This Blog's 11 Must-Read Posts of 2011


I had planned on writing a post featuring my favorite posts of 2011. But then I got busy and fell behind on basically everything. Then I just got lazy. And then I wasn't going to do it because it's already the middle of January (umm, what?). But then today decided that I'm still going to do it. And, guess what, after I was all done picking my favorites, it turns out there were 11.

It's a sign.*

My 11 favorite posts of 2011.
(This is not to be confused with my favorite moments of 2011.)

These are in chronological order January-December. Not to toot my own horn, but seriously, people. These are posts worth reading. You will laugh.

(Intriguing Synopsis) Oklahoma had a blizzard, and everyone in the state started stockpiling canned goods and dairy supplies, leaving me to fight the crazies at the supermarket while I shopped for 3 eggs with which to make cupcakes.

(Intriguing Synopsis) I went tanning for the first time ever and got slightly dramatic about it.

(Intriguing Synopsis) A spider tried to attack me, and I got slightly dramatic about it (this is apparently a theme with me).

A Tale of Two Honeymooners, Parts One, Two, Three, and Four
(Intriguing Synopsis) Jordan and I went on our honeymoon. We almost killed each other a few times, we almost got lost, we ate a lot, we got free stuff, we generally had a grand old time.

(Intriguing Synopsis) I went to the SS office to legally change my name. In the process, I forgot my own birthday and where I was born. 

(Intriguing Synopsis) I got up early to work out, but it didn't work out how I thought. (See what I did there?)

(Intriguing Synopsis) Jordan's flannel pajamas. That's all I'm saying.

(Intriguing Synopsis) Little details I remember six months later. (Not your usual wedding details, mmkay?)

(Intriguing Synopsis) While on a family camping trip, we busted open my twelve-year-old Tweety bird pinata. This is complete with pictures. I wouldn't lie to you.

(Intriguing Synopsis) My family invented a game during our camping trip. It involves raw eggs. Also complete with pictures.
(Intriguing Synopsis) My first installment in a twelve-post series on improving your writing. Spoiler alert: this is not a post about weight loss. Also spoiler alert: this post is only sort of funny. But mostly it's not. Bad writing makes me cry.

That's it! 

Also, a cheesy thank you to everyone who reads and comments. If it weren't for you...well, let's face it. I'd still write all this down. Crazy stuff happens to me. What can I say? It must be documented. In 2,500 years, someone will find my blog books, and I'll become posthumously famous for being hilarious. Of course, by then we'll also be flying around in robot cars, avoiding all the dead bodies. Just something for our children's children's children to look forward to.

*Yes, I realize the "Polishing Your Prose" post is actually from 2012, not 2011, so the whole "it's a sign" thing is bogus. But whatever. Just go with it.
Anonymous said...

all good posts. but I DO ridicule you for choosing one from 2012. that's just lame (even if it WAS good post).


Amanda said...

Fair enough :)