Blog Talk #5: Why Do You Follow?


Welcome to blog talk! 

This is the fifth installment of "Blog Talk," in which I will give my opinion on different aspects of blogging and then continue the discussion in the comments. Because I want to hear what you have to say! Yes, you're even allowed to disagree. Just be nice about it.

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After my last blog talk post about why you unfollow blogsI got a few requests to write a blog talk post about why I follow blogs. While writing this post, I realized that I'm a bit of a freak. Apparently I have a subconscious process to following blogs that I wasn't aware of until I started writing it out. I'm really interested to know what your process (or not) is, so please leave a comment! Hopefully I'm not the only crazy one with a following process.

As I mentioned before, I am pretty picky about what blogs I follow on Bloglovin. There are only so many hours in a day, and I don't want a blog clogging up my feed that I am not interested in consistently reading. If I land on a blog that I think might be a potential follow, these are my general steps:

I read their most recent post, and I scroll down the page and skim their other recent posts. If I don't see anything interesting on that first page, I leave. Obviously what one person finds interesting is not what another person is going to find interesting, but usually I can get sucked in pretty quick by really good writing, a gorgeous photograph, or someone who makes me laugh out loud.

If I do see something interesting, I leave a comment. I want them to know I was there! This is a test, if you will. I'm sneaky like that. I want to see if they will respond to my comment, maybe even give my blog a return visit. A return visit or a return comment isn't an immediate make-or-break, but it does give me an indication of the blogger's friendliness to new readers. As I mentioned in my last post about unfollowing, if I constantly comment and engage with you and I never hear anything back, I most likely will not be following.

I read their "About" page.

Now here's the deal: when I go to an "about" page, I am looking for something specific, i.e., a brief page with at least one picture (but not fifteen), and I want the highlights

Who you are. What you like. Where you live. 
Make it interesting but keep it short.

When I click on an "about" page, I don't want an entire life history in eighteen paragraphs. I don't want a thousand pictures of your wedding day. I don't want a hundred links to your favorite posts that you've written. If you want to include a bunch of links to favorite posts, make a "Best Of" page, but don't clutter your About page with links. 

That's obviously just my opinion, so please don't go running back to your About page to change it just because I said so. Okay? But we're sharing here, and I'm just being honest. I like about pages to be short. The end.

I check out their Twitter. I often use Twitter as my "test" follow. If I had Instagram, I would probably use that too. I want to see if they are witty (yay!) or only retweet blog giveaway posts (womp womp). I'll see if their blog posts catch my eye, and maybe I'll even try to respond to a tweet or two and see if I can get a connection going. (This sounds eerily like internet dating. I'm not creepy, I swear!)

I follow. Hurrah! We made it finally. Eight years later.

And that's pretty much how it works! It sounds like a lot of work, but it's really not. Plus, I rarely have to unfollow a blog because my screening process is so ridiculously long smart, so it saves work for me in the long run.

Okay that's all I've got! Now I really want to hear from you. Really really.
Here are a few questions to get you started:

1. Do you have a follow process like me? What are your steps?
2. What specific qualities or interests do you more easily connect with?
3. What's your opinion about "About" pages?
4. Do you have a preferred social media platform for "testing" out new blogs?
5. Do you think my blog following process is completely insane?*
*No, don't answer that.

I named this series "Blog Talk" because I do want us to talk to each other. I don't know about you, but on these types of posts I enjoy reading the comments just as much as I do the actual post!

I have my opinion, but I want to hear yours. On these posts I will write back to comments in the comment section so we can learn from each other, so be sure and check back. And again, you can disagree, but be nice about it. Any unnecessarily rude or nasty comments will be deleted. The Lady Okie has spoken.
Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife said...

I love your process, and agree on the About Me page they should be brief and engaging not a whole freaking life story! I sometimes will follow on Twitter first and see if their tweets make me want to click over to their blog. I do have a fair amount of free time since I do not work though so I am not so picky about following and then later unfollowing.

Claudz said...

Great process and mine is pretty similar!

shelleystirs said...

My process is pretty similar to yours, minus the twitter aspect. I tend to read a lot of posts to get a feel of the blog and how it relates to me, and I also check the About Me and any other tabs that interest me. If something really resonates, I'll comment, and if the blogger responds to my comment, I'm more likely to keep reading and add the blog to my feed.

