R: 20 Months


You love blueberries and bananas. Every morning you run into the kitchen and shout for “nanas” and “boo,” and if you don’t get it right away you get mad. If none of the aforementioned are available, you also request "cho cho" (cheerios).

You point to both of Jordan's eyebrows and say, "eyebow," and then you point to his mustache and call that an eyebrow too. Hilarious and also really smart of you!

You love shoes. Sometimes you will march up to me, shove your shoes in my face, and say “shoo shoo” until I put them on.

You love being outside, especially when you can “dra” with chalk. You cannot be contained to just one area but run all around the porch to draw on every available surface. Sometimes you ask me to trace an outline of your feet, or you will stand with your back against the brick and want me to draw a line so you can see how tall you are.

You won’t always give kisses when we ask, but when you do they are the sweetest kisses in the world. You purse your lips together and lean your whole body in. Your cheeks are so soft and plump, and when you’ve been outside playing they get all red and rosy.

You refuse to have anything on your head, whether it’s a hat, the hood of your sweatshirt, or a bow. If I get you distracted, I can slip a bow onto your head, but you always pull it off as soon as you realize it’s there (usually within 10 seconds).

You can’t stand to have even the tiniest speck of anything strange on your finger, and you will often come running up so that I can wipe your finger off, even if I can’t see anything on it.

When I ask you where something is, you hold both your arms out, palms facing up, and look at me as if to say, “I don’t know!” Although I know you understand me really well, and a few times I’ve asked you where something was like your baby doll or your other shoe, and you locate it almost immediately.

You say “no” a lot, even if you don’t mean it. You wave your finger and say “no no” when we do something you don’t like. You can sign “please” and “thank you,” and if you want more of something, you say “mo pee” (more please).

When you want to run fast, you don’t actually run faster, you just swing your arms harder and it cracks us up every time.

If you toot, you look at us with a surprised expression and say, “oh!” You also point to your bottom and say “poooo” when you want a diaper change. We’ve put you on the potty a few times, but I don’t think you’re interested.

While you get your diaper changed, you often like to cross your left leg over your right and read a book.

When you’re at daycare and a friend gets in your area or takes something from you, you bite them. We are trying to teach you that you can stand up for yourself while not hurting your friends. We talk about “soft touches” instead of pushing and scratching.

You get frustrated if you can’t get something quite right (like a puzzle piece in the right place), and you can easily get upset if you don’t get what you want. Sometimes you even get mad and throw a fit for no reason, and we aren’t quite sure how to handle it.

You love music and are a good dancer! You wave your head side to side and clap your hands.

You love to read books, and you snuggle up in my lap and demand a “boo” to read. Sometimes you will sit through the entire book and sometimes you just flip through the pages so quickly I can barely get two words out. Before bedtime you point to the “cha” (chair) and ask to read, and we can go through 4 or 5 books in one sitting before you're ready to move on to something else.

You are such a good sleeper! You go to bed between 7 and 7:30 and sleep until 6:30 or 7:00 the next morning. We took your paci away from you right after you turned 19 months old, and you had a rough couple of days but you figured it out really quickly!

You love to Facetime with Grandma and Grandpa, and you love to watch videos of yourself on my phone. You get so excited!

When we pray before dinner, you clasp your hands together and smile really big, and when we finish praying, we say amen and you copy us and say, "Ameeeen."

Your dad is so excited that you love airplanes. You can hear one coming from far away and immediately point to the sky and shout “airpane!” Then you watch it until it’s out of sight.
You love baths and shout “BAAA” and run into the bathroom. When you’re ready to get out, you wave at the drain and say, “bye-bye, wa wa” (bye-bye, water). And actually, you like to say "bye-bye" to everything these days.

Your eyes are beautiful and brown, just like your daddy's.

I could go on and on, really. Your facial expressions make us laugh daily, and you are growing up to be such a beautiful, smart, wonderful little girl. We love you so much.
Michelle said...

She's talking so well! I love toddlers and their hilarious antics. I love that she swings her arms instead of running faster. That's how I prefer to run faster too ;)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

The mustache/eyebrow comment...THAT IS SO SMART!!

erinhzauner said...

She is amazing! What a fun age, one of my favorites (they're all good in some way aren't they?).

Kayla MKOY said...

These kind of posts are so fun because you'll be able to look back and remember how she was/what she loved SO well!! :) I love that she calls his mustache an eyebrow, LOL!

Cassie Lee @ Sage the Blog said...

Dat belly! So cute

Amy @ A Desert Girl said...

She is precious!! The swinging arms harder/faster to "run" faster - awesome. I love that Jordan has 3 eyebrows. What a clever girl R is.

Ava does so many of these things too. 17-20 months are just so much fun!

Nadine said...

Hahahaha I love that she calls his mustache an eyebrow! Mo pee might be the cutest thing ever! She is such a doll!

Jen said...

Haha she is awesome!!! I love that first picture of her.

Unknown said...

I love this age, it's so much fun! Amelia hates having anything on her hands too and runs to me multiple times a day so I can clean them, even though I see nothing, ha!

Laura J said...

Ahhh she is just so cute!! I love getting to decipher what they're trying to tell us! Sheffield is constantly wanted to "wa haaayyn" (wash hands) too. It's so funny how they don't want anything on their hands!

Jenny Evans said...

You are going to love having this little snapshot of what R was like at this age! I try to do the same for my kids at least once a month but... you know... life.

Also, I love it when toddlers cross one leg over the other when reading. Makes them look like they're ready for Harvard. Even if they are reading a pop-up book.

Katie @ Live Half Full said...

Oh my goodness this is adorable! It really makes me want to do a better job capturing B's little life. You do it so well!

Danielle said...

So adorable! Love your descriptions of her.

Erin LFF said...

We are big banana and blueberry fans over here, too ;) It sounds like she is talking so much/well! Lots of words, that is awesome!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

She is too freakin' precious! I love this age... such personality!

Rach said...

All so sweet! Such a fun age! I especially love that when she wants to run faster that she just moves her arms more. I bet that's adorable! :)

Torrie said...

Oh man, I wish my kid would say "poop!" every time she needed a diaper change! Instead, she just runs and hides under the kitchen table when I notice the smell and she knows what's coming...

And how sweet are these pictures?!