links + loves vol. 8


I have a great roundup of links and loves for you guys today!

-We need to support our friends in Houston both through prayer and financially. Here is a great place to donate.

-My brother recently started a website and podcast focused on meditating on the Word of God. The podcast episodes are about 10 minutes long, and he also posts 3 new articles each Sunday. You can follow the site on Instagram too.

-I loved Brittany's post "When the Words Feel Heavy" talking about the recent events around the country. At the end of her post she offers an awesome list of resources for continuing to learn about how we can engage with these issues.

-I recently discovered a new-to-me blog. She has lovely essays on faith, and two posts I particularly loved were this and this.

-This post has some great ideas for baby essentials.

-Does this back-pocket stir fry sound yummy or what?

-My go-to meal to serve when having friends over for dinner. So easy and delicious!

-I finally started listening to the Risen Motherhood podcast and have been enjoying it a lot! I immediately followed their blog as well.

-Another podcast I discovered (thanks to recommendations from Lore) is Friending. This is a podcast all about friendship!

-I LOVED this post on bringing motherhood down a notch. I can't tell you how much. A lot.

-When considering transitioning R to her toddler bed, we knew we needed to get her a pillow, and my friend recommended the Little Sleepy Head toddler pillow to us. We love it! I have a full post coming later this week about how we made the transition and more about the Little Sleepy Head pillows and pillowcases.

-My dad recently started a nonprofit! Consider a tax-deductible donation to Dare to Serve, which is impacting the lives of high school students in North Texas. My dad goes into schools and does Bible studies, and he would like to raise enough money to be able to send 6 students on a short-term missions trip.

-It's a shame I didn't discover these nursing bras with R. I bought two to use this time around and highly recommend them.

-After getting a Graze box in the mail every month for years (and paying for it with my own blow money), Jordan has decided he wants in and keeps stealing my snacks! Use my referral link and get your first and fifth snack sampler box free or go here and put in the code 3G4Y2PFKP
Jen said...

That meals look so good!

Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real said...

That's is great of your dad to start a nonprofit! I wish I could donate but I will in the future for sure! Crock pot chicken is the best for having guests over since it's so simple.

Have a great day :)

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

i always wondered when the pillow thing came in to play so i can't wait for your post. definitely checking out that stir fry!

Michelle said...

Risen Motherhood is my favorite podcast of all time. They are so wise and so on point.

I love that article about taking Motherhood down a notch. Felt like a sigh of relief in our perfect Motherhood-obsessed culture.

Audrey Louise said...

It sounds like your family is doing some really awesome things! Thanks for all the unique links- I love the mix of recipes and family stuff and personal care links!

StephTheBookworm said...

I liked that taking motherhood notch down article - thanks for sharing it! It's really awesome! That's basically how I feel too... some mamas are too intense and too worried... including me at times. Definitely a great reminder!

The Lady Okie said...

Thank you, Maureen!

The Lady Okie said...

I knowwww

Jenny Evans said...

I loved the article about taking motherhood down a notch, too. I am so hard on myself about every little failure. I wish I wasn't. I'm better than I was, but still a work in progress.

Rach said...

So many podcast recommendations here! This past week was my first every experience of listening to podcasts. I discovered that I like listening to them when I walk around our neighborhood as Little Bit naps in her stroller. Thanks for these! :)

Beka @ Sunshine to the Square Inch said...

That friending podcast looks really good! I'm going to try listening to a few. Okay, the back pocket stir fry does sound amazing, minus the tofu. I can't do tofu and it's just so wrong to trick someone like that when you are expecting meat ;).

That's really neat that your Dad does that non-profit. I'm sure kids will be impacted for eternity through that.