24...Not the TV Show


I am not this young anymore. But sometimes still I act like it.
My twenty-forth birthday was on Saturday, July 10. The one day a year that is all about me. And I can get anything I want. (Hmm...that sounded selfish. Too bad I don't care.)

I remember the days when my brothers and I would fight over who got to sit in the front seat. But my birthday was the best, because three words could empty that coveted seat in seconds--"It's my birthday." My mom would cook my favorite dinner (usually something involving pork chops and lemon jello salad), and I got to use the fancy red plate, only reserved for special occasions.

And even though I know I have friends who love me, it becomes all the more glaringly obvious on my birthday, because I receive a barrage of cards, e-mails, phone calls, and packages from beloved family and friends. (I'm not going to mention the fact they all remember it's my special day because I send reminder e-mails every day for a month leading up to it.)

I've received some fabulous gifts over the years, and I truly appreciate each and every one--no matter the size.

This year I got some good stuff. Here's just a sampling:

A Dora the Explorer card with this note written inside: "You're one of the few people I'd give one of my livers for." (Think about that for a second...)

A beautiful pottery bowl from a good friend at work:

This cookbook from my ever-hungry boyfriend (Do you think he's trying to tell me something?), along with some knives to chop and cut and slice:
A card with $1 in it and this drawing from a hilarious friend:
A gorgeous skein of yarn from my college roommate, which she bought at an alpaca farm. (I sense a scarf coming!):
I've had some great birthdays. To name just a few...

Last year for my 23rd, my college roommate (same one who bought me the yarn) flew down from Springfield, IL, and we drove to Dallas to see Keith Urban in concert.
My college friends drove to Chicago for my 21st.
My first (and only) surprise party happened on my 17th.
Got my driver's license on my 16th.
I got tickets to Tim McGraw/Faith Hill for my 13th.
Ears pierced on my 10th.

"Happy birthday to me..."

Hannah said...

Hahaha. You're still the birthday girl. Also, I was walking past Katie's computer when she was looking at your post, and I saw the picture of the pottery and was so confused how she was looking at it on the Internet.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that first picture of you.

that is all.


PS can you tell by all these comments on your blog that I've been missing you this week?!

Amanda said...

Hannah, good to know I'm distracting people at work with my blog! Job well done, I'd say.

Audra, that first picture is my absolute favorite picture ever. Oh, and I miss you too. The end.

Geoff Reese said...

I love reading your blogs. This is a great one. It's so true that it's always been, "It's my birthday" trumps everything! Good memories for sure.