Month Four


HEIGHT = 24.75 inches
WEIGHT = 13.2 pounds

Miss R is four months old today! And I know I should probably say, "It's felt so fast!" But honestly? It feels like she's been here so much longer than four months. I used to get really insulted when people said things about how you never know what you are missing in your life until you have a kid. I mean, that's kind of rude to act like someone's life is incomplete just because they don't have xyz. So I won't say that to you.

But what I will say is that I can't imagine not having our sweet girl around. Not that I didn't think I'd like being a mom, but I'm surprised by how much I really do love it. Is it weird to say that I have fun with a four-month-old? I seriously love having her around! She makes me smile so much, and I love this stage she's at where she can interact more. She's really starting to look like a person and less like a baby, which is awesome and sad all at once.
^^^We recently (as in, like five days ago) upgraded to 3-6 sizes. The 0-3 were finally looking snug, but she's swimming in some of the bigger sizes. Still, I thought it was time. These pink pjs slay me. I can't remember who got them for us, but whoever you are, thanks!


After one glorious week where she slept 10 hours a night, we had some sleeping issues this month. Typically we put her down between 7-8 pm, and she was waking up somewhere around 2-3 and then around 6-7. I was sick over Thanksgiving weekend, and after not eating for three days, my milk supply took a nosedive. I don't think she was getting enough to eat before bed, so for about a week she woke up at 11, 2, and 5, which meant ME = ZOMBIE.

Thankfully, we seem to be back to normal in the milk department. For the last few days she's gone to sleep at 7 and woken up at 4! We'll see how long that lasts. Every night it's a new adventure to see when she'll wake us up. And by us, I mean me, because Jordan sleeps with earplugs in. Truth.
R really doesn't take very long naps during the day. I don't know who these people are whose babies take 3-hour naps, but R ain't got time for that. A few times a day when she starts to get fussy, I hold her and bounce her to sleep for a 30ish-minute nap, and I totally don't care. I figure I'll be at work soon and she'll be taking naps at daycare, so I'm going to take all the bounces I can get.


I'm exclusively breastfeeding right now, although she can take a bottle of pumped milk like a champ when she needs to, like on Sundays in the nursery or at night when Jordan wants some daddy/daughter time. We still haven't quite figured out how much to put in the bottle to get her full, though. Up until a few weeks ago, she was drinking 2.5-3 ounces. We upped it to 3.5 ounces, but then a few nights ago, Jordan fed her before bed, and she downed 3.5 ounces and then was screaming her head off, so I fed her, and she ate a ton more. I think once I go back to work in January, it will be a bit of trial and error to get the right amounts for her bottles during the day because clearly we have no idea what we're doing.

I keep waiting for her to space out her feedings a bit to more like 3-4 hours, but she still likes to eat every 2-2.5 hours, so that keeps me busy.


I mentioned in her three-month update that R has started actually interacting more with us and with the things around her, and this month she has become even more aware. She gets so excited when we lay her down on her activity mat. She grabs and bats at the toys hanging above her. A few weeks ago, I started giving her a few other toys to play with, and it's been fun to watch her get excited about them and reach for them. She particularly loves to play (read: suck) on her little pink elephant! She also loves to suck on her fists, which makes for a lot of drool.
She talks a lot now, and it's super cute. One of my favorite parts of the day is listening to her talk to herself in her crib after she wakes up in the morning. When I go in her room to say good morning and get her changed, she kicks hard and gives me the biggest smile! I die.

She also had her first real laugh this month! Over Thanksgiving, we were with my family, and my brother and sister-in-law started making faces at R across the table. She giggled, and they laughed, and then she laughed! Everyone started making faces and laughing, and she belly laughed for a good two minutes. I whipped out my phone really quick and got some of it on video. It is so cute. We are excited for her to start laughing more regularly, but right now she mostly just coos and giggles.

R is also this close to rolling from back to front. I seriously thought it would happen the other day and filmed her for a good three minutes like a sucker. Soon!


She loves bath time, stroller walks, being outside, her pacifier, her activity mat, and car rides. She also loooves to stand. Girlfriend will lock her knees and stand up to look around (while we hold her, of course). She's really strong!

She hates having a dirty diaper, when the sun gets in her eye, and getting out of the bath. But honestly, she really doesn't dislike much. She loves watching people and so she fights naps because she wants to be in on the action. Silly girl. Little does she know that when she's older, she will give anything for a nap.

I can truly say that I absolutely love being a mom. Yes, I am tired and stressed out. I worry about her constantly, and I'm trying to work on not being an overprotective, crazy parent. Yes, I miss having lots of time just for me to do whatever I want. But man, I sure do love this little girl. We pray every day for her to grow up strong and love Jesus.

Today is December 10, and just an interesting fact: December 9 last year is the day I found out I was pregnant. I had just gotten home from a weekend in San Diego visiting high school friends. I peed on the stick, then I walked out to Jordan and sat down next to him on the couch and shoved it in his face and said, "I need to lie down." One for the memory books, no?

December 10 is when I called the doctor's office to go in for a blood test to confirm the pregnancy. I mentioned this way back when I announced Baby Bum on the blog, but we had been going to an infertility doctor after unofficially trying (i.e. not preventing) for two years. When that positive showed up, I remember being so shocked and overwhelmed and scared of all the unknowns. Now, looking back on everything, I am so incredibly, indescribably thankful that God answered our prayers for a baby this year.

