I took my baby to a wedding


Two weekends ago, my brother got married in Texas. Despite what the above looks like, R was actually a really good baby. But I find this picture hilarious because it's CLASSIC. Screaming baby while trying to take a family photo? Nailed it.

You all had some fantastic suggestions for a dress, and I actually went to Old Navy to find a wrap kind of situation, but then my mom pulled out this dress she'd found at a thrift store, and that was that. Jordan continues to be confused about how my mom and I, who are neither the same height nor body type, can wear each other's clothes. Or, more accurately, how I can wear my mom's clothes. But I'm not complaining. My mom has cute taste! Plus? Free. I don't think I need to say any more.

Now, this dress.
Not nursing friendly in the least, but that's the price I pay for fashion. I literally had to have someone unzip the back of the dress so I could crawl into the backseat of my parents' Durango and fold down the entire top half. Then, I had to slink back to the wedding without anyone seeing me until I found someone to zip me up again. #classy

And if you're thinking, She's exaggerating again, I assure you, I am not. You can just ask my cousin, who was the person who zipped me up the second time.

But anyway. R was an excellent wedding date, minus the above (rookie mistake to try to take a picture around feeding time), and since the majority of my family hadn't met her yet, she was the hit of the wedding.

I was not nearly as emotional about this wedding as I was about my other brother's last June, but it probably had something to do with the fact that I was too busy being nervous about my violin solo. I played "Here Comes the Bride" while Bethany walked down the aisle, not like that's a big wedding moment or anything. Apparently it sounded fine, although my dad recorded it on his phone and I listened to it and think it sounds terrible, so either I'm insane or everyone is lying to me. Neither option is particularly promising.
So there's another girl added to our clan now, and 3 of the 4 kids are married off. My grandpa puts together a family news that he mails out to everyone, and in it he said, "This concludes the marriages for Geoff's kids," and my sister was like, "I guess Grandpa doesn't think I'll ever get married..." Doomed to singlehood, that one. Grandpa has spoken.

The day went well for the most part, but I am still bummed that R decided she needed to eat right before my brother gave his best man's speech. I heard muffled laughter from the backseat of the Durango, but that was all. Womp.

Daniel and Bethany had a glow stick sendoff at the end of the night. Have you ever seen that before? I never had and didn't know how it would work, but it was really cool!
Jordan liked the glow sticks because they were much more low key than the sparklers my other brother used at his wedding last year. This time Jordan didn't have to worry about babysitting my grandpa, who almost caught a bush on fire with his sparkler.

We did also snag a decent family photo, and by decent I mean R is looking at Jordan like he just lit up the sky. Stinking cute is what that is.
All in all, I am pretty proud of myself for how well I handled taking a two-month-old baby to my brother's wedding. We stayed until 10:30 or so, and R dozed off while everyone was dancing, so apparently she takes after her mama and can sleep almost anywhere. She only got really fussy right before she needed to eat, but otherwise she just enjoyed be fawned over by the great-aunts and uncles and cousins. Everyone loves a cute baby.

R has now traveled to Texas three times in her young life. Hopefully we are training her to be a good traveler. Until next time!


  1. Love R's smile in that last photo! The wedding sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I have never seen the glow-stick send off before. So cool!
    Looks like a great wedding!

  3. That first picture really is what you think of when you said that you brought your baby to a wedding! I'm glad that she was good and it looks like y'all had a blast!

  4. I hope you didn't return that dress to your mother (no offense, mom!) because it looks AWESOME on you. ;) My mom and I are about one size different and have very similar taste. So when dad accidentally shrinks one of her shirts, I get it. It's the best. Ha!

  5. How fun! I'm sure your solo was great and you're just being overly critical of yourself - it's the bane of every artistic hobby. Even painting with a twist - everyone else's paintings always look better even though they're all basically the same!

    Crying photos are hilarious later, when the kids are older. And I laughed at your poor sister's predicament. "Grandpa has spoken." My dad does a holiday letter every year and it's always weird to see the random things he thought were important for the year when he talks about us.

