Confession Session vol. 7


*As always, my confessions are to be taken with one grain of salt and two grains of sarcasm.

I am not a fan of naked newborn baby pictures. Am I a total weirdo or is anyone else with me on this? I can’t explain exactly why, but I just have never gotten on board with it. I also have never loved baby pictures where they are wrapped up tightly in that gauze-looking stuff and just their head is poking out. Looking at it makes me feel claustrophobic.

I didn’t get R an Easter basket this year, and I don’t feel bad about it. I only feel a little bad when I read so many Easter recaps about all the stuff people got for their kids in their Easter baskets, but since when did Easter come to mean a second birthday for your child? I called my mom to ask her if we got Easter baskets growing up, because I seriously have no recollection of this happening, and she said we did get Easter baskets sometimes, but it was “inconsistent,” which explains my lack of memory surrounding this subject. 

I guess this is an example of what you did as a kid reflecting in your own parenting, because getting R an Easter basket just didn’t even cross my mind. My mother-in-law got R an Easter basket with a small thing of bubbles, a carton of goldfish, and a wind-up Nemo toy for the bath, so she’s not totally deprived.

I have no anxiety about R becoming a big sister. Like, none at all. She is with younger kids sometimes at daycare when multiple classes are outside or in the gym at once, and they always tell me that she’s really good with the babies. I think she will love being a big sister and I have no worries about her adjusting or me having time for her or any of it. What I do worry about is going back to work. It was so hard for me last time and knowing how difficult it was makes me scared of starting all over again. Maybe it will be easier this time. I can hope.

On Tuesday, I stayed up until 11:30 reading Dead Wake. NOT LIKE I NEED SLEEP OR ANYTHING. It's fine. But I won’t lie: it felt good to be that into a book again. Jordan turned his light off just as the German U-boat was aiming its torpedo at the steamer, and I could not go to sleep without knowing what happened. Even though I obviously knew what was going to happen. Do you ever have that feeling while reading historical nonfiction that even though you know the tragic thing that’s going to happen, you still hold back a small hope that it won’t actually happen this time?

I am convinced that Starbucks is operating a covert social experiment on us with this unicorn frappe. I have literally not heard of one person who says it tastes any good, and yet people keep buying it! I do not understand this. The Washington Post reviewed it and said it tastes like "sour birthday cake and shame." I mean yum, don't you think?

I don't understand crop tops. Maybe it's a sign that I'm getting old, or maybe it's a sign that some fashions from previous decades really should just stay dead. No matter how skinny you are, I have yet to see someone wearing a crop top who didn't also have a muffin top situation happening. 

I guess to be fair, I should "never say never" because I remember a time when I was against skinny jeans and smart phones and now look at me.

Check back with me in a year or two and see if I'm wearing a crop top while hanging up a picture of my naked newborn baby wrapped in lacy gauze. I probably just got back from buying my children Easter baskets after picking up the newest frappe that's flavored like Smurf.

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  1. Hehe! Yes, don't love naked baby pictures, but I don't have a baby... The unicorn frappe looks totally gross to me!

  2. I went on an Instagram video rant last weekend about Easter baskets. EASTER IS NOT CHRISTMAS. One mom got her kid so much stuff she had to get her another Easter basket (that autocorrected to waste basket which is kind of accurate and hilarious). Anyway, I got G a couple books I was going to get her anyway, and I didn't even put them in a basket.

    A long, slow, tortuous death to crop tops. Also those shirts with holes in the shoulder/sleeve area. I hate it so much.

    Naked newborn pictures have always made me uncomfortable. Honestly, most newborn photos make me uncomfortable when those poor babies are smooches and posed in unnatural positions with bows bigger than their heads. It just seems mean. My aunt had pictures done of my cousin when she was born. One of them was a naked picture FROM THE FRONT and it was displayed in the photography studio for years. I was mortified for her.

    1. *SMOOSHED. Clearly it's bed time.

    2. The shirts with the holes in the shoulder / sleeve area are one big ball of hideousness in my opinion! And crop top - no! It's just weird.

  3. So with you on naked newborn pictures and the gauze pictures. Not my jam. I find both awkward.

    Also with you on Easter baskets. When did it become like a second Christmas morning?? It's actually like Christmas and Halloween rolled into one with all that candy.

  4. Totally agree on the naked newborn pics! I always think they look so cold...

  5. Naked baby (and toddler - why?!) photos make me cringe too. The worst I saw was when a person I followed (emphasis on the -ed) on Instagram posted a picture of her toddler on the potty; butt naked, with a tiny little strategically placed heart. Is there no privacy for children anymore? Goodness. I'm all worked up thinking about it.

    We thought briefly about getting some newborn photos taken, but I'm so scared of paying $$$ for photos and getting cheesy ones with props and such. Instead, we'll probably just take our own...

