Scenes from My Retired Life


For the past two weeks I have been living the retired life. I quit my job at the end of June and had 15 days of freedom before starting my next job. Now I know what being a teacher is like. Hello, summer.

In order to make sure I got the most out of my time, I wrote down a list of all the things I wanted to do during retirement. In my mind I convinced myself that this would ensure the productivity of the long line of empty days that stretched before me. This would also ensure that I didn't come out of retirement a dumber, fatter version of myself who had to carry a paper towel around with me when I was out of the house to catch the drool that trickled down my chin due to the lack of proper mental stimulation.

Thus, my retirement list consisted of the following: 
  • get oil changed in the car
  • go to the pool and lay out
  • go to Hobby Lobby and make a flower arrangement for my empty vase
  • go to Hobby Lobby and get needed items for a necklace holder
  • clean everything in the apartment
  • make a fruit pie
  • watch a movie and crochet
  • finish my wedding scrapbook
  • go to the mall and pick up Jordan's birthday present
  • go to the mall and buy makeup
  • go running
  • take family pictures
  • get wedding present for Elizabeth
  • get wedding present for Lauren
  • take old clothes/random household items to Good Will
  • fry bacon and make beans
  • do the laundry
Total completed: 14 out of 17
I didn't make a fruit pie, take my clothes to Good Will, or get all the items I needed for a necklace holder; but everything else got crossed off, and I felt accomplished. Clean everything was a lofty goal, and I suppose technically I didn't clean everything. But I did clean the shower, which I think counts for a lot. I scrubbed that thing down for serious. 

After I finished that up, I went to Hobby Lobby and walked around for half an hour pulling flower stems and eventually (read: $35 later) created this: 
Watch out, Martha Stewart. But seriously, I put this on my kitchen table, and it makes me happy to see it every day when I walk in.

I also got my craft on with a super easy DIY photo frame (check it out HERE) and my wedding scrapbook. I only have one more page left to go and then the whole book will be complete. I started it last summer, so once I get the last page, it will have taken me a full year to finish. (If you missed any pages, check out the entire thing HERE.)

An important event to note was my 26th birthday on Tuesday, July 10.

This is the only picture I took the entire day, just before Jordan and I left for dinner. I think 
my face looks weird, but I'm just going to blame it on the fact that we had to do the whole awkward-holding-the-camera thing that I discussed at length in this post. I wore the same dress I was wearing when we went on our very first date, which I didn't remember until Jordan said something about it. He's so romantic remembering my outfits and all.

And in case you were wondering when I got to cross "get oil changed" off my list (because I know you were), this delightful deed did in fact occur on my birthday. Because I'm cool like that and do car maintenance on my birthday. Let's be honest: once you turn thirteen, birthdays just go downhill from there. It's one fourth as many presents, twice as many grownup chores, and three times as much guilt for eating an entire cake by yourself because half your friends are either dieting in preparation for their wedding or pregnant and trying not to eat too many sweets. Yes, it's officially that time in my life right now, but I'm not ready to own a pet yet, not to mention attempt to raise a child. Good grief. 

Jordan's birthday is tomorrow (Tuesday), so I'll get some pictures of what I bought him at the mall so you can all be impressed with my stellar gift-buying abilities. Our birthdays are exactly one week and one year apart. It's awesome. 

I did go running as well. One morning I stepped outside all ready for a nice outdoor run before realizing it was 100+ degrees and I wasn't going to be able to make it two feet without having a heat stroke. Instead I made my way to the gym and ended up running for over an hour on the treadmill watching the Wimbledon finals on ESPN. For the rest of the day my knees were hurting. Note to self: don't run 7 miles straight after not running more than 3 in the past month.

There were a few other exciting items I crossed off my list. On Saturday I took family pictures for a friend of mine. 
It was terrifying, to say the least, but they were patient with me and I learned a few things in the process:
a) taking a good picture is much harder than it looks
b) I suck at working Photoshop

I will not be discouraged, however, and I will just keep practicing...and saving up for another lens. The 50mm is great but annoying sometimes. I'd like to be able to zoom once in a while and also not have to explain what a "prime" lens means to everyone who tries to use my camera and asks where the zoom is. 

The final exciting moment was flying back to Saint Louis once again for my best friend's wedding. This was bridesmaid event #2 for me, and I'll admit that I love being part of the wedding party. It's stressful and crazy, but it makes me feel important. Like, "What's up, people. I know the bride. Holler." You know, that kind of important.

So there you have it. A few scenes from my recent retired life to serve as explanation why I've been a sporadic blogger and also why life is fantastic right now. I start my new job on Wednesday, so tonight I'll make my list for tomorrow so I can squeeze every bit free time out of Tuesday that I can. Because I'm Type A, and that's how I roll.  

*Also, I did happen to find a few K pictures for my scavenger hunt, so I'll post that tomorrow! K was the hardest so far, so I'll be interested to see what you think of the ones I found.
LeAnna said...

First of all, we did not even discuss the fact that we were BORN ON THE SAME DAY.

Same year.


And I totally know what you mean about the whole half three quarter nine tenths less xyz. I tried not to be sad that the same friend who has called me on my birthday every year since we were like 15, forgot me. I mean, she called me from India for 2 years when she lived there, but then she had a kid and womp, womp, womp. Or maybe it's just because after 25 you are officially on the down hill slide. I don't know, I refuse to think such things. I had cheesecake. It was still a good birthday.

I really like that picture of those awesome people with those cranky kids sitting on their feet!!!!! You will not be discouraged, oh no you will not. You have a knack, lady!

That's just too precious that your man remembered your dress!

Allison said...

So many things I was thinking about commenting on in this post! Wow girl you made the most of your retirement!! You look adorable in your bridesmaids dress and your photoshoot looks perfect. I love that shot!! Also Happy belated birthday!

Unknown said...

Dear Reese, we should have hung out Monday or today, but we haven't, and now you're out of retirement and a responsible adult again. Bummer. When can you get with me so I can give you a present and you can give me a pan?

Tiffani P said...

You both look so beautiful! I love seeing the pic of you at Lauren's wedding (and the other pics on FB).

Glad you enjoyed your time off. I'm a full-time student, as you know, so many of my days are spent finding little things to do (like scrubbing the tub or watering the plants), adding them to lists and then crossing them off like they were the supremely important things of the week. I love crossing things off lists. (Type A's recognize their kinswomen)


Melanie Wilson said...

Holy cow, what a gorgeous bride! Your posts are really fun and interesting. Thanks for writing them!