Electric Run in Del Mar, California


After our whirlwind day in San Diego, we headed to Del Mar for the Electric Run 5k. First we changed clothes in a Marshall's fitting room, but you already know about that awkwardness. By this point we were all pretty tired. Remember, I had woken up at 4 a.m. CA time and flown in from Oklahoma, and we estimated that we had already walked at least 5-6 miles that day.
Alison had picked up a free sample of 5-hour energy at the December Nights festival, and she chugged it on our way to the race. She got super hyper almost instantly and started talking really fast and bouncing around. It was pretty funny.
Alison and Hilda don't run, but I was able to convince them that I would be able to hold back and not sprint away as soon as the starting gun went off. They shouldn't have worried. With all the stops we made to take pictures along the route and all the people who were running (10,000!) it ended up taking us about 50 minutes to walk 3.1 miles. I never thought I'd have so much fun finishing a race so slowly. 
I started off strong, but by the end of the race, I could have laid right down on the ground and fallen asleep. Luckily, they were giving out Rockstar energy drinks at the finish line, and just half of one perked me right up. We stayed for most of the after party, which basically involved lots of lights and loud music. Hilda took a short video on her phone, which you can see below if you want to check out some of that action.

As far as a race "review," I will say that I was impressed by the amount of lights and fun spots along the course (example: the giant glowing gummie bears). The race was well organized, and the after party was fun. There were a lot of parents with their kids, and overall I thought it was a family friendly event. (Minus some of the 20-something crowd at the after party, but that's to be expected I guess.)

That said, I always end up feeling the same about novelty 5ks races like this one or the Color Run, etc. They are something fun to experience once, especially when you have a good group to do it with, but for me they are a one-and-done kind of thing. It's just too much money for not enough running.

Have you ever done an Electric Run? 
What are your thoughts on novelty 5k races?


  1. It looks great! The glow sticks and especially the giant gummy bears are a-mazing. But yes, I can see how there might not be much actual running, more like shuffling along with the crowd. We have a 10k sun run in Vancouver that's hugely popular, and it's a similar scenario: you are surrounded by people and it's hard to break free. (Not that I would know from personal experience, but that's what people have told me repeatedly). But nevertheless, your photos alone made the event worth it, so fun!

  2. That looks like fun! I considered doing some kind of glow-y night race that was happening around here, but after my lackluster experience with Color Me rad, I never committed. At least now I know to keep my expectations in check if I ever get a chance to do one. :)

    Fun pictures though!

  3. This looks like a lot of fun! I have to agree with you though on the novelty races. Not really my thing. But they are a fun way to include non-running friends in something you love to do!

  4. That looks fun! I'm glad you had fun finishing it slowly :-) I've still never done a novelty run because I can't bring myself to fork out the cash... terrible, I know. But I have a feeling when I do I'll probably feel the same way :-)

  5. I have done the Color Run before and I really do like it but you do get to run a little more since it doesn't have that many people!

  6. So fun!!! Sometimes it's nice to take a race slow! We have done 3 5K for Brain Cancer for my nephew this year and the first one (which was just a week after he passed) we all just walked and took our sweet time! I haven't heard of the electric run, but looks super fun!

  7. I did an Electric Run last year with my two SIL and a friend near Austin - we had a great time! We ended up walking most of it and there were a lot of families doing the same - I think it took us right around 45 minutes. I was really impressed with it but like you said - novelty 5k and doing it once is typically all I need to do. Fun fact on my experience: I had strep! Yay!

  8. Sounds like fun! I didn't even know these existed. :)

  9. I kind of feel the same way about novelty runs - i.e. Color Run, Blacklight Run, Glow 5K, etc. It's something fun to get out and do with your friends, and I want to try each of them at least once - but I can't see any of them being a regular thing. Although I really could get into the habit of doing Zombie runs :D

  10. This looks fun! I think I would probably have to go to something like this in order to enjoy running...Ha.
    Finishing a race slowly is exaclty what would happen with me!

  11. I may not be a runner, but this type of marathon looks right up my alley! It looks like so much fun, and I love all the bright colors. The event must have had awesome energy :) Kudos to you for knocking out so many running events this year.


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