Look! It's a Famous Person!


Why are famous people interesting? They're regular people, just with fancier jobs and more money. Even so, actually regular people (like myself) still get excited at the idea of meeting a famous person. Or seeing a famous person.

On Saturday I took Jordan to a Yankees/Rangers game for his birthday.We got there two hours early to see batting practice, and when we walked in, there they were--the entire New York Yankees team collected around home plate, stretching. I've not even a Yankees fan (although I'm getting there), but still it was awesome to see all those famous baseball players, dressed up in baseball pants, jerseys, and hats. 
We stood there, about six rows from the field on the third-base side, watching them, when suddenly Jordan pointed and said, "Look! It's George Bush!"
"What? Where?"
"Right there."
"Right there."
"Right there. Sitting next to Laura Bush. See? There in the first row. Eating popcorn."

Yeah right, I thought. George Bush doesn't eat popcorn. But I looked, and low and behold there they were. Sitting in the first row. Eating popcorn. Waving and smiling like regular people at the actually regular people who were pointing and snapping pictures. (A few people tried to say things but were told by a stern-looking secret service officer to be quiet.)

Here's the pic zoomed in. If I had a super awesome camera, like the ones professionals use, you would be able to see them better. But there's no way you can doubt the fact that it's the Bushes.

I honestly don't know why I found it so amazing to see former president George W. Bush and former first lady Laura Bush calmly sitting in their (padded) seats at a Texas Rangers game. After all, they are regular people who like to go to baseball games and eat popcorn.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's the president. And I don't care if you are Democrat or Republican, Bush hater or lover or indifferent--that's pretty cool.