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Hello from your occasional blogger friend. 
CAN ANYONE HEAR ME? Never mind don't answer that. I'm fine talking to myself.

I saw on Facebook someone shared a meme that said 2020 is 70% over. Can I get an amen? This year. I mean what. a. dumpster fire. J and F share my feelings (see above).

If you follow me on Instagram then you might have seen my amazingly skilled stick figure diagram of the midnight collision Jordan and I had two nights ago. And that's not a euphemism for marital times. J came into our room around 3am, and long story short both Jordan and I got out of bed and ended up knocking heads in the dark. I heard a snap and thought for sure I'd broken my nose. It hurt SO bad. I had a headache all the next day, and now it's been two days and my nose is still aching constantly. I can't smell anything, and I don't know if I've got The Virus or if it's just my bruised cartilage blocking my nasal passage.

2020 has got me not leaving my house, and now I'm thinking I probably shouldn't even leave my bed.

F is 7 months today. HOW. How. How. Did I mention how? They say the days are long and the years are short, but lately the days have been short too. I'm super busy at work, and my days are flying by. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I'm also completely shocked when I see F rolling all over the floor and rocking up on his knees like he wants to get going somewhere. He was born yesterday and you can't tell me otherwise.

In other very important news, the show Sister, Sister was recently added to Netflix (don't nobody @ me about how I should be canceling Netflix, pleaseandthankyou). I've been rewatching Season 1, and it's bringing me baaaack. I used to love that show, and I'm actually really enjoying watching it now. 

Another surprise? Fuller House. I think the stress of 2020 has got me fondly yearning for my innocent youth. I watched the first season or two when it first came out, and I thought it was okay but super cheesy and kind of dumb. However, I recently started up again and I'm loving it. It's still super cheesy and ridiculous (and why do they think it's believable that Candace Cameron would always be wearing heels and skirts even on a Saturday morning????), but it's fun and sweet and I'm here for it.

I thought I had other things to update, but since I don't go anywhere or see anyone, I'm out of ideas. So, I'll do a quick "currently" rundown for anyone interested (i.e., my mom).

appreciating: flexibility of being able to work at home a few days a week. This is probably the best thing to come out of the pandemic for me. I do go into the office a few days a week, but I'm also at home several days, and it's so nice to not have to pack up my pumping stuff or get dressed and go all the way downtown. The kids still go to daycare (even F), but I just feel a lot less stress with working this time around, and I'm grateful.

anticipating: random, but taking R to a corn maze. Will there be corn mazes still this year? I feel like that's a pretty socially distant activity, so I hope so! For some reason R's been talking about corn mazes, and I actually do think she'd like to walk through one, so maybe we can find a few outdoor family activities this fall. It's been crazy hot all summer, and I'm ready for some cooler temperatures!

collecting: toys and random other small items constantly all over my house. We've got to get a handle on this before F starts crawling. Oye.

starting: to reread the Risen Motherhood book for an online book club I joined. I read it last year when it released, and I've been wanting to go through it again, so this is good timing! Speaking of time, I just need to find some of that to actually read the book.

finishing: my summer New Testament Bible reading list. The women's ministry at my church did a summer reading plan where you read the Bible every day June, July, and August, and by the end you read the entire New Testament. I did great in June and finished all the days. July and August both have about 75% done, but there are some lingering blank spaces and I'm plugging away at them until I finish the reading plan. Better late than never!

I guess that's a wrap for now! I'd like to say I'll "see" you back here sooner than a month from now, but clearly my track record this year isn't so great. Thanks, as always, for checking in and following along with the blog! 

Let's hope the last 30% of the year turns around for all of us somehow. Until then, be careful where you walk in the middle of the night ;) 
AnneMarie said...

How cool that you can work from home a few days each week! I can't imagine how insane it would be to pack up pumping supplies and deal with OKC traffic every morning (I try to avoid driving downtown for the most part, because there always seems to be roadwork in my path), so it's awesome that you can change it up. I also don't know how babies get so big/old so fast. My baby just hit one month old, and I still can't believe it.

I've been thinking about Halloween and falltime activities lately, also wondering what will happen with corn mazes and whatnot. I'd think that with more people striving for "normalcy" (with precautions in place) and schools being in session, they'd at least allow some outdoor activities! I was just discussing this very topic with one of my elderly neighbors, and in her opinion-even if trick-or-treating gets cancelled officially-people on our block all know each other and hang out anyway, so she thinks we might as well do trick-or-treating. I'm interested to see what actually happens!

Amie said...

My absolute crazy thing for 2020 so far is finding out last week I am 11 weeks pregnant...at 41...I had no idea! wow Let me also say it took 3 years and IVF to have my almost 5 year old son. I mean can it get any more 2020 than that?

Sarah said...

i loved sister, sister! but i haven't re-watched it yet on netflix. maybe later. have you watched the babysitter's club? SOOOO good. i was obsessed with the books and this version is fantastic. in my opinion of course, haha.

Audrey Louise said...

Your nighttime collision (not a euphemism- HAHAHA, I'm dying) had me laughing so hard. Not so much what happened, but your description and drawing were amazing. I'm with R- a corn maze sounds fun! Get out of the house AND still stay lost from everyone else. Lol.

Lauren said...

Ok, now I really want to see the stick figure post.

Jenny Evans said...

It's been ages since we've been to a corn maze but I think that would be an excellent fall activity since I don't think we've done anything in 6 months.