My Favorite Running Gear: Socks


I'm back to introduce you to TWO pairs of wonderful running/exercise socks. I used to have a big problem with blisters. It wasn't pretty. This was due in part to the fact that I needed new running shoes, but it was also partly because of my socks. 

For Christmas I received a bunch of useful running gear, but nothing that was more useful to me than a few pairs of socks I have since come to love. 

Sock #1: 

{Find here}
UPDATE 5/6/13: I recently ran my marathon in these socks, and I had no blisters. Not one. So, I basically try to wear these on every single run because they are amazing.

Sock #2: 

{Find at HERE}

Now, this isn't to say that Nike is the only sports outfitter that has quality running socks, but I'm just going off my personal experience. I've worn both these socks on long runs of 8+ miles and have had no blisters thus far.

UPDATE 4/29/12: I wore the above socks during my half marathon and had a blister explosion. So I think maybe 8 miles is the cutoff for blister prevention in these. Just sayin'.
Patrice said...

Who'd have known socks were so important?

Nancy E said...

Socks ARE important !! I am a sock hound! Running and skiing socks too - love this post! Thanks for your comment on my blog too> :) Cheers!