Rachel said...

I definitely don't have any such orderly process. I was actually a really big fan of following via GFC and the google reader when I first started blogging...I was pretty reluctant to get on Bloglovin' and it's still not my favorite. Honestly, a lot of blogs I read I don't even use a reader for or follow them...I just remember their blog name and type it in. Of course, when I forget their blog name...then I can never find them again. But as far as what makes me want to read and keep's definitely humor, common sense, good writing, and friendliness. I really don't judge by pictures or blog design...mostly because I know that my own pictures and blog design aren't great and I don't want to be judged by them too harshly.
I do follow on twitter more than on anything else..which is weird because I'm really only sporadic at using twitter...

Unknown said...

This process makes complete sense to me. I tend to follow at first sight then unfollow later when I find I am marking them read without actually reading them every day. I am drawn in by pretty pictures and content that relates to my own interests, but I always unfollow when the majority of posts end up being giveaways, sponsored posts and promoting other bloggers. All of those things are great in major moderation, but so many blogs take it way too far. I am a terrible twitter user! It is overwhelming to me, but I think I could really like it if I figured it all out.

Jenn @ Optimization Actually said...

I use Twitter and Bloglovin as my "testing" process. Then, if I like them and they're a Blogger blog, I'll add them to my GFC feed, which is much more selective. I have a ton more blogs in my Bloglovin' feed, but the only ones I read regularly are from GFC.

Other than that, my process is pretty much the same. I check recent posts, and look at the overall design and mini about blurb. If something catches my eye I'll look at the about page. I honestly don't even know what I'm looking for; sometimes it intrigues me and sometimes it doesn't.

Generally I prefer blogs who occasionally cover serious topics and who don't go overboard with gifs, but I haven't formed any hard and fast rules. I think it's the same way you pick friends. Something intuitively tells you "Oh, we would get along."

Jennifer said...

I don't have a process, but I probably need one! My Bloglovin is getting pretty full, and there are some blogs I skip on a regular basis. I guess that says I shouldn't be following them, huh?

Maria said...

+10. I couldn't agree more with your process and it is very similar to my own. I think one of the biggest keys for me following a blogger is if its someone I can resonate with and they present themselves in such a way that I feel like "Hey, we could hang out outside the Internets". I need to know this about the blogger in about .015 seconds, so yes, I a good About page that quickly and efficiently states the purpose of the blog and the general facts about the blogger can accomplish this. I like a short About page and if there is one, a separate page on the blogger's story, whatever that may be.

Blog design tells you so much about a blogger, too! If their blog is clean looking, not too many ads popping out in my face, not too many "follow me! tweet this! pin this!" and well organized, I will more likely follow. If the blog is the opposite of that and has great content, I am still reluctant to follow because I hate all the promotional stuff and I want to visit a blog that feels warm, inviting, and not so in your face.

The Jessa Olson Blog said...

I think when I find a new blog I connect with everything. Because I may unfollow them on bloglovin, but know the link everything on twitter. I need to work on my about me page. I'm just never satisified with it.

Amy @ Long Drive Journey said...

For me it's like, does the person say something that speaks to me? Do I think their content can add something to the already large number of blogs that I already read? Does their content help me in some way? Do I LIKE the blogger? I "follow" very few people officially, but those are things that will make me come back and read. In terms of official follows on bloglovin', I pretty much need all of those things to be true.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

Hmmm...I never really thought about it. I have to like the look of the blog. First impressions and everything you know. Then, I check out the about me and see what I think and scan the first page. If I'm not sure I'll follow on twitter or Instagram first too. It's just a reminder that you don't have much time to stand out in the blog world. I am also kind of picky about blogs to follow. I can't keep up with what I got as it is.

Jasmine said...

My follow process is almost identical--except for the twitter thing--I primarily use IG. I have a twitter, but only use it to post my blog posts usually--haven't really figured out the whole tweet thing. I'm getting there though! Love this series--will be checking out your other posts too!!

Food, Booze, & Baggage said...

I don't have a very set process...I'm a bit all over the place. I like to add blogs for a trial period but if I can't find anything to comment on or don't really enjoy reading than I delete. Though at times I forget to add blogs, so I need a better system :) I follow through Feedly so I don't feel as bad about unfollowing. I so love this series!

