Texas with Three


This past weekend we took our first trip to Texas as a family of three. Before we left, we stopped to get gas and took the most awkward family selfie ever. As Jordan says, "At least everyone's eyes are in the picture." I guess that's considered a win? I especially like how my head is perfectly placed just floating above the car seat.

Before this trip, the longest we'd traveled with R in the car was the half hour home from the hospital, so we had no idea how she would do in the car for three hours. But she did great! She passed out and just slept the entire time. Per usual, I kept reaching back to poke her and make sure she was alive, which caused her to stir and then we were like, "Dang it! Stay asleep!" I have problems.

On the way there, Jordan and I discussed our marriage using some of the questions in the study guide of the new Francis Chan study.
And by discussed, I mean our conversation went something like this:

Me: *Asks question*
-Long pause-
Me: So what do you think?
Jordan: Um, sorry what? I was looking at the color of that car. Isn't it weird?
Me: Why aren't you thinking about the question I just asked?
Jordan: Oh. I thought you were just talking out loud to yourself like you do a lot.


(Not to make Jordan look bad... we did have a really good discussion using the workbook. It just took a bit to get started. And to be fair, I do talk to myself a lot, so he's got a point.)

We also saw this sunset on the way in. No filter and all that jazz. Sunsets are my favorite!

Anyway, we made it without any trouble, and we arrived at my parents' house and got to introduce R to my grandparents! Isn't this picture just the best? So much love.
My parents have a crib set up for R in the guest room. It's the one all of us kids used when we were younger! R did great sleeping in a new crib in a new house; she's really such a good baby. It was fun to have so much family around all the time to love on her. Jordan and I barely held her all weekend.

The reason we were in town was because we were hosting a bridal shower for my soon-to-be sister-in-law. I was in charge of games, and we played this one. A hit as always.

The wedding is October 11, and I don't have anything to wear. I need something that's nursing friendly and also post-baby-stomach-bulge friendly while also being outdoor-wedding-in-October friendly and cute. Suggestions welcome.

We wanted to leave early on Sunday so we could beat the Sunday afternoon traffic (yes, that's a thing), but that meant we completely missed the Bears/Packers game at noon. Both of us happened to have our t-shirts, so we sported those for a family picture. I said, "R is going to be a Bears fan." And Jordan said, "Not if I get to her first!" So we'll see what happens with that.
All in all, it was a wonderful weekend in Texas. We've made a lot of trips to south over the last seven years, and it was definitely weird (in a good way) to have R there with us this time.

Here's to many more weekend road trips as a family of three!
The Girl who Loved to Write said...

That picture of the grandparents holding her..precious!

Robyn B said...

so did you actually read the book before doing the study guide? or are y'all just doing the study guide? i thought about just doing the guide b/c it seems like you would be able to follow along without reading the book... but what are your thoughts? how do you like the study guide? is it a lot like those pre-marital workbooks? or does it dig deep? we want to find something that digs deeper :)

and i LOVE that picture of R meeting the grandparents!!! so many smiles!

Dana said...

Adorable family! Would love a review on the marriage book. Does it talk about parenting at all? I was not quite prepared for how much parenting would affect our marriage! I would love to find something to elicit conversations, however, Steve is not big on reading AT ALL.

Also, I've had good success with a dress similar (stretchy and same neckline) to this: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?pid=666126022 - MUCH lower cut than I was ever comfortable wearing before, but with a scarf and/or cardigan or jean jacket I felt modest, but still had easy access for the babe.

shelleystirs said...

Sounds like a maxi skirt and a cute top might work. My sister just did Stitch Fix and was so happy with what she got. Maybe that's an option?

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Ahh, what a fun first road trip for R! She looks quite content being admired by the fam - sweet girl.

Maybe a wrap dress for the wedding? With a scarf or cardigan for warmth and/or cover while nursing?

Rach said...

Da Bears!! I say that I like care about football. ;) When I make attempts about caring about football I am a Bears fan (and a Bama fan for college). But mostly I am a basketball fan who tries to care about football during this time of year. ;)

I'm with Amy on the wrap dress with scarf/cardigan. Those V-cut maxi dresses are kind of perfect too. And if you have one with a pattern then it doesn't draw as much attention to the places it clings (I just went shopping yesterday with a friend who's 2 months post partum and that's what she ended up getting). Good luck with the search!

Oh! And so good you had such a great time with family! I love that shot of everyone admiring her. :)

Caroline @ In Due Time said...

I just love the picture of the generations! So precious. I am so glad that she did well in the car - what a blessing!

The Lady Okie said...

So, we have the study guide and the book. What we're doing is reading a chapter of the book and then discussing the first chapter of the study guide. We've only done one chapter so far, so I can't really review it quite yet, but my initial impression is that I like that it seems to be taking a different angle from a lot of other marriage books I've seen. It's very focused on building your relationship with God before you can attempt to build a relationship with your spouse. I think there are more practical things later on, but I'll have to see! I do think you could do the study guide questions without having the book, because the study guide is pretty in depth, but I like having the book to read first!

Laura Morgan said...

Postpartum dressing is annoying. I agree with the above suggestions. I've done wrap dresses with a forever 21 cami underneath because they're stretchy enough to just pull down, and they come in 28372927 colors. Another idea is a shirt dress. Know that you will be your body's worst critic, and everyone else will be thinking, "That baby is adorable, and Amanda looks awesome!"

Emily said...

I love baby's first road trip selfie! Definitely one for the books ;)

Now...your example of your conversation about marriage? Literally word for word how it goes any time I decide to do that with my husband. Boys be crazy.

Kerry @ Till Then Smile Often said...

That sunset is gorgeous. Awesome that she slept most of the way there, that is a very good thing.

Unknown said...

You guys are so CUTE.
And what a pretty #noflitersunset too!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I feel like a first family trip with a new born deserves some kind of award.

How is that Franic Chan study? Do you recommend it? I'd love to do a study with Dave sometime. AND I just read your comment to Robyn so never mind. I got it =)

Glad you had a good trip and I love that your grandma got to meet R! So neat!

Michelle said...

The sweetest! I'm introducing G to my grandparents this week and I'm so excited. I just wish James would be with us.

UGH the nursing friendly dress struggle. I hear you loud and clear. I have a dress from Old Navy that has buttons down the front and it works well for nursing. You would just either need to be somewhere private or use a cover because you still have to pull your whole boob out, but it's better than having to essentially take the dress off to nurse. I'm sorry for saying "boob" on your blog.

Rachel said...

Yay for a first family of 3 trip! Love that photo of all those family members staring, mesmerized with R. The cutest.

Ivy said...

Not sure if you're still looking for a dress, but if so, here's a few:

Laura | Making Baby Provence said...

Okay, first of all, I'm obviously very behind on blog reading. I have no excuse, but I will still blame the dog.

Second, how in the world did you get in my car on a road trip with my husband to hear our conversation?! I swear that you took that from us. :) I actually just sent it to him to make him laugh because we basically do the same thing.

R is absolutely beautiful! I love seeing pictures and updates of her. You're helping me to remember the desires of my heart. I have been meaning to email you to see what R stood for, but again, the dog.