 pages - ha!
i think i'm gonna buy this one. i like this kind of stories.

Anonymous said...

I learned the "don't judge a book by its cover" lesson when I read Number The Stars. It's a valuable lesson, for sure.

I don't usually read this genre, but on your recommendation I may check it out some day. :)


Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

Awesome! I need another long book for the holidays. The last time I was at the airport, I picked up one of the GOT books and it was the perfect travel treat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recommendation--I'm always on the lookout for more good reads.

The Lady Okie said...

Well, there is one dragon, and it's not a huge part of the book. It's only in one part really. It's not like there's dragons flying around everywhere.
But honestly, you might not like this book if you didn't like Lord of the Rings. It's got that epic fantasy kind of vibe to it. Although I've read those books, and this has a much faster pace. LotR is long and gets boring in the middle. I didn't find this book boring at all.

You've given me a good idea for future reviews, though. I should offer a few books that it compares to. I'm going to do that next time. Thanks!

The Lady Okie said...

If you do, let me know what you think!

The Lady Okie said...

Sure thing, Kari! Let me know what you think if you decide to read it!

The Lady Okie said...

If you liked GOT, you will definitely like this one!

Andrea said...

Definitely going to check this out. I love this genre. Thanks for the recommendation!

Per @ Perky Thoughts said...

Good recommendation! It's got a high rating on GoodReads too! Just added it to my list :)