The Lady Okie said...

I really can't say it enough that responding to comments is such a huge thing for me. I follow maybe 5 "big" bloggers who don't respond because they are busy of course, but otherwise I just can't get into a blog if I never hear back from the blogger.

The Lady Okie said...

I actually go directly to a lot of blogs too without looking at Bloglovin or anything like that. I like how in Bloglovin you can see a picture and some text of a post, but I kind of hate how you can "like" posts and follow people. What is that about? Can't we just do stuff on the internet without needing to feel the pressure of a number of likes or followers all the time? Annoying.

The Lady Okie said...

Interesting! I thought GFC was pretty much dead to everyone, but I keep it on my blog because I actually do the same thing as you with following people on there.

And I feel you on the GIF thing. I have made 2 posts with gifs that (in my opinion) were funny, but some people basically don't write anything and just use gifs, which I find obnoxious as a reader. You summed it up perfectly, though. Following a blog friend is like finding a real-life friend. You either know or you don't :)

Charlotte's Frame said...

I agree with the comment thing! I have no twitter so I can't check that. I also don't like it when people place 100x photo's of themselves. It's not my thing, hence you won't find one on my blog, but it is their decision. Keep it to a few, more than that and it get's a bit: selfies/per hour = narcissistic much?

Miss Nutralicious said...

Yep, "about me" pages really draw me in. If the writer seems nice, and I would want to be her friend in real life, I will follow. If the "about me" page uses certain phrases similar to "furry children" or "my heart is full of wanderlust", I can't confirm our friendship yet. Also, if the "about me" page is REALLY long I'm going to be too overwhelmed. Like, whoa, we just met---TMI! (Wow, I sound like a jerk). When these things happen, I am all about a practice run which consists of a follow on twitter.

Overall, if the blog continues to publish funny posts, or posts that make me think, I follow them on bloglovin.

Tamara said...

I like your process! I wish when I first started blogging I had been a little more selective because for a good while I had like 80 blogs I was trying to keep up with - some of those who post 2-3 times a day. It was a full-time job just keeping up! My process now that I've been on the blogging scene for a little bit is pretty similar - I read through the first page, the about me section and try to leave a quality comment. If I hear back from them and it's more than a "thanks for stopping by!" I'll go ahead and follow them. Also, pretty much anything doing with running or makes me laugh, I'm in.

Natalie said...

My process is pretty similar. I don't have a blog so nobody is going to follow me back, but I do appreciate the occasional reply to my comments. On a completely different topic, I downloaded the book "Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers" and I'm looking forward to reading it :-)

Erin LFF said...

I will admit- I ran over to my about me page after reading your thoughts on it. I THINK I passed your test... whew ;) I definitely scroll a blog's most recent couple of posts and check the 'about' page too. Not always a deal breaker, but if I can't find ANYTHING in common with the person, they probably need to be the most talented writer or most interesting person ever !

The Lady Okie said...

If I had IG, I would use that platform, but since I don't have smart phone, I don't have a need for it yet :) I love Twitter, though! It's lots o' fun.

The Lady Okie said...

Awesome! You will have to let me know what you think. It's weird but kind of cool :) Also, I think it's good to know that non-bloggers still like replies to comments. I have to admit... that's one thing I am not super great about (ie. remembering to come back here and comment). Need to remember that!

The Lady Okie said...

I'd probably say so! Ain't nobody got time for following blogs you don't read :)

Courtney said...

I actually usually read my favorite blogs through the blogger dashboard{so old school}. I'm willing to follow just about anyone through BL because I don't check it as religiously, but I keep my GFC fairly well pared down to the blogs I consistently enjoy.

As far as why I follow someone? Oh goodness, lots of different reasons! And it depends on my mood....sometimes I'm stingy with my follows and then other times I'm like Oprah. YOU GET A FOLLOW! YOU GET A FOLLOW!

PS. Still learning the world of twitter. Confuses me still. It's the only social media I just can't seem to get the hang of!

Unknown said...

