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The windmills in southern Oklahoma. Over the weekend we took a quick trip to Texas--left Friday night, came back Saturday afternoon! We were there for literally one day and still brought like 10 bags somehow. Kid life? Or maybe we just need to learn how to condense better. I am nervous about packing for 11 days in England this fall.

It was a great day with family celebrating Cinco de Mayo and my brother's new master's degree! You can't put a price tag on family time. Well, I guess you can. The $40 we spent on gas driving there and back ;)

Anyway, here's what's been going on with us lately in a quick "currently" post:

Other than my brother's graduation, Jordan and I will be celebrating our 7-year wedding anniversary on May 14th! Also known as that time my hair looked fantastic. I mean really, I loved everything about it and it stayed solidly put all night. When we got back to our hotel room, it took approximately 85 years to take out all the bobby pins.
May 14th is also known as the last time I fit into that dress. I did not try it on a few weeks ago "just to see" if it would fit. Spoiler alert: it does not. I can only get it halfway zipped up the back. Jordan tried to make me feel better by telling me that it's because I have more muscle in my back and arms from carrying the kids around. YES THAT'S THE REASON. Obviously.

We won't be going on any special trip or fancy date, although we will probably try to sneak out for a casual date night sometime this month while my in-laws watch the kids. But we are considering our England trip this fall our big present to each other for our anniversary and upcoming birthdays.

The 7-year itch year is upon us, and we've seen a few close friends go through hard divorces over the last couple of years, so we don't take marriage for granted at all. It's hard! But I love that we are committed to each other and look forward to seeing what year 7 brings for us.

It's teacher appreciation week this week, so I am putting together gift bags for R's and J's teachers plus a little something for the office staff. We love our daycare so much and appreciate the teachers who take such good care of our kids! I continue to be so thankful for how well both kids are doing there.

I bought this shirt recently and have been wearing it nonstop. So comfy, a great length, and super light for summer! It's currently sold out, but if you put in your email they will notify you when it's back in stock. I've tried it for a few other things and it works! (I feel like I've been linking to this same website a lot, but honestly I love everything I've bought from there and think their stuff is super cute. Plus hi, free shipping.)

I also got these sandals from my mom this weekend. I would never ever buy these myself or even pick them up to try on, but they are actually comfortable and cute! (And on sale for less than $15!) My mom couldn't wear them because they kept slipping off, but I didn't have that problem so she gave them to me. That's called being at the right place at the right time.

Food with R. Always.

The best thing to happen is when I'm eating something and she says she wants a bite, but then she tries it and says, "Me no like it." YES. Bye, felicia.

To Texas a bunch this summer because my sister-in-law is due with my niece in a few weeks! This is my first time being an aunt, and I'm so excited! We will also be going at the beginning of June because my cousin in getting married. I have the cutest outfits for the kids and bought them a matching bowtie and pigtail bows, and I already have exploding heart eyes about it. They are the cutest and my favorite humans.

What are you currently celebrating?

Unknown said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the kids with matching bow tie and hair bows! Seriously going to be so cute. I have no nieces but a couple nephews. I wish I had a niece because I have some super cute girl clothes! lol I'm celebrating my PR and hoping my legs aren't feeling like death by the end of the day lol

P!nky said...

Happy anniversary <3!

StephTheBookworm said...

YEP, your hair looked perfect. Love it and happy early anniversary.
Being an aunt is great. I now have 3 nephews! It's like your own babies except you don't have to keep them all the time - ha!

Maria said...

Oklahoma looks gorgeous! We have some friends in Texas who recently bought a vacation home in Broken Bow, so I think there's a trip to OK in our future! Have you ever been there?

Happy Anniversary! I cannot think of a better way to celebrate than going to England!

Amie said...

Happy Anniversary!! We too will celebrate 7 years on the 28th. Doubt I can get in my dress either! haha

Michelle said...

Whoo hoo anniversary twins! My hair has also never looked as good as it did on my wedding day, AND it was humid and stormy all day.

No one close to me has gotten divorced, but people who got married around the time I did that I used to be close with have divorced, and even that makes me so sad. I can’t imagine how hard it would be when you’re close to them, or worse, to live it.

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary!

Audrey Louise said...

Happy almost Anniversary!! Super sweet what Jordan said about your dress and back muscles ;) I think he's on to something there.
The 7 year itch kind of scares me but it's just a saying. (We've had friends call it quits around that mark, too, though.) We're on 5 and feeling great so I'm ready to stare 7 down when it gets here, LOL.

Torrie said...

Happy anniversary in a week! I seem to forget every year until it rolls around that we got married within a week of each other :)

Your trip to England sounds amazing! So glad you're making that dream come true :)

Jen said...

Happy early Anniversary! Your hair did look amazing!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

YAY for becoming an aunt! And yes, totally. The muscles. I'm with you.

Carolann Chambers said...

Congrats on 7 years of marriage!! Nick and I will hit 5 this year and it's lots of work, I tell ya. Well, it's not so much work for me right now with Nick deployed. I have plenty of time to just focus on myself since we can't talk at all! But I know we'll be making up for lost time when he gets back!!!

Rachel said...

Jordan is a smart man. It's definitely the muscles. I think I must have made an accidentally smart move in choosing a wedding dress that is a non-fitted style and was also admittedly too big in the first place...neither of those strategies were on purpose but they are convenient. Your trip to Europe will be an awesome late anniversary celebration!

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

Hahaha yessss it's always great when they throw a huge fit for a bite of your food, then realize they don't even like it. Always hilarious. IN YOUR FACE GRUMPY TODDLER! Happy almost 7 year anniversary!!!! <3

Rach said...

A matching bowtie and pigtail bows?! I'm so excited to see these!

Also, love that photo of you from your wedding day! What a pretty shot. And your hair was definitely fantastic! I'm not going to pretend like I don't love that my wedding dress has a lace up corset in the back so it will always fit me. ;)

Jenny Evans said...

Happy anniversary! I think it was also around the 7-year mark for us where I noticed friends going through divorces, being diagnosed with cancer, other serious life issues with kids, etc... and I thought, WE'RE ADULTS AND THIS IS SCARY.