The Mimmo Caddy: Solving the "My Car is a Hot Mess" Problem


I received a product for free in exchange for this review.

A few months ago I saw a blogger I follow post about the company Mollie Ollie and specifically their Mimmo Caddy. It has a number of different functions, but I personally thought it looked like the perfect thing to keep in my car for general trips and also our longer drives to Texas. I reached out, and they kindly sent me a Mimmo Caddy to review. Excuse me while I'm awkward need R to get in the photo with me ;)

Before I go any further and you start skimming (I see you), I wanted to let you know that they are having a Prime Day Sale! Today and tomorrow (July 15 and 16) get 10% off 1, 20% off 2, or 30% off 3 of the Mimmo Caddy! If you miss that or don't want to buy right away, you can use the code 10LadyOkie for 10% off starting July 17 and going for 2 weeks.

What I love is that it stays in shape even when it's empty. There are velcro inserts, so you could keep them out and have an even larger center area, or you can have dividers like I did. 

I really like the outside zipper pocket, which has these elastic pieces to hold smaller items, maybe pens or nail clippers or just whatever you think you'll need. And the material is soft and chemical free! 

I'm thinking this will be great for our road trips to Texas and keeping handy in the car for being out and about. My little Ford Focus has treated us well, but that thing is a hot mess and needs all the help it can get.

For now I added a few diapers (actually pull-ups, because A Certain Someone is peeing in the potty holla!) and a thing of wipes, a set of extra clothes for each kid for emergencies, plus some books and a car toy. It will be great for keeping their water bottles handy and any snacks I pack for longer trips.

If you're interested in checking out the Mimmo Caddy for yourself, don't miss their Prime Sale July 15 and 16! Or, use the code 10LadyOkie for 10% off starting July 17 and running for 2 weeks. Thanks to Mollie Ollie for letting me try out their Mimmo Caddy!

Amie said...

This might work out well for us. I am constantly loading and unloading Bowen's back pack for every car trip because you just never know!

Rach said...

I am all about a car organizer! If we didn't already have one, I would definitely consider this one. Love that it's a neutral color and has the dividers!

Sarah @ Sweet Miles said...

This is so cute! I always feel so much more confident in our road trips when there's at least a hint of extra organization! We're flying soon, and I'm already thinking of ways to organize things. This would be so perfect for the car like you're using it. And look how cute you and R are! Also, J is peeing in the potty now?! YAY!

Jenny Evans said...

Where in the car did you put it to be the most helpful? I'm thinking right between the passenger and driver seats...