currently, i am...

less stress at my new job

my previous job was full of daily stress. so much so that it wasn't uncommon for me to have  dreams about authors and plot lines. and not the good kind of dreams. i've been at my new job for just over a week now, and while it is an adjustment, and at times i'm lonely (it's hard to go to a new workplace), i am currently enjoying much less stress. 
when the phone rings, it's not going to be for me. you have absolutely no idea how freeing that is.

how to be content

a few weeks ago, jordan said something that i initially perceived to be hurtful. but in the weeks since, i've thought about it, and i realize he's mostly right. that's par for the course with us. seriously, it's annoying how well he knows me. 

anyway, what he said is that i have a difficult time being content. this conversation was specifically related to my desire to buy a house. i've been living in an apartment since i moved to oklahoma 4 years ago, and now i want my own house. where i can have more than one storage closet and a garage and a yard where i can sit outside whenever the heck i want to. 
but that's not where we are right now, and i need to be content with that. as such, i've been trying to find ways to improve our current living space. even small things like my diy necklace hanger and diy photo frame that i made during my time between jobs have greatly improved my sense of contentedness. 
so jordan, here's an official thanks for calling me out. the truth hurts, and i didn't take what you said well initially, but it's what i needed to hear.  

*inspired by: 
a book i just started reading: 
the happiness project by gretchen rubin

i like resolutions. i like making goals for myself. 
oddly enough, i've already been unknowingly creating my own happiness project. even though i haven't been calling it that, i realize now (after only the first chapter of this book), that that's what i've been doing. but maybe for me it should be titled "the contentedness project." maybe. i don't know. 

i like this book. that's basically what i'm saying. 

*working on:
organizing my apartment

per items 2 and 3 above, i made jordan go through his closet a few days ago, and we got rid of a good number of old t-shirts as well as a few pairs of cargo shorts. and okay, jordan gives me a hard time about how many shoes i have, but good grief! this boy had eight pairs of cargo shorts in khaki, green, and blue. hoarder. 

*indulging in:
leftover birthday ice cream cake 

Harvesting Kale
Katie Dupre said...

I'm reading that book too! I was inspired by it being mentioned in the Atlantic article, "Why Women Still Can't Have It All", which, if you haven't, you should totally read. It's great food for thought.

Also, I just bought a ton of plastic containers and completely reorganized my pantry. It is amazing.

Unknown said...

I keep hearing good things about that book! Maybe I will have to pick it up soon. That cake looks amazing by the way. :)

Ashley said...

less stress and a new book, sounds good to me!
here from the currently linky!!


LeAnna said...

Glad your new job is much less stress. That is wonderful! I think women especially have a hard time with contentment. I have a lot of friends who are renting right now and desperately want to be in their own house. It will come in time! I find it annoyingly comforting (wait, is there such a thing...) when Hubby's are right like that. Annoying because who wants to hear they have problems (ahem) but wonderful because I'm grateful for a man of wisdom. Painful, but good. I think that's what makes a good marriage...

Every year I do a purge through the house for a garage sale. It's a good way to gain some perspective and declutter.

Have a lovely week, gal!