Birthday and Skydiving


Well, the birthday week is over. Jordan turned a quarter of a century old on Saturday, which means his car insurance will drop, which means he can take me on expensive dates. Huzzah! (I was kidding about that last part. I can't pull off using the word huzzah.)

I finally gave him the present I've had since the beginning of March.

Yankees tickets! Sept 11 vs. the Texas Rangers.

He loves the Yankees like I love ice cream. But he's never been to a game, so I guess that's not the right comparison at all, since I get to indulge in my love on a daily basis. Anyhoo, I gave him the tickets, and he sat there for a good five minutes going, "Wha...? I mean, oh my... wha...?"

It was exactly the reaction I was hoping for.

I can't believe I kept such an awesome present a secret for over 4 months! Sometimes I amaze even myself.

On an almost completely unrelated note, I'm supposed to go skydiving on Sunday.

Okay, so that was totally and completely unrelated. Whatever.