Fending off Carpal Tunnel...with a Mouse


I worry about getting carpal tunnel. It's a thought that crosses my mind at some point every single day. Yes, I know that's sad. 

It never even occurred to me that my problem might be my mouse. My computer mouse, that is. Then one day in early December last year, I noticed a coworker with a strange mouse. It was tall and straight and looked nothing like a mouse at all!

"What is that thing?" I asked, pointing at it in awe.
"It's my mouse." 
"That's a mouse?" 

She proceeded to tell me that is was a special mouse designed to be better for your wrist. 

I demanded she send me the link so I could buy one for myself. I then immediately forwarded it to Jordan with the subject line CHRISTMAS PRESENT. I realize it is strange to request a mouse for Christmas, but I was desperate to escape from the perpetual dark cloud of carpal tunnel hanging over my life.

There may not have ever been nor will ever be someone so excited to receive a computer mouse as a Christmas present.

The point of all of this is to say that if you are worried about your wrist; if it hurts sometimes at the end of a long day; if you, like me, live in the depression that is hypochondria, there is hope. I've been using this mouse for almost a month now, and I could not be happier. I don't have scientific studies to prove that this mouse is the reason my wrist doesn't hurt as much, but I'm willing to bet on it.

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes that is a mouse pad with Jordan's face on it. I ordered it from Shutterfly for $10. Now I have a handy 2012 calendar within eyesight at all times. Win.)
Amy Nielson said...

i worry about carpal tunnel tooooo!! i think it's a very logical & realistic fear. what an awesome mouse & good for you for being proactive about it :)