Confession Session vol. 10


You know how sometimes you're totally chill and just whatever about things, and sometimes you get ragey about stuff you know is ridiculous but you can't help yourself? That is me right now. Perfect time for a confession post where I can release my angst while also offending half of you.

Linking your Instagram and your Facebook/Twitter so the posts show up on each platform. First-world problem? Yes, but let's talk about it. I've questioned this practice for years and continue to find it annoying. If I like what you're about, I follow you on both platforms, and then you go and link your posts so I see double every time! How about some originality between platforms? And yes, I get that if someone doesn't have Instagram they can't see Instagram posts, but isn't that the point? If they wanted to see posts from Instagram, they would sign up for Instagram! All you're doing is annoying your actual followers who are now seeing everything twice.

I promise this is not directed at one specific person; this is a general comment about people online who are trying to protect their baby's privacy and post photos of their baby with just the eyes marked out. How does this make your baby unrecognizable? It's like in A Cinderella Story when Hillary Duff meets Chad Michael Murray at the party while wearing a mask and we're supposed to believe that he doesn't recognize her when they meet the next day without the mask? Nice try, but no. Also, it needs to be mentioned that pictures of babies with a giant scribble or box over their eyes is creepy as all heck.

The Fifty Shades movies make no sense to me, and I think it's shameful of our culture that people are packing into the theater to watch these types of things. If you went to see it, that's fine. I'm not trying to hate on you, but I won't be going to see it. ALSO. It's ridiculous that they show commercials for it during regular television time. My 2-year-old wanted to watch ice skating at the Olympics, and she didn't need to see clips of people being all hot and bothered with a tagline in all caps about not missing the climax. I'll admit that's clever, but also NO.

Speaking of movies, I found Bring it On on Netflix a few weeks ago and I was giddy. GIDDY. That movie is terrible, and I love it so much. But not as much as I love Armageddon, which I talked about in an earlier confession post.

Momiform. I've seen this word pop up a lot lately, and, like, what does it even mean???? All I know is that I see it in context of bloggers who stay at home talking about jeans and t-shirts and hoodies and top knots, but I really have no idea. Maybe I'm just being editorial and grouchy, but why do we have to keep making up words for things? What's wrong with the word, wait for it, outfit? I've been getting majorly eye-rolly when I see another mention of the "perfect momiform" including sneakers and a casual t-shirt. That is something any person can wear any time, mom or no. Also, sometimes moms work in an office and does that make me less of a mom because I'm not wearing leggings all day? [See also: Things I Probably Shouldn't Be Sensitive About But I Can't Help It.]

Babies in baskets. WHAT ON EARTH. What is this new thing where all the cool bloggers take pictures of their babies sleeping in baskets? Is it a bassinet that looks like a basket? Is it a giant basket that people are forcing into the role of bassinet? Someone explain this, because personally I don't get why you would want to put your baby in something that might easily be mistaken for a place to store blankets or clean laundry.

Finally, I know it's March, but I bought this Santa sweatshirt yesterday, and I'm already excited to wear it next year. I was eyeing it all December, and it finally went on sale so I snatched it up while they were offering an additional 30% off. Jordan came home and was like, why are you wearing a Santa sweatshirt? And R was confused and kept asking where Santa was. Um, he went home?

p.s. Speaking of Christmas, if I didn't feel like it was just slightly too scandalous for me, I kind  think this sweatshirt is hilarious.

Okay your turn! Confess something.


  1. re: Instagram OMG YES!!! I unfollowed some people on facebook just so I would stop seeing their posts twice. If I wanted to see your Insta-filter pics, I would follow you on Instagram. Also, do you follow me on Instagram? Because my posts are different than fb :)

  2. I'm so with you on the "momiform" thing - I don't get it. I mean, I would love to be at home in leggings all day with a top knot, but I feel like my "momiform" of business casual works just fine as well. I'm loving that last sweatshirt too!

  3. Those sweatshirts are both so cute! Better to by them now when they're on sale than during the holiday season when it's full price.

    50 Shades is the dumbest movie to me. At least with the books, people could read it in the privacy of their home.

  4. You lady are freaking hilarious!!! I love these posts from you, all so true!

  5. Ah no! Don't hate on us social media double dippers. I'm too lazy and exhausted to come up with twice the amount of content! Haha

    Also, I've never read/watched the Fifty Shades series, but I know enough to know that it makes me ragey.

  6. Bring it On, and Armageddon - love love love.

  7. I absolutely love that you just bought a Santa sweatshirt! Christmas for the win! ;)

    Somehow I have missed the "momiform" thing, but I'll be real - I wear the same clothes now that I'm a mom that I wore before being a mom. So you know, just outfits like you said.

    I haven't seen people scribbling out their baby's eyes for privacy online (everyone I know either posts everything or nothing), but I did always think it was weird when there were people in movies who only had their eyes covered and were somehow unrecognizable without their mask.

