J's Custom Foil Birth Announcement from Minted


I am so excited to be able to partner with Minted to share J's birth announcement with you guys! Minted is always my first choice for cards, and I am just totally in love with the announcement I made for J that we sent out in the mail to friends and family last week. Of course I wanted to wait a few days before sharing on the blog to make sure the surprise wasn't ruined!

Minted recently launched a brand-new line of custom foil birth announcements where you can add luxe hand-pressed gold, silver, or rose gold foil to any text! They are beautiful and definitely take your announcement to the next level. I mean is this not too cute?

Normally it takes me forever to decide my card design because Minted has such unique options that I can never narrow it down to just one favorite. But this time I fell in love with the very first design I tried with J's photo. It's pretty simple, but I love it. However, this design was a contender, and I think this or this would be so sweet for a little girl.
Now before anyone emails me panicking because I didn't put a box over his name, this is intentional because I want to show you the gorgeous script font in this foil print! But he will remain J on the blog, and I will block out his name in any future photos and posts. I do sincerely appreciate the emails I've gotten from those of you who have caught me when I accidentally shared a photo showing R's full name. Jordan and I decided it would be okay to share just this once :)

As always, Minted's cards are high-quality cardstock that I prefer to the photo paper used by many online shops. I also love how easy their cards are to customize exactly how you want, with text boxes that move, a number of font options, and the ability to "favorite" multiple designs so you can compare and choose which you like the best.

But my favorite feature of Minted's cards is the free address printing! Just input your addresses and they will print the envelopes completely free! This makes it so easy for me because I have all my addresses saved, so when I ordered these birth announcements, all I had to do was select the addresses I wanted, update any that were out of date, and I was done except for adding stamps!

I honestly love Minted and would have ordered cards from them whether or not I partnered with them for a blog post. Their new foil options are lovely and worth checking out if you have a special occasion like a baby announcement or a wedding invitation.

*I received J's birth announcements for free from Minted in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions are mine.

p.s. Birth Story Part 2 is coming Monday! I will finish it up this weekend, I promise. 
Read Part 1 if you need to catch up.

Nadine said...

I absolutely LOVE the design you picked!!! The foiled letters are so pretty.

Jen said...

I love the design!!! They turned out wonderful. :)

Amie said...

These are so cute!! And of course I love his name :)

Audrey Louise said...

I won't lie, after we became IG friends I was so happy to see you used J's name on there because I was SO curious! Turns out I should've just been patient ;) But I'm glad we're IG friends, too! Haha!
Gorgeous announcements!

Rach said...

I'm glad you put the note about J's name because I was thinking "Surely she knows that's showing... right?! Do I email her? I don't know..." then I saw your note and all was well. ;) Aaanyway, SUCH a lovely announcement! Love the way these look! Looking forward to part two of the birth story!

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

I love the birth announcement and i thought Minted did a great job with it when I got it in the mail. His little card is hanging right now on my 'card' board. Super fun!

Maria said...

These are stunning, as is the photo of the the little guy! Did you take that?

I'm so tempted to get the floral one you linked to. At first glance, they seem so pricey (especially compared to my standby, Vistaprint), but you cannot put a price on not having to address the envelops yourself. That is key for me. Do they do a return address for free as well? Because we are in a rental, I don't want to buy one of those cute address stamps anymore from Etsy. Last time I did that, we had to move ;)

Veronica Lee Burns said...

beautiful! I love seeing how the addressed it because I'm high considering do that this year for christmas

Julie @ Just the Joy's said...

Oh my heavens, what a beautiful announcement! He's so precious. I can't believe he's a month old already!