Gosh, I love her.


  1. I know exactly how you feel in that four months has flown by, yet it still feel like the littles have been with us for so much longer. Huston is just like Miss R when it comes to napping. He pretty much refuses to nap longer than 15-20 minutes at a time during the day....BUT he's been a rockstar sleeper at night thus far, so I'm not going to complain! Your little princess is precious, absolutely adorable!

  2. SO cute! Her face, those pink jammies- I can't stand it!! ;)

    1. Totally realistic to want her to wear those for the rest of her life, right? ;)

  3. Happy 4 months! She's so precious. And she looks entirely too old sitting up in her own little chair!! Listening to that morning chatter is one of my favorite things, too. I love her little bow headbands. Do you have a favorite shop? I've gotten some I really love from The Crafted Co.

  4. I seriously can't even believe how cute she is in that LITTLE BABY HOODIE! Omg. Who knew babies could rock hoodies?! I'm obsessed. You are looking great, momma! ;)

  5. I loved the four month stage---they really start "getting" the playing and interacting thing, and oh man, the giggles! So much fun. Plus she isn't so mobile that you have to worry about her pulling down your Christmas tree on top of herself :)

  6. I love this! I'm glad she is a good baby for you. And I'm glad you share the positives of being a Mom too. :)

  7. I'm interested to hear more about your infertility journey. I know you've mentioned a little here and there and if you don't want to put it all out there you can email me but I just searched 'infertility' on your blog to try to find your story. I have been "not preventing" for two years as well. I saw my gyn a few months ago for just my annual pap and I'm 31 now so I asked a few questions and she said that she'd rather have me healthy at age 31 than a girl unhealthy at age 22. So she told me to give it some more time. But I kind of feel like I'm running out of time. This is getting way too long. Anyway. Curious about your infertility over here!:)

  8. I'm not sure how it is possible, but she just keeps getting cuter and cuter and cuter OH MY GAHHHHHHH

  9. I have nothing to say except <3 <3.

    And your last paragraph made me tear up just a tiiiiny bit.

  10. THAT HOODIE. I can't handle the cuteness. GAH.

  11. being a mom looks good on you! :)

  12. She is such a cutie pie! We had that same Carter's brown onesie with the little pink flower bud (it was a set of 4, I think? White, pink, grey, & brown?). Totally makes me nostalgic for when Em was that little!

    Emily didn't start taking 2-3 hour naps until she was a bit older. Like 18 months? By then, she was napping in her crib alone though, instead of in a swing/bouncer/on me. I don't think she slept that long at daycare, either. Just on the weekends or days off daycare - lucky me!

  13. R is precious! I love her chair. Check out Kelly Mom for great resources on figuring out how many ounces of BM to put in a bottle at different ages. Loved it!

  14. Happy four months! R is so cute.
    I also hate when the sun gets in my eye and getting out of the bath. We have a lot in common.

  15. Ha! Your reaction when you found out is awesome. I pretty much did the same thing, haha!

  16. She is adorable!!! I hope her sleeping issues resolve!!

  17. She is soon adorable! It's crazy to think that this time last year you were just finding out that you're pregnant! How time flies.

  18. She is absolutely adorable!! I love all the little outfits! Baby clothes are the best!! :)

  19. She is just beautiful. So glad you are loving and treasuring this stage, and so glad God blessed you with sweet baby R this year!

  20. My Latest obsession: elephants! I'm loving this chair! oh and the girl, she's pretty cute to!

  21. She's just so dang adorable. Also, I totally have the same shirt you're wearing in the last pictures. :P

  22. oh my gosh, those pink pjs are seriously adorable. i think you need to gift them to me when you're done. just kidding. she really is adorable though, and i don't think it's weird that you enjoy her company and like having her around.
    thank you for not saying the whole you don't know what you're missing thing... i hate when people say that for the reason that you mentioned, and also because obviously i don't know what i am missing, because how can i know what i don't know?
    so this one time, KC and I had a bit of a scare and there was a line on the stick. It obviously wasn't real or whatever because that was several months ago, and no bebe. But, I walked into the kitchen after peeing on the stick and I looked at KC, waiting for his attention. He was cooking and listening to a podcast, he took one earphone out and was like yes? i said, whenever you're ready would you mind stopping the podcast so i can have your full attention? and he was like nah, i'm good, i can hear you, and i was like arghh i just wanted to tell you there are two lines on the stick and you can't put your stupid podcast away? it was hilarious, he was dumbfounded for a second. obviously like i said, no baby but that would have been one for the memory books as well ;)

  23. Wow, already a year since you found out! How awesome to be able to remember back to all those emotions of that day and look at her perfect face now. Precious. :)

  24. Olivia will be four months old a week from today (though she was 16 weeks this past Wednesday). It's funny how much she has in common with R as far as likes and dislikes. I'm so thankful for how happy she is. I'm at a point now, though, where I'm wondering if she's napping too much during the day and it's impacting her night sleep. She goes down for 4 naps per day and one of them is usually 1:45 where the others are around 45 minutes to an hour. I'm trying to keep her up more, but she gets fussy. I think I'm reading the fuss as time for sleep where it's really time to change activities. R is so precious. Those pink pajamas are the sweetest. I know she isn't in them anymore, but how sweet for while she was.


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