Beware Nesting + Aggressive Geese


I know I've said it 598 times, but weekends are really my favorite. I love spending so much time with my kids, and I'm honestly never excited to head back to the office on Monday. If anything, being with them so much on Saturday and Sunday only makes me miss them more on Monday.

That said, it is pretty exhausting to spend allllll day with two toddlers. (Is R considered a toddler anymore? Maybe she's a "preschooler" now even though she doesn't go to preschool... ?) Unless it's raining or really cold or just way too hot, I try to leave the house with them at some point, just to get some fresh air and get out of the house. I know you guys feel me on this! 

Usually I take the kids by myself and give Jordan some alone time at the house, but on Saturday he came with us! I took my big camera and had fun taking some pictures of the kids as they ran around, and then I gave it to Jordan and he took a few of me with them on the swings. I have never been the type to jump out of a picture.

There's a great park close to our house, and it never fails that as we pull in I think about what a blessing it is to be able to live in a time and place that has free parks where the kids can run around and play. I know that sounds cheesy, but honestly, it's not something I want to take for granted. One thing the kids love about this park is that there's a pond and always tons of geese to watch. But we immediately noticed a sign when we got out of the car: Beware! Aggressive + Nesting Geese.

Does anyone else get freaked out by geese? I won't lie, I'm a little afraid of them on a normal day. They are fast and have huge beaks, and I panic a bit if they start walking toward me or the kids. The geese this weekend were no joke! There were tons of them ON the playground area honking and sticking their necks out, and I may have screamed at Jordan to grab J and run when he (J) was walking a little too close to one. But we stuck to the opposite side of the playground area, and no one was harmed by our park outing!

I try to enjoy the moment and not feeling like I have to document everything, but it is also fun to get the camera out and take pictures of them playing. I love photography, so it's fun practice! 
On Sunday I played violin at church, and we had a Father's Day recognition. I know Father's Day can be so hard for some people, either because their father has passed or because they don't have a good relationship with their own father or the father of their children. There are also those who would love to be a dad but aren't yet, and a few close friends of mine are in that camp. Yesterday the kids and I called my dad, my father-in-law, and both my grandpas to wish them a happy father's day. It is a gift from God that I have such wonderful fathers in my life! (I didn't intend to get so sappy in this post, but Father's Day will always give me all the feelings because 2 years ago J was born on Father's Day morning. His birthday is tomorrow the 18th, but Father's Day was on the 18th in 2017!)

We wished Jordan a happy father's day, and I gave him the gift I made: a 5-minute video collage filled with clips of him with the kids over the last 4 years. He loved it! Plus he loved it more because it was free lol ;) I actually did buy something for him: another pair of Bombas socks because he loved the first pair I got him a couple of months ago. (Use my referral code and get 25% off your first order!) R and I also baked him some cookies!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and have a great start to the new week! Tomorrow J turns 2! Hold me.
Laura J said...

Such cute pictures at the park! We love trying to get out during the weekend too. And yes, I am terrified of geese. They are mean and fast!

Sarah Ingle said...

So I don't think I knew you played the violin! Who knew! Also, YES about geese - they are angry little beasts! And also also, YES to your free park comment. I can't imagine living in a place where we don't have access to such simple freedoms. We really are so lucky!

Rachel said...

That looks like a really fun little park! None of our parks here have those "baby" swings like J is riding in and it kinda bums me out that Cyrus can't swing by himself yet because I know he would get such a kick out of that. Being outdoors in general is so good for one's state of mind! Happy birthday J!

Callie said...

I am so with you on the geese!  I went through a phase where I was sincerely afraid of them as a young teenager.  I think part of it was that our friends had these big white farm geese, but they were super aggressive and bit them a few times!  They used to chase us around the yard.  I've since realized that the typical Canada goose isn't quite as bad as that, haha!