  6. That picture of her looking up at Jordan...adorable! !!! !!!<<<more exclamation points were needed.

    Also, I can't stop laughing about your grandpa leaving out your sister. Why are Grandpas the best and can get away with just about anything?!

  7. That last photo is so great. She thinks her dad is the COOLEST.

    Good find on the dress - that's awesome that your mom had it at the ready and that it worked perfectly for you. It is fascinating how women of different sizes and shapes can wear the same clothes and all look great.

    R is burning up the road between OK and TX! She'll definitely be a good traveler. Prepping for Europe. :)

  8. I can always count on you to write the bests posts! I'm sitting in bed sick and I that to myself, "whos blog should I read." Yours of course!

  9. hahaha the first photo is hilarious, the last one is adorable!! love it. your dress is fabulous, i laughed so hard at it not being nursing friendly and the lengths you had to go to. sucks that your sister won't be getting married, lol. my uncle said something similar at my cousin's wedding. 'since this will be the only wedding i attend for my kids' and my other 2 cousins were like what the heck dad? and he was like psssh you're not getting married. and like 10 years later, neither of them are married haha.

  10. What a fun wedding! Love that dress. Love the last picture of the 3 of you. :)

  11. That smile is so precious, she obviously loves her Daddy. She has traveled more in this year than I have, I think I need to plan a trip!

  12. You look fab lady!!!
    That first picture made me laugh - I love you're still smiling in it :)
    I love the idea of a glow stick celebration at a wedding

  13. I love the family photos!

    Also you posted about finding a dress and then you posted a picture AND since the top half is white and the bottom half is black I just assumed there were some majic (<-- side note ... I've lived here too long. I just spelled majic with a j and not a g....2 more days!) anyways ... I assumed there were magic snap ons at the top that you could just release and snap back after you were done nursing.

    HOWEVER! Free is awesome!

    I'm glad you had fun at the wedding. Family weddings are just such a precious time!

  14. That last picture is frame worthy! And I love the glow stick idea. I've never seen it either but a good solution to places that won't allow sparklers (like where I got married). You look great, by the way! Loved the dress!

  15. Hooray that everything went so successfully! Sad day that you missed the speech, but at least everything else went so well. :) The first family photo is hilarious. Totally classic! And the last family photo... precious. :)

    Oh, and your sister... and Grandpa's newsletter... yikes!

  16. I LOVE both family photos! lol that first one is too funny though!

  17. I love pictures!! You guys look so great! Sounds like you guys handled it beautifully, despite having to find zipper help :)

  18. Um your mom has WAY CUTE taste and it looks great on you! I didn't think you were exaggerating about climbing into the back of the Durango at all and I was cracking up. And that family picture of R looking up at Jordan = priceless! I've seen the glowsticks once before and LOVED how they turned out at that wedding too; it's such a great idea!

  19. Happy weddings to all!
    That first family photo is totally frame-able. And it should make appearances at R's graduation and her own wedding. Plan ahead.
    I think it's hilarious that your grandpa totally omitted your sister from any possibility of getting married. To this day Angel and I are the only married people in my generation of my entire family, though there's a total of 26 of us between my siblings, my cousin's on mom's side, my cousin's on dad's side. They are mostly teenagers with a few 20 somethings right now, which means one of these years the floodgates will open and there will be an epic deluge of weddings.
    My whole childhood I talked about someday getting to wear my mom's clothes. My whole life. And I can't. Took after Dad's side.

  20. First of all, you look AWESOME. Second, it's awesome that R was such a good baby at a big, loud event like that! It's nice to know you can take her places like that and not be too worried. Congrats to your brother and his new wife!

  21. You guys look great! Glad R was the life of the party and you had a good time!

  22. So cute! Looks like you have a daddy's girl also! P can't help but smile and coo every time Ryan even looks at her!

  23. Awww that last picture is precious!!! And I feel ya about having to miss out on some important moments for feeding time. We went to my cousins wedding a few months ago and I hit up the backseat of our car to nurse too. High five mama, you survived your first wedding with a baby! That is an accomplishment. AND you look awesome...that dress is amazing (even better that it was free!)


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