  8. Wow, you sound extra-crotchety today... I like it.

    We don't put pictures of our kids online but I never black out their faces because that's creepy. I just do tasteful shots that don't show their faces (I'm in love with taking pictures of them from behind, anyway, so it works out) or simply talk about what we did with no picture at all. I know, weird that you can do that in this day and age, right?

    Ugh, momiform. I have not had the pleasure of hearing that word before your blog post. The making up words is excessive. It all started when people figured out you could smash together 'Brad' and 'Angelina' to make 'Brangelina' and the world went downhill from there, in my opinion.

    I'm confused about the babies in baskets. Do you mean like Moses baskets? We have one of those and they're great because they're really portable, even while the baby is asleep in them.

    Rant on, lady! You're hilarious.

  9. Buy those christmas sweaters on clearance!!! No shame
    I'm with you on the 50 shades ... I dont get it - we're a culture that is all about women's empowerment & then women fill up these theaters that has a man dominating a woman? (I think? I've heard?) & I'm with you on the commercials - for a LOT of things.

  10. Um... I kinda LOVE the 'Oh, Balls' sweatshirt. Hahahaha!
    I had no idea what you were talking about with the momiform stuff. Then you said jeans/t-shirts/etc. and I got a clue. Weird......... lol

  11. Haha. I was searching for an Easter basket for N and I found a store that sells Moses baskets for babies. Is that what you mean? They apparently ARE little bassinets for the hipster crowd. I kind of like them, but that's because I'm a basket queen. I need all the baskets. But, when our newborn photographer broke out a basket to take some of her photos in, I did panic for a quick second (images on Anne Geddes came to mind) and she saw my face and goes "I promise you, these shots won't be cheesy."

    I hate when the word mom is added to anything that isn't specifically related to being a mom. Got a drink from Starbucks? Mom-fuel. Got a new backpack? Mom-bag. Arggh. I'm totally with you on that one. And for the record, my "momiform" is exactly what I used to wear, only in a bigger size. Ha!

  12. I've only ever seen babies in baskets for newborn photo sessions. It's pretty popular.

    1. Yes I've seen that a lot too! But lately I've seen a lot of babies in baskets as bassinets. Apparently it's called a Moses basket? I hadn't heard of it before, but I guess it's a thing :)

  13. Omg I agree for sure about double posting. I completely gave up on Twitter and will admit I did probably automate my Fb posts to cross post there. I should just delete my Twitter lol. I hate when people share the same image to Fb, insta and their personal Fb too or something. For my biz pages, I always try to keep the posts different if I can so as not to bore people or lose followers.

    I have not heard of the momiform thing. That sounds super gay.

    Also haven't really seen the babies in baskets. What I don't get is sleeping siblings in a giant bed or somewhere. How on EARTH to people get them to fall asleep in plain day light for a nap AT THE SAME TIME and get to take a pic of it? Like what in the actual heck lol

  14. I've wondered about the social media overlap too, which is why I unfollowed some people on IG, just because I was seeing all their posts on Facebook anyway. It's why I consciously try to make my IG different enough that it's worth following (though I'll admit that sometimes I'll overlap pictures on IG and on my blog, just out of laziness, ha ha).

  15. Nick and I have been wearing our Christmas t-shirts because we both think they are so fun. I love my "SLEIGH ALL DAY" shirt and it's so comfy, so I am wearing it (mostly around the house) becuase you should be able to wear things longer than a month if you really want to. Also, it's totally okay to be oversensitive about things. I have been so sensitive lately about anything realated to military life and deployment because I am getting ready to go through it.

  16. I literally just laughed out loud at your comment about Santa. Ha! Love the sweatshirt! It's funny you mention that about posting the same thing on both social media platforms because I always feel silly doing that with just my own personal stuff even though I have a lot of different "friends" on each site. But still... I try to change up the words or something so it's not so repetitive. Babies in baskets... babies in all sorts of ridiculous picture perfect poses... why?? Sometimes I can't handle the "perfection" staged crap either. And also, I highly dislike the stuff they advertise on TV. Why does everything have to be so sexual and boobs and half naked women? I guess, all the more reason not to have the TV on?! :)

  17. I don't hate double-posting on Facebook and Instagram, because I definitely have two different sets of followers on each place (Instagram tends to be the younger crowd, Facebook more like older family friends?) but what I DO hate is people who TRIPLE post everything so that it goes on Facebook, Instagram, AND Instagram Stories - even if it's nothing important (like meal prepping. Or your dog. Or sitting in traffic.). That's way too much. Also irritating is people who screen-shot their Instagram, color over the posts, and say "go check out my Insta!" >:( It feels so pushy. I have unfollowed several people who do that too often! I don't mind seeing mundane things on social media... but I do mind seeing them OVER AND OVER. /end rant. :)

  18. That Santa sweatshirt is great. I also like the semi-inappropriate one....


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