Project 12: September


Okay, I know I totally skipped posting a recap of August, but that's because it would have been a blank screen with one word: baby. August was baby month, and you could say nothing happened and everything happened all at once. 

Now for September. In case you couldn't tell from my posts lately, I'm basically having a giant life/identity crisis and am working through it on the blog. Sorry not sorry (but kind of sorry) for all the dramatic posts lately. Thanks for sticking around! I bet some of you are like, "That girl be crazy." Well, yes I kind of am. Because keeping my emotions private just isn't how I roll. Unfortunately for my daughter, I think she has my tendency to wear her emotions on her sleeve. (See: below) Good luck to you, R. 
By the way, just a reminder that I am not going to share her name on the blog, and I'm going to keep calling her R. However, if you are just dying to know what her name is, I am happy to share as long as you a) email me privately and b) are not a child stalker.
Last month, Jordan and I took R on her first road trip! We drove to Texas for my sister-in-law's bridal shower. (She and my brother are getting married THIS WEEKEND and I may or may not have found a dress. Stay tuned.) My grandparents were in town from Illinois, and we had four generations in one room. It was perfect.
I took R out for her first walk in the stroller! I haven't run with her in it yet, but we have gone on a few walks, and she seems to like it, so I'm hoping by the time I take her for a run she'll be used to it and fall asleep or at least not scream the whole time.

We finally made it to church as a family of three! We were only fifteen minutes late, so I'm calling it a win. It felt so good to be back in church. Sleeping in on Sundays really messes up my weekend something fierce. (Plus I miss learning about Jesus.)
One of my best friends came to visit for the weekend! Justine and I were roommates in college, and she flew from Illinois to meet R and spend the weekend with me. I pumped a bottle of milk for R and left her with Jordan, and Justine and I hit up the Oklahoma State Fair for all the fried things. I tried fried cookie dough, which unfortunately sounds better than it was. I also got Chaco suntan lines on my feet, so I think that means I'm an official hippie now.
R got shots at her one-month appointment. Isn't this band-aid on a baby thigh just the saddest and cutest thing you've ever seen?

So those are a few of the highlights. Life is a blur right now, so I'm sure I missed some things. If you haven't been around lately, here are a few posts from the last few months to check out:


  1. Oh, I don't miss the frequency of shots for the babes. That looks sad to me!

  2. Those faces!! Those cheeks! I want to keep using exclamation points because she's so cute! ! :)

  3. CHACO TAN! I've been trying so hard to get rid of mine because of the wedding I'm in this weekend. They're fading, but not fast enough! I probably should have thought about that this summer... Whoops?

  4. Oh, little chubby baby legs! Too cute.

    Fried cookie dough kind of sounds like a glob of...fried cookie dough.

  5. So fun that your best friend came to visit! And, you made it to church! What a good month :)

  6. The faces she makes are just adorable!!

  7. So expressive with her face, so cute. You are getting out again which is a huge bonus for sure. Small favors!

  8. Aww poor R with her little band aid! Glad you guys had a good month and how exciting you have a wedding coming up! That'll be so fun!

  9. Love the photos! Yay for family time with the new little one! So exciting!

  10. Okay friend, major confession...I haven't come by your page for like a month. Upside, I just got to browse back through all your amazing last updates and beautiful photos. R is so so sweet. I'm so happy for your little family of three! <3

  11. I'm so glad your friend was able to come down and visit AND you got to go eat fried food together. Is there a better way to bond?! ;) Little R's band-aid is equally cute and sad, you are right.

  12. I love that you share your thoughts and feelings with us. It's so relatable, and I bet it helps a ton of new moms who feel the same way, but are too afraid to admit to it. Keep it up!

    1. P.S. I mentioned you along with other bloggers I love, because you are all honest and open on your blogs. It's so important to show that nobody is alone in their worries, fears and doubts. Thank you for keeping it real!

  13. That poor little adorable one month old thigh with the shot bandaid. :( So sad and so cute - you're right!

  14. That bandaid is kind of adorable even though it's sad at the same time! I normally just see normal, ugly little bandaids on babies after they get their shots. Kudos to your doctor's office! :)

    I love the family shot of you guys on the day you went to church! R is so lucky to have you guys as parents! :)

  15. You guys made a super cute kid!! And I can only imagine just how all-over-the-place life is, but I'm cheering you on, too! Thanks for sharing all the craziness, the identity-crisis, all of it.


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