365 Days Later


I really don't mean to write so many posts about my airplane loving, southern-accented, handy, Oklahoma boyfriend. I've never wanted to be one of those girls who might as well be walking around wearing a huge sign that says, "I'm with him" with an arrow pointing to my left. Or, rather, right. (My left side is my good side.)

But sometimes it's what I'm thinking about, which is the case right now, because yesterday was our one-year anniversary. (For our "how we met" story, read this.)

I've never had one of those...a one-year anniversary, I mean. And honestly, it was just as satisfying and romantic as I would have hoped. We dressed up and went to a fancy dinner at a place downtown where the hostess was too syrupy and the food was expensive, and when we walked in we were asked, "Do you have reservations?" To which we said no and proceeded to wait for half an hour even though the dining room was almost completely empty. But once we got a table we were there for at least two hours, people watching and talking and taking pictures. Once I dropped my knife on my plate, and it clattered loudly. I'm sure someone, somewhere, raised an eyebrow at me.

We ordered fried asparagus as an appetizer, and after eating it Jordan proceeded to say, "That was good! It didn't taste like asparagus at all! I wonder if my pee will still smell." (If you're confused, read this post. You might still be confused, but at least you'll have more context.)

On the plate with the asparagus was half a lemon wrapped in yellow netting and tied with a green ribbon. I didn't know what it was at first and grabbed it and began trying to untie the knot to open our "present." Luckily, Jordan realized my mistake and informed me that inside the netting was a lemon, and I was just supposed to squeeze it through the netting. That way, I wouldn't get seeds on my food. Man that was close! I could have really embarrassed myself.

After dinner we walked around Bricktown by the river for about five minutes until we started horribly sweating. I'm actually surprised we made it that long before calling it quits.

On the way home, Jordan remembered that his boss, Jeff, had decided to take his three small boys to a water park today, and Jordan would be working on his own. He asked me if it would be okay to stop by Jeff's house and pick up a few important electrical things like a ladder and some screw bolts or widgets or...something. I'm not really sure what he called them.

Jeff's house is always crazy, due to there being three boys (all with names starting with W) under the age of seven. So when we arrived, we were instantly greeted by the youngest, Wyatt, who was naked except for white underwear with trains on it. At least, I think they were trains. (It's rude to stare at people's underwear.)

Somehow we ended up staying there for over an hour playing Rock Band--me on bass, Jordan on guitar, Jeff's wife, Becky, on drums, and Weston and Walker switching off singing vocals. By the time we left it was almost 10:30.

(Btw, much to my own shame, I found out that am terrible at Rock Band! In my defense, however, let it be known that it is not easy to play fake guitar while wearing a strapless dress.)

Anyway, Jordan drove me home, and when we pulled into my apartment parking lot, he backed in a spot, turned off the engine, and said, "I'm going to walk you to your door."

It was sweet and cute and very gentlemanly of him.

On the way up the stairs, a black cat jumped in front of us, which was scary for several reasons I won't go into now, and Jordan was attacked by a huge, mutant fly. (I'll let you take what you will from these events. Good thing I'm not superstitious.)

I let myself in and was just setting my alarm clock when I heard my phone ringing. Who would be calling me now?

"Aww, it's Jordan," I said when I saw his name appear on the screen. I figured he was just calling to say how much fun he had and to wish me one last goodnight.

"Hey!" I said.
"Guess what?"
"I don't know...What?"
"My pee does smell."

Oh, that boy I love. Crazy full of useless and otherwise completely unnecessary information. That boy to whom the phrase "too much information" has absolutely no meaning.

I laughed myself to sleep last night.

It was quite a happy anniversary indeed.

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha. perfect ending. man I love Jordan. he's awesome. happy anniversary. love you too!


Amanda said...

thanks, audra! i certainly can't make up an ending like that ;)