Better-for-You Snacks for Busy Days


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As a full-time working mom with two small children, it's hard to find time to exercise. At this stage in my life, mornings just aren't a good time because I never know when R or J are going to wake up; and since I'm still up 2-3 times a night feeding J, getting up at 5 am to get a workout in appeals to me zero percent. I've found that evenings are actually the best time for me to go running or do an at-home workout, once R is in bed. 

For the next few months I am working from home (so thankful), which allows me to keep J home with me during the day, and if I can't do something at night, sometimes I can get in a walk or run during the afternoons with him.

Especially since I'm breastfeeding, I know that keeping my calorie count up is important and making sure I refuel with protein after my workouts. I'm always so hungry, but coming back from a workout is a rush with showering, nursing, and taking care of my two crazy kids, and it's hard to find something to eat that isn't terrible for me (hi, cookies) and doesn't involve a lot of prep.

It's always a temptation to dive into the nearest dessert (and I do succumb all too often), but with new Lorissa's Kitchen premium steak strips, I can feel better about my post-workout snack. Lorissa's Kitchen products feature a clean label with many better-for-you benefits, including: 100% grass-fed beef, responsibly raised pork, and no added growth hormones or MSG. Plus, this delicious snack is gluten free!

You know how they say that you should recognize all the ingredients on the labels of your food? Well Lorissa's Kitchen has 11 ingredients listed, all of which are things I have in my own kitchen, and it's available at your local Walmart. 

With 11 grams of protein per serving, I can refuel quickly without sacrificing time prepping my own snacks or diving headfirst into a pint of ice cream. They offer four flavors: Korean Barbecue Beef, Sweet Chili Pork, Ginger Teriyaki Chicken, and Szechuan Peppercorn Beef.

Lorissa's Kitchen pairs well with Honest Tea®. What's funny is that I had never had Honest Tea before, but I bought a few bottles a couple of weeks ago before I even started working on this post and have been loving them. It comes in multiple delicious flavors to fit your tastebuds. Of course, I make sure to drink a ton of water throughout the day, but sometimes it's nice to drink something with a bit of taste, and I like how it is "just a tad sweet" but not overly sweet.

You all have heard me talk about the Ibotta app before, and you can earn $1.00 cash back with the purchase of the following combo, exclusive at Walmart: one 2.25-oz bag of Lorissa's Kitchen™ Premium Protein Snacks--Any variety and Honest Tea® - Any variety - Single bottle only. Both products must appear on the same receipt to get credit for this rebate. Check out the rebate and get more info on the Ibotta app.

Feel better about your snacks on those busy days and stop by Walmart today for Lorissa's Kitchen and Honest Tea!
Maureen @ Maureen Gets Real said...

I love having jerky for a high protein snack and Korean barbecue is a great flavor. Honest Tea isn't a brand I've tried but I love iced tea so I'll pick up a bottle next time I at the store.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I love the Korean BBQ one!!

Nadine said...

Honest tea and healthier jerky...some of my favorite snacks!!!

Amy said...

Girl, I seriously need your motivation with your workouts! You're amazing!!
Also, these are perfect to refuel!

Rach said...

Way to get in those runs and do something for yourself! I hear you on quick foods. Beef Jerky has been a staple of mine for quick, high protein snacks for a long time, but I quit eating it while I was pregnant because I couldn't stomach it. So I haven't thought to buy it since Little Bit arrived. I need to pick some up. I've seen this brand before so I'll have to try it out! :) Thanks for the recommendation!