Every time I read one of your posts like this I always think, "yes! made the cut!" I like your system. I don't actually keep track of my follows that well. I probably should. I actually feel kind of bad when someone comments on my blog and I stop by to visit theirs and then my eyes glaze over. Something has to catch me eye right away. I'm highly visual too, so if there is only one photo I'm usually jumping ship. Or if their post is really unorganized I have the worst time. I have also have gotten really turned off by blogs that I feel run giveaways everyday or link-up parties all the time. I do both, but I hope that I provide enough content in between that they don't feel over bearing.

Anonymous said...

Very in depth process! That is impressive, and I am a little jealous of how well thought out it is. I follow blogs that actually have something to say....I'm not a fan of fluff and filler posts. That being said, I will follow blogs when the authors interact with me in some way.

Haley said...

Hahaha! I don't know you but I was scrolling down to comment and I laughed out loud at the Oprah thing. At work. Whoops.

Haley said...

I can get picky too! I think the main place I get lost is when blogs all start to look the same...I like to read the interesting ones, not the ones that look like a formula!

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

Is it weird I almost never read About Me pages?? Usually I follow if I connect with what they write about for 3-4 posts in a row. If I see a lot of sponsored posts I am out of there. If I feel like we would be friends in real life then they automatically get a follow. I do use lists in Bloglovin too and use a "Probation" folder and if they don't keep me interested or respond to comments I unfollow.

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Yep! I totally agree. I do pretty much all of the same things as you. Responding back to comments and visiting my blog after I visit theirs is definitely plus!

Holly said...

I actually just started using Bloglovin' (because I recently started back up blogging--go figure), and like Food, Booze, and Baggage above, I like to start following a blog for a "trial period" and then unfollow if I don't connect with what I see over the next few weeks.

What I'm often sucked into doing, though, is going through the archives of a blog that intrigues me (like a favorite posts list, or the posts in a category that interests me). I feel like I need to go through all that before I can officially to subscribe. That's the tricky thing about blogs--by nature we follow them chronologically, but the best blogs have great evergreen content, and when you're just starting out as a reader there's no clear-cut way to digest that content. Sometimes I wish I could subscribe to past posts so I could spread it out. Does that make sense? Anyway, great comments and convo. I am a new reader and yes, I did scour your about page and past posts before following. :)

Kiki said...

You're not insane at all!

I read this post and definitely verged on the side of geek (good thing I'm the only one in the room right now!) because I definitely smiled/pointed at my screen/yes!-ed out loud for each one. Your process is pretty much EXACTLY mine, especially number 2.

Personally, when I find a new blog, I do a lot of judging books by their cover. I look for appealing designs (at least so that I'm not too overwhelmed/distracted by their design that I can't read a post), I neeeed there to be images/photos so my eyes can rest between paragraphs.

And then from there, I'll check out recent posts, the about pages (I need short + interesting intros, too!), and their social media as well. I used to do the Pinterest-test to see if we had anything in common, but nowadays I'm onto Instagram (although I usually won't follow them until I follow their blog for awhile).

Oh, and the whole comment-response thing? Sooo important. It's such a bummer to comment on blogs and NEVER get a response.

Anyway, that was a loooong comment but I guess I just had to say all of this because I completely agree with everything you said.

Unknown said...

1. Do you have a follow process like me? What are your steps?
The "About" page usually is the first thing I'll check/read after I discovered a new blog and read the most recent post. When I'm unsure, I just don't follow. If I feel drawn to the blog/blogger/writing, I give it a go and follow straight away. Within a few weeks' time, I keep on following if I like what I've read, or unfollow if I ended up not being interested.

2. What specific qualities or interests do you more easily connect with?
Good writing, good photos, good humour, not too many sponsored posts and of course, content I can relate to and am interested in.

3. What's your opinion about "About" pages?
I am like you: I like short and to-the-point "About" pages. I never read long ones.

4. Do you have a preferred social media platform for "testing" out new blogs?
I only use Facebook and Pinterest, and I don't use them when it comes to blogging or following bloggers (except bloggers I know well and blogger friends). So I don't test blogs over there.

5. Do you think my blog following process is completely insane?
Insane? You? Never.

Debbie said...

There are so many great blogs out there, and like you said, only so many spare hours (minutes) in a day. I would love to have more time to read even more blogs, but... I don't really have a specific follow/unfollow system, but if the content gets boring or they never respond to my comments, then I'll eventually unfollow...

Love this series, by the way!

Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

I used to immediately add new blogs to my feed, then give them a little trial run. If I found myself skipping over almost every post, I'd cut them after a few days. Now I've reined it in and I only follow if, like you, I find that they have a lot of interesting comment. I also keep a few separate lists that I've been cleaning up and moving around:

1) Engaging reads: blogs I always want to stay up-to-date on and sometimes comment on. I check this list every time I sit down to read.
2) Regular reads: blogs that are usually interesting but publish too often for me to keep up or write on some topics I am interested in and some I'm not (e.g. a lifestyle blog with posts on fashion--I usually skip those but read their other content).
3) Various interest lists that I prefer to skim, because I only read if I'm in a certain mood: food blogs, professional blogs, non-consumer/thrift blogs.

Separating the blogs I follow into lists like that has really helped when adding new blogs. I check out their sidebar and about page, then read the past few posts. If they have a "Best Of" page, that is a great way to get started, too. When I first add someone, I add them to list #2. If I find myself always skipping, I unsubscribe, and if I'm always loving their posts, I move them up to #1!

Alicia | Jaybird: Home in Motion said...

Hmm. I just realized that I barely answered the "why" question and more jumped into the "how," haha. Why I follow: clear, engaging writing that shows an interesting mind and a warm personality. Relateable (relatable?) or helpful posts. Posts that make me laugh. Huge bonus points for a sense of community on their blog: they clearly read and respond to comments; they share other people's posts on their Twitter feed and have conversations with other bloggers. Though I'm not brave enough to do this often, I love when people will really open a window into their life and share honest emotions and experiences.

There are a few "no follow" details that I pay attention to as well. I can't stand long posts where the author doesn't use complete sentences, punctuation, proper capitalization, etc. Even if the content otherwise fits my interests, I just can't take it seriously. Too much sponsored content or frequent participation in sponsored campaigns will also turn me off. I am all for making money from your work, but against doing it in a boring way. I'm generally not interested in blogs where almost every post is written for a link-up.

This concludes the essay portion of the test. ;)

The Hungry Goat said...

I definitely base my follows all on your step one. If what they are writing catches my eye (and it's not aaaaallllll wedding and baby stuff), I will follow. But the second I start skipping over them in my feed = delete.

I don't usually notice when people don't respond back to me in comments, though... I also have no idea if my system informs MY commenters that I responded. Yikes!

The Hungry Goat said...

I 100% agree about every post being written for a link-up. Didn't you start your blog to be creative? Then be creative!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I like your outlook, Samantha! & your answer about making the cut cracked me up! =)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

Fun post, friend! I love reading all the comments and new perspectives from people!

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I need to go update my about me page, and get a twitter account! haha, you should totally get insta!!!!

Basically I start following after someone leaves a comment once or twice (and I visit their blog, etc). I want people to know that if they invest in me, I want to invest in them too!!

Sarah @ Back to Carolina said...

I probably don't put as much thought into following or not! I err on the side of caution and follow blogs that catch my eye, like the first part of your process. Then, as I go through my feed, if I start to find that I am not interested anymore, they get removed.

I have never been much of an "About Me" reader, but I have recently read several bloggers talking about how those pages can be make/break for following, so I redid mine. I do agree that from the ones that I've read, they generally have too many generic statements and wedding photos. I like to know what's unique about the blogger or why they blog--a mission statement, if you will. Someone who blogs with a purpose, no matter what the purpose, is far more interesting than simply blogging as a way to keep/share memories.

I don't have time to read every person's weekend updates haha!

Jennifer Prod said...

your honesty is refreshing and, well, hilarious. it also makes me feel overwhelmingly grateful that you visit my blog! gah! the process! i've never really thought about what makes me follow a blog, but i guess it would be feeling a connection - it could be awful content, but if i want to have lunch with them, well, imma follow :)

The Lady Okie said...

I have a similar system for lists of bloggers. I like what you said about blogs that post too often to keep up with, because I definitely feel like that happens! I actually completely stopped following a big blog about a year or so ago because they posted like 5 times a day, and it was overwhelming me with content. Lists are so helpful, because I can mark "read all" for, say, your #3 or #2 list if I'm behind in blog reading but always make sure to read list #1.

And... your answer for "why" is the same as mine. Someone who has shown to interact with readers is the best. I have found over the past year or so that I just don't have time to get invested in a blog where I will never have interaction with the actual blogger.

