2016 Blog Survey Results


Thank you to everyone who took my blog survey! I really enjoy doing these. For one thing, it allows me to hear from people who usually don't comment, it also allows me to know what you guys like reading on the blog. I will always post what I want to post about, and I don't make any major changes based on the responses, but it's good to know if you guys really like or don't like something. It makes it much more fun for me to write about things that I know you will enjoy reading.

So let's get to some of the responses!

^^^I put the 57 answer as a joke for my dad because he recently turned 57, but the joke's on me because he didn't even take my survey! I totally called him out on it. Lame.

^^^It's interesting that I have such a large percentage of people who are non-bloggers! Although I know a lot of my family and friends read my blog, so I guess that makes sense.

^^^I asked this question in my last blog survey and got a very similar response. About twice as many people read the comments as leave a comment. I find that so interesting! I read comments on blogs too, so I can relate. I find it interesting to see what other people are saying. Although sometimes I get into trouble because reading comments can make me grouchy. I would say discuss in the comments but let's be honest: less than 20% of you are going to do that.
^^^It seems I have a good number of people who have been reading for a while, so thank you! I take that as a compliment that you keep coming back. I probably wouldn't have kept blogging this long if it weren't for all of you!

I had 38 people share a prayer request, and I want you to know that I am honored to be invited to pray for you. I actually printed out all the requests and brought them with me on the plane to Saint Louis last month. After R fell asleep, I prayed through each one specifically and have continued to pray as they come to mind. I can't explain why things happen or what God's plan is, but I believe that prayer is important and that he hears our prayers.

^^^Who are you that don't like my videos???? You're dead to me. Also, can't stop won't stop making videos.

Favorite Post Topic (when forced to choose one): 
1. Coffee date/Currently/Confession Session
2. Family (vacation, weekend, random stories)
3. Tie between: Motherhood // Running/Working Out

Least Favorite Post Topic:
1. Blogging
2. Faith/God (I totally understand why this wouldn't interest many of you. I don't post specifically about my faith a lot, but I definitely won't stop posting if a topic comes to mind!)
3. Running/Working Out (somehow this got on both favorite and least favorites!)

Ideas for Future Posts:
-Your good-looking husband (I WONDER WHO WROTE THIS.)
-More style posts! <--- You flatter and confuse me. I don't feel like I have enough style to write about style. I also don't have a full-length mirror in a well-lit room so...... don't hold your breath.
-Something embarrassing you've done. How about this.
-How marriage changes after kids. Maybe read this.
-A day in the life post. I did one in January. Maybe I should update it?
-I'd love to hear more about how you stay motivated. 
-How SAHMs can support working moms and not make them feel alienated. <--- I love this so much and I've actually been thinking about this! Post to come soon hopefully.
-The US election. LOLOLOLOL. (That's me laughing so I don't cry.) #imwithnobody
-How do you cope with the anxieties of everyday life? <--- This is a good question and might make a good post. The short answer is: prayer and chocolate and lots of calls to my mother.
-How you monetize your blog. <--- Interesting! I don't do a lot obviously, but maybe a post with some tips and tricks?
-More running! <--- Guys, I'm trying. The struggle is still here and it's real. Especially once it gets darker and colder. I am a fair-weather outside runner.
-What you did after graduating college. <--- Interesting! Sort of a flashback post of sorts? 
-More funny stories. <--- These are my favorites to write and yes when something funny happens I'll write about it!

So that's it for this round of survey questions. Thanks again for humoring me and being so kind. I always get nervous about asking for feedback because internet people can be rude, but you really are all so nice. I got some great ideas for future posts and am glad to know things you like to read about. Enjoy your week!

Unknown said...

I love seeing the results and it is comforting to know someone out there not related to the outcome of my prayer request is thinking about it!

Kate said...

I used to leave lengthy comments ALL THE TIME, and I'm sure you will never admit how much you are thankful I cut back on some of those. ;) But seriously. I still read 99% of what you write (I appreciate some of the baby-related sponsored posts, but since they definitely don't pertain to me, I've been known to skip over them. Not hating on them though!). I just find myself reading them more often on my phone, which makes it difficult to comment OR on my lunch break at work when I have limited time to react. I do miss leaving comments though! Maybe that'll be my NYE resolution this year. Be prepared.

Sarah @ Sometimes Photojenik said...

I always love reading these! -'d I find it way interesting how running was both a favorite and least favorite haha. I guess it can be polarizing lol.

Rebecca Jo said...

This is really interesting to me... kinda surprised by some of the results

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i love reading survey results. my thing is you can't please everyone, so eh. and who doesn't like videos?! rude. probably the same people who prefer smooth peanut butter instead of crunchy? just kidding because i prefer smooth and i swear i like your videos.
love the sahm/working mom post suggestion from someone, can't wait to see what you have to say.

Kayla MKOY said...

It's so cool to see what people think/want to see more of! So great!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I always love seeing your survey results because you do such a good recap post! It's always fun to see what people think.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

These results are always so interesting to me! I would love to do a survey but I'm so lazy. LOL

Julie | A Hopeful Hood said...

A blog survey is such a fun idea!!! Reading the results (even I didn't know about it i time to take it) was so so interesting. Those blog post topics are great!

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

Fun! You do a great job showing the results with the charts you post. :) Keep doing what you're doing - you obviously enjoy it (most important) and so do others. Excited for the blog post topics you said are in the works!

Nadine said...

Hahahaaha Ideas for future posts: Your good looking husband. That make me laugh! It is always interesting to see what others like/dont like.

Audrey Louise said...

You got a great response! I think you asked some very helpful questions! It seems like you're pretty pleased with the feedback (except those video-haters, lol)! I giggled (again) at the "first time reader" response up there. Ha!

Rach said...

It's always so interesting to me to hear from people who I didn't realize read my blog. I tend to forget what a large percentage of people read without commenting (especially family and in-person friends).

Also, I love your videos! I know you aren't planning to stop them anyway, but just wanted to be one person letting you know! I will say, over the years I have noticed a decline in regular comments on nearly every post where I have shared a video as the main part of the post. I've heard from several people that it's because they read blogs while at work and can't play videos while there. So they skip the post intending to come back (or just skip it entirely and wait for the next one). And I think sometimes it's because people would rather skim through the words to get to something that interests them instead of watching a whole videos. Nearly always I've noticed that if a video is more than 3 minutes long I'm going to have fewer views on it. Not that it stops me from making and sharing videos just like I like them (several of our travel ones have been longer than that), but just things I've noticed.

Laura Morgan said...

Yes! Why didn't I think of asking how SAHMs can help WAHMs? You should double down on that and link up with a SAHM blogger.

I was actually just thinking about what you said about your adult conversation not necessarily being conversation about what's on your heart because mike is leaving and I was struggling with being jealous of all his alone/adult time. But I know his job is stressful right now and he really just wants to spend time with us. Anyway.

Yay blogging!

Rachel said...

Very interesting that only about a third of those surveyed are active bloggers themselves.

And I'm not sure if anything good can come out of anybody posting anything about the election...like...is there a good outcome at all? It's not just America, the whole world's crazy. It'll end someday. We just keep pressing on no matter what comes!

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Bummed I missed out on your survey! Slacker over here! I totally vote for the videos! Maybe even a tutorial on how to make them?! Since I'm a Mac rookie and totally want to make videos with the million little clips I have of R! :)

Rhonda said...

Yes please more video posts. I think they are fascinating! And I think your survey is interesting too. I've never really seen another blogger do it. I love reading your blog btw.