Take My Survey! Pretty please?


Confession: I've been wanting to put together a survey for my blog forever. I love taking surveys! I know that's totally weird, but I think they're so interesting. Since 2013 year is winding down (what the heck is that about?), I thought now would be a good time to finally make a survey. I would love to find out more about who is coming here to read and see if you have any comments or suggestions for what I should write about in the coming year. Not that I won't still do what I want, but it's nice to have the illusion of choice.

So please take a second and fill this out. I tried to make it really easy and embed this directly into my post, so if you're reading this on a reader or an iphone or whatever else and don't see anything, there should be a survey below. There are only NINE questions, so it really shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Pretty please? 

After a week or so, I'll compile the results and let you know what I find out! The results will be lots more fun if I have more than two answers. Maybe I'll even make another pie chart

Do it, or Jordan will keep staring at you with his crazy eyes.


  1. You make the simplest of things funny! I enjoyed taking your survey-what a great idea :)

  2. I love this! I've been meaning to have a reader survey soon but I'm so confused about what to put on it! Thanks for the great ideas :]]]

  3. If your survey says you have more than one mother, that may or may not have been me.

  4. All done! Love the idea of a survey to see who's reading your blog :)


  5. i just filled our your survey, but it's my first time here, so i'm hoping i didn't skew your results! i got all excited about it because i love surveys too, and then before you know it.. 27, american, etc... :) hopefully i can answer more accurately once i read a bit more on here :)

  6. Love that pic of crazy eyes! I took the survey just so he would stop staring at me! :)

  7. Done, I don't mind a good embedded survey now and then!

  8. NO.

    Just kidding. I took it. I may or may not have lied about being your mother.

  9. Took it! Is it weird that I love lists and surveys? Not that I wouldn't have taken it for you even if I didn't, but the fact that it's all so organized and numbered is just more than I can resist ;) I'm interested to know the results!

  10. Hey, I did your survey! I wanted to let you know that I don't think the button for the blog 'Elah Tree' works, I tried it twice and it sends you to a page full of nothingness.

    1. It looks like there's something wrong with the code. I think there might be two H's in her http.

  11. I know the survey is over but I took it anyway.

    You're welcome.


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