The Lady Okie said...

I think you have a lot of great content, so don't worry :) In my opinion, anyway! I didn't think I kept track of follows that well until I started writing it out... I definitely know the feeling of feeling bad about visiting a commenter's blog and then not being very into it. But you know what? We can't like EVERY blog, so it's okay. Don't be too hard on yourself.

The Lady Okie said...

Bahaha! Probation? That's hilarious.

And considering how often I read About pages, it is weird to me that you hardly ever read them, but to each her own! :)

Still laughing about the probation folder btw. haha.

The Lady Okie said...

You bring up an EXCELLENT point. I completely know what you mean about past content, and actually one pet peeve of mine is when a blogger doesn't have an "archives" section where I can go back and look at the titles of past posts. I've lost track of time going through a blogger's old posts before. It's fun! Or, can be fun, anyway. Thanks for the comment! :)

The Lady Okie said...

Ha! #5. I love it :)

Anonymous said...

My process is very similar - minus the Twitter part because I don't have Twitter myself.... The About Me is critical though. Make it or break it.


Madison @ Wetherills Say I Do said...

I probably do have a process but I haven't thought about it! I'm definitely less picky about who I follow on Twitter, but Instagram I'm DEFINITELY picky

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I love that you have a process! And that you use social media to "test follow". Although if someone did that with my Twitter, they'd probably just leave me alone ;) I stink at Twitter! Pinterest, I can do. I really haven't thought of my own process - it's probably something I should consider more. Beautiful pictures help a lot.

Victoria said...

My process is very similar to yours! I am not as good as you are at knowing if I'll be GLAD that I stuck around so I do occasionally end up unfollowing.

I love that you find it important for the bloggers to actually connect with their readers. YOU do an excellent job at that! Too often, I feel like some bloggers are just doing it to be "polite", but they don't actually want to get to know their readers. I know they can't know them all, but I appreciate those that really do try!

Jeneric Generation said...

I love how methodical your process is! Now that I think about it, I think I have a few different methods I use. Sometimes I will follow a blogger on twitter before I even visit their blog. If they can lure me in through twitter, there is a good chance I will like (and follow) their blog. "About" pages are definitely big for me. If I can get behind their about page, and if I enjoy a few of their most recent posts, then I follow. I usually don't wait to see if they respond to my comments or not, but if they don't (and I've put in some effort), then I will most likely unfollow eventually. I like your twitter test, though! As always, I really enjoy this series.

Amy said...

good night there are a lot of comments on here! ;)
it just shows you how good it is.
especially the about me page and the first page. it's true. not to say that we should put such pressure of always "pushing out amazing content" but there has to be something pulling in some interest.
wooohooo twitter

Amy said...

also I just got super self conscious and checked out my blog page and about me hahahahah

Niken said...

you make me laugh, so of course i follow you ;)
i agree with the witty thoughts, good writings, and nice pictures.

Naomi Hattaway @ said...

I'm a huge HUGE snob when it comes to engagement. If there is no engagement with a blogger, I stop reading. Sometimes the relationship transforms to another social media platform and that's ok, I get that not every blogger wants to respond in the comments, but there needs to be (after a bit of time) some reach back and discussion (whether on twitter, instagram, etc.). Typing that out sounds so harsh though. Yikes! I tend to be like writers that intersperse a topic with real life, but not those that blather on about their every waking move or full on conversations that they had at the grocery store. I do sometimes wish there was a "like" button for blogs so a reader could quietly just say "I was here!" without the pressure of coming up with something witty to say.

I also find that I very quickly follow based on comments someone has left for someone else ... like here, I'll go through and click some of the blogs and most likely some of them will make it to my reader just based on the personality that shines through in their comments left for you.

jaime said...

I'm a little late to commenting on this post, but found it relevant since I just added you to my Reader today. :) I think I'm similar in how you follow blogs. I clicked on a link from Tamara's post (re: running.) I was interested in that post enough to add you to my Feedly list. I haven't even tried social media stalking you yet!

Some of my favorite bloggers have turned into nothing but giveaways, so they've been weeded out of my feeds. I also look for bloggers who update somewhat regularly. (Not much worse than finding a blog you love only to see that they update every few months.) I need consistent entertainment, obviously!