    We grew up with Easter baskets each year. My mom was really into holidays and she loved it probably just as much as we did. By the time I was 16, I had go beg her to stop. Even for my shower this weekend she snuck some Easter candy into my gift bags, which was a tad bit embarrassing to open. The woman is crazy :)

    1. I still recommend newborn photos. I would just talk with your photographer and tell her exactly what you don't want. I ask my clients what they are comfortable with and what they aren't. Also, I'll never put naked babies on any of my social media or websites. That's just not okay.

    2. I took my own newborn photos of R and I really love how they turned out. They were exactly what I wanted! I do think you could take your own if you wanted, but it would be hard obviously to get some of the three of you. I prefer to spend $$ on a professional when they are a bit older like for a first bday or something and more mobile. My opinion! :)But yes, you can always feel free to just tell the photographer what you want. You are paying them, after all!

  6. We went really small for Easter, we got E a silly cup, bath books, and a small stuffed animal. It was perfect.

  7. Yeah, I'm not a fan of the super staged newborn shots, either---I definitely trend much more towards the "lifestyle" sessions that are often shot in the family's own home. And definitely no naked baby pictures.

  8. Naked baby pictures are super uncomfortable to look at. Awkwardness. I will take them if people ask but it isn't something I'm going to do by nature. It's weird.

    And some of the styles people wear now is just not okay. Crop tops? No thanks! I think Easter got commercialized. I went to buy little Easter things to send to my nephews and niece and it was a bunch of crap. I got them little cups to dye eggs in and made my own Resurrection eggs. Have you heard of those? If not, you should google them. It's a great way to share the gospel with children.

  9. When we had P's newborn photos done the photographer did a lot of topless photos. It was very strange. I'm okay with a couple diaper pictures, but why topless? WHY? Let's be honest, though. Baby bums are the cutest. I understand pictures of those.

    Easter egg hunts. That's what kids need for Easter. And Jesus, obviously.

    Oh my goodness. I agree with Michelle's comment. No bellies and no shoulders! Those cut out sleeves make everyone's arms look fat. And cold.

    Those frapuccinos sound like slurpees. Come on, Starbucks, you're better than 7/11.

  10. I read about that Starbucks drink and it sounds disgusting and full of sugar to me, yuck!! I bought Bowen a basket with his name on it last year at Easter time but never put anything in it, obviously he wouldn't have known the difference. This year I did actually put just a few things in it like bubbles a football and some mega blocks, nothing expensive. But it was fun to see the surprise on his face that morning.

    I never did professional newborn photos, matter of fact Bowen has only had one of those sessions at 5 months which may make me a terrible mother, I don't know. haha

    I used to hate those booties and now I own 2 pair, what has happened to me!!

  11. The ginormous and over the top Easter baskets kind of drive me nuts. We spent a total of $10 for Caleb's Easter basket... that's it. A book, a cup, and two pieces of candy. More than that and the kid's get crazy expectations. Sigh. Honestly, when I was a kid, the baskets were just about candy and that's what I'll probably switch to when he'd a bit older.

    LOL crop tops. Umm... people would go blind if I ever put one on.

  12. My mom LOVES holidays. (Which is probably where I get that.) We always had a little something for V Day (like, a small stuffed animal as a child and a shirt as a teenager), and we ALWAYS got an Easter basket. Our baskets were just candy, maybe a book, and one fun thing (again like a small stuffed animal or a shirt). I see these super extravagant Easter baskets, and I JUST DON'T GET IT. But having said that. We never did Easter egg hunts unless they were done at church with the youth group. My parents loved me, but not enough to go out in the yard and hide eggs. ;)

  13. I will say, I'm not a fan of the naked baby photos either... BUT, the tight wrap ones? That actually is a comforting feel for the baby & thats when you can get some good relaxed, sleeping babies when you tuck them in TIGHT ;)

  14. I love this post. It could be used in a writing class.

  15. Totally with you on the naked baby photos and the weird gauze wraps (and when people post their naked toddlers on IG...STAHP!). We will not be doing any of those photos, nor will I be doing a maternity photo shoot. More power to those who do, but I don't feel skinny or attractive enough for that, not to mention most of the ones I see, the woman is basically wearing glorified lingerie. NOPE. I also think naked pregnant bellies look weird. Mine included.

    I don't quite understand the unicorn craze. I think unicorn baby stuff is cute (I totally registered for a pair of infant leggings with unicorns on them) but that's ACTUAL unicorns. Not neon pink/blue/glittery beverages, cupcakes, etc. And, not that I even have a Starbucks remotely close to where I live, but I'm from Seattle and 1) they don't even have the best coffee anymore and 2) holy overpriced!!!! Not to mention if I want the sugar equivalent of six Coca Colas I'm certainly not wasting it on one gross tasting neon pink drink that costs $5.00.

