November in 5 Things


Thing 1: Broccoli

In case any of you read my previous post and doubted how much my kids love broccoli, R literally named it as a leaf on her Thanksgiving thankful tree that she made in Sunday school. You will also note that BBQ Chicken made an appearance, giving food just about one third of the thankfulness in my gluttonous 3-year-old's heart. My favorite daycare craft ever is still the one where they took a picture of her and put it on a paper plate that said Favorite Food: Food. I still laugh every time I look at it.
Thing 2: Dishes

This is the sink situation I came home to after our weekend in Pawhuska. I am totally not trying to throw Jordan under the bus here. He really does a lot to help out, and in his defense he did unload the dishwasher. Basically I'm just saying dishes just are dumb, and I can never stay on top of them never ever. If my sink isn't full to the top with dishes, I feel accomplished in life, and that is a fact.

Thing 3: Daycare Thanksgiving

Each year in November our daycare hosts a Thanksgiving meal for the parents. They set out tables and all the kids make placemats, and the parents come and eat a Thanksgiving meal with the kids and teachers. This was my third year, and my first with both R and J! R's first year at daycare is still so vivid in my mind. I struggled so much, and coming to eat lunch with her was an absolute highlight and joy. It has continued to be a blessing to me each time. I appreciate the teachers and staff putting this on for us and the extra work that goes into it, and I enjoyed myself so much! 

Thing 4: SNOW

It snowed! In Oklahoma! In November! This does not happen. All the grocery stores were out of dairy products and bread, because we were going to have an inch of snow for one day. Chicago Amanda is judging everyone for not knowing how to drive properly. R got super excited and wanted to get dressed and play outside, and so we spent 10 minutes finding our winter stuff and getting bundled up... and then she was outside for 5.6 seconds and said it was too cold and wanted to go back inside. J started crying instantly. IT WAS SO GREAT, and I'm being serious about that. I loved it.

Thing 5: Lunch dates

Jordan and I very rarely see each other during the day, but every so often he happens to be working in a location near my office, and we meet up for lunch! We got some tasty burgers and enjoyed our rather impromptu date.

I hope you all have a very wonderful Thanksgiving! We will be putting up our tree this weekend, and I can't wait! I won't say how is it almost December, but really HOW. My word.
Michelle said...

Gracie gags at the word broccoli which breaks my heart because it’s my favorite! I still have a memory of my mom putting me in a high chair with a plate of broccoli. I loved it.

We don’t have a dishwasher so that is my sink 99.9% of the time. Half my life is spent washing dishes and I HATE IT

I got so judgy when I lived in NC and it snowed. I will never forget the time I made an off the cuff comment about thinking it was silly that people were freaking out over a dusting. One girl SCREAMED at me that it’s because southerners were not taught to drive in the snow and lives are at risk. She was almost in tears she was so mad at me. To this day it cracks me up. JUST GO SLOWLY. IT WILL BE FINE.

Audrey said...

Aww, I love the lunch dates with Jordan! And how sweet that the daycare puts together a dinner for the family!! I love that. I'm laughing so hard about the food listed on the thankful tree but let's be real... she's not wrong at all. If I had to make an adult thankful tree I bet at LEAST two different food would show up on there. Hahahaha! Happy Thanksgiving!

Unknown said...

Your comment about your three-year-old's "gluttonous heart" makes me giggle-that reminds me so much of my two-year-old! Each night at family prayer time, we take turns thanking God for various things from the day, and half of my two-year-old's list is different foods he wants to thank God for (even if we didn't eat them that day-for most of the summer, he was thanking God each night for the Father's Day steaks we had enjoyed lol).

That is awesome that the daycare does a Thanksgiving meal-how fun! And I'm glad that you enjoyed the snow! I love snow, but I'm not ready for really cold temperatures, and if it snows, I want it to be enough to actually cover the ground-the snow over here only really dusted roofs and part of our yard.

Oh my, that sight of dishes would have stressed me out! I'm not a clean freak or anything, but something about the kitchen being a disaster makes it hard for me to truly relax. And it happens so easily and so quickly-one of the reasons why I don't make hot breakfast (even though I love hot breakfast) is that it's so discouraging to me to start the day off by filling the sink with dishes! The one thing I do that helps me to keep a handle on dishes most (not all) days is washing everything in the evening, letting it air-dry, and then putting it all away in the morning. Though even with that, there will be nights when I'm exhausted and the kids are running wild and I just let things pile up.

Jen said...

I absolutely loathe dishes! This is why we are doing paper plates for thanksgiving!

Jenny Evans said...

I love that broccoli and BBQ chicken made it onto the list. One year, my kindergartner's thankful turkey had "balloons" on it and I think if that makes it into the top 7 you know you're living a charmed life.

Ashley Zinhobl said...

Totally with you on the dishes! The people who stay on top of their dishes I find to be amazing.

Sarah said...

I'm a little nutty about dishes...your sink would stress me out. Fortunately my husband is a dish pro so I don't have to worry about that too much. But I hate putting dishes away so our counter is always overloaded, haha. That Thanksgiving lunch at daycare sounds so sweet!!

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Laughing so hard at the broccoli! B was thankful for his bestie Jackson and he wasn't thankful for him. :(

Rachel said...

Lunch date sounds super fun! Back when Angel worked night shift and I was at school all day, we sometimes never ended up at home at the same time for several days. But his hospital was close to my college so he'd meet up with me and we'd go out for dinner before his shift started and those were some really fun dates! I've always been glad we did that.

Rach said...

I love that your kid is thankful for food! I'm right there with her. ;) It's so precious that the daycare does a Thanksgiving that includes the parents! Also, SNOW! We rarely get it in November either and got a dusting this year too. It was so much fun. Oh, and is that the Mrs. mug I spy in your sink?? I have the same one! :)