    Crop tops and high waisted jeans just need to go away permanently. Maybe I'm just jealous I'm not skinny enough for any of that.

  16. We tried to take one of those naked newborn photos with #6 and he immediately pooped on the bed. We compromised and ended up with a diaper shot. Not sure if it was worth the laundry.

  17. With you on pretty much all of these! I don't like naked kid photos anytime- newborn or not. I also hate it when people share their ultrasound photos with the boy or girl parts. can just say it. You don't need to show it.

    ALSO agree on Easter baskets. I usually just get things they "need" anyway, typically new outdoor/spring things that I was going to get them anyway and call them Easter baskets. Ha! This year they got bubbles, chalk, and a hose thing that goes on the sprinkler to run through once it gets hot outside.

  18. Haha I used to be against skinny jeans too and now it is all I own. Go figure, right??? And I think you are on to something about sort of doing what your parents did for holidays. My mom went all out for Christmas and Easter and so I plan to do the same thing for Zoe. But in a few years when she is older and understands, I want her to know the real meaning of the holiday too and not just the fun side of it with the fictional characters. I see Easter as the time to stock up on spring essentials and that is what I got and that is what I do now.

  19. Lol, I don't get the 90s trends that are coming back either. Crop tops, overalls, high-waisted jeans? To be fair, most of the people wearing them weren't even alive in the 90s, so maybe that's why they think it's cool.

    I'm slightly jealous that you have no anxiety about having a second baby! Amelia is attached to my hip and I'm sad that she will no longer be my only baby. She loves babies too, but I think it could be a different story when she has to share me with one.

  20. We never had Easter baskets growing up...actually, I'm pretty sure the only reason I know that they exist is because of blogging. I just don't see Easter as really a 'gift' holiday. I tend to get pretty emotional during Holy Week and it seems like more of a solemn time following my celebration.
    Right before we left the USA I was suddenly seeing a lot of crop tops on teenagers and I don't get it at all.
    Not a fan of naked baby pictures either. Although I think it is hilarious how embarrassed my preteen sister is about this one bathtime photo of her as a newborn that is in her baby book. I think she wants to burn it. :P Maybe it's just parents' idea of a long-term mental torture game for their precious children...

  21. Just saw a sign for that Unicorn frap this weekend and my first thought was: The ONLY reason this exists is Instagram, Is there a problem with this world when our food/beverage choices are based on photo-worthy-ness?
    I am exactly on the same page re: the Easter basket. We didn't ever get them growing up. I was always so jealous of my friends though getting candy and new church outfits but now I commend my parents for not buying into the consumer frenzy and I don't plan to do baskets for my kids, although they did get small baskets from both sets of grandparents.
    It took me so long to embrace skinny jeans and now that's all I have, Ha! But I *really* can't see myself in a crop top...

  22. So I grew up having Easter baskets (though they were pretty low key compared to what kids get these days - just a little candy) and so did Christopher, but we were just talking over Easter weekend about how we aren't sure that we'll do that for our kids. We were talking about how special of a holiday Easter is and how we didn't want it to be all about a bunny. So many parenting decisions to make!

    Ugh, crop tops. I have such a long torso already so normal length tops tend to be short on me anyway. So the prevalence of crop tops make it even harder to find clothes that fit well. Not that it matters at the moment seeing as how I have a giant belly as well. ;) I was pretty against skinny jeans and smart phones too and caved on both of those after several years, but I'm pretty sure I won't be caving on the crop tops. I sure hope not anyway, ha!

  23. I laughed out loud when I got to the part about what the unicorn frap tastes like!!! I'm with you 100% on wondering just what Starbucks is trying to do with some of their "fads".

    And this...this, is EVERYTHING, "Check back with me in a year or two and see if I'm wearing a crop top while hanging up a picture of my naked newborn baby wrapped in lacy gauze. I probably just got back from buying my children Easter baskets after picking up the newest frappe that's flavored like Smurf."

    I stillll can't go for crop tops, skinny jeans, leggings as pants, or ombre hair. Among other things...

    I've been staying up reading the letters of Fitzgerald. Now that I'm done with it, I feel a little lost. LOL!!!

    I go back and forth with myself on traditions...I LOVE them, but I also want to do ones that I want to do and to not feel bad about the ones that aren't important to me. Easter baskets ARE fun and I'll probably do them...but, then, maybe not?!?! I honestly don't know.

    Naked baby pics...I don't have an opinion on this. Maybe I should!

  24. I am so glad that Jon's family didn't go Easter baskets (with presents in them - the baskets they got were empty, to be filled with chocolate eggs found on the hunt) because it means I don't have to reject an in-law tradition when we have our own kids :P


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