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Hello, friends! Guess what? Big news over here.... I started work in the office on Monday. Yes, the time has come. I cried a lot and it was hard to leave J. I was holding it together pretty well until the director asked me how I was doing as I handed her J's "baby's first day" paper, and I burst into tears and basically ran out the door.

Everyone has been so incredibly sweet texting me to ask how I'm doing and sending prayers and love my way. Yesterday after work I walked in and Jordan had Christmas music playing, a fresh cup of hot chocolate waiting for me, and he was cooking dinner! That guy. He made sure to tell me not to expect that kind of entrance every day, but I will take it when I can get it.

We are trying to figure out a new normal over here. Our routines have changed a lot, and I'm just trying to take it one day at a time. The good news is that I absolutely love our daycare and am so thankful for the fact that I know I'm leaving both of my babies somewhere they will be well cared for. 

I wanted to stop in and share a currently post while I have a minute!

lighting: Other than the Christmas tree, I'm lighting a mint candle in my office. One of the things I decided upon returning to work was that my office needed some sprucing up. I brought some new stuff from home to hang up, and I have been lighting a candle, which makes it feel cozy.

Also, related to lights, I'm mostly including this so I can remember it later, but R has been loving all the lights on the houses. Yesterday on my way home from work, we spent 10 minutes just driving around our neighborhood looking at all the lights and she was so happy. It's really true what they say: children make the holidays even more fun!

spending: You don't want to know what sorts of damage I did to our credit card in November. At least with our Double Cash card we are getting double the points! But the Instagram rabbit hole is real, and it has sucked me in with all the cute things. My most recent obsession are these pacifier  clips, which I love because they are shorter than average and so much easier to deal with (in my opinion) than the regular long ones. Jordan and I are both big fans.

choosing: What gift to get for the person whose name I drew in our family Christmas draw. I have three siblings, two of whom are married, and ain't nobody got the money to buy each person a gift, so each year we all draw names, my parents included! Then on Christmas Eve we sit around and open the presents we got one another, and it's such a fun and special time.

sending: A box of baby goodies to one of my best friends, who is due with a baby next year. I won't be able to attend her baby shower because she's out of state, so I put together a box of some of my favorite things and mailed it off! Isn't mailing packages just one of the most fun things ever?

singing: Christmas songs, obviously. There's a radio station here in OKC that plays 24/7 Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving, and that's about all I have on for the entire month of December. R somehow knows which is the Charlie Brown song, and when it comes on she shouts CHARLIE BROWN and gets really excited.

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  1. mailing packages really is super fun! i am doing the same with my friend who is getting married in March... she's getting married on a day i have classes so i am mailing her a gift box and i'm so excited to put it together!

    i love that your family draws names! as our family grows with kids, i am trying to convince my family to draw names for the adults! it gets expensive having to buy for everyone!

  2. There comes a point in families where you have to do the one gift thing, or else everyone ends up bankrupting themselves which is a bit silly! Also I think we're getting a bit old to care about presents, more about spending time with family.

    I love sending people things in the post! I actually enjoy it even more than I enjoy getting things in the post. It's just such a good feeling!

  3. Oh my goodness- the holidays with kids is just the most fun ❤️

  4. As a mother who adores Charlie Brown, R's reaction to that song is what all my dreams are made of. Thinking and praying for you transition back to work. I know how hard that it for you <3

  5. Our sibling gift strategy thus far seems to be that we get gifts for the siblings that we're actually with on Christmas each year. Which is never very many given how spread out we are, haha! Angel and I typically do an "experience gift" and take my group of little sisters who aren't grown up yet out on a special outing--last year it was the new science museum, this year I think it'll be pedicures and tea...

    Too cute that R is big enough to appreciate the lights, now!!

  6. I WISH we drew names in our families. Instead, we go broke trying to buy the perfect gifts for every person. And daycare? I'm so glad you have a great one. We're moving our daughter - her last week at her current daycare is next week. I should write about it, but I didn't want to anger anyone before I could get her out of there. (We're working out our notice basically.) And true story - the Charlie Brown song was the song the pianist played for my husband and I as we walked out of the chapel on our wedding day. I love hearing it and thinking of our wedding. :)

  7. Yes, so nice to give your office a little holiday cheer, isn't it? We do the same type of sibling gift exchange too - such a good idea :)

  8. Your mantel is GORGEOUS, I am seriously swooning over it right now.

  9. We don't exchange with our siblings at all anymore - much less stress!

    Happy season!

  10. R is really embracing the holidays! That's so sweet :) The week is ALMOST over- you've survived! Hopefully you get to soak up lots of family time this weekend to get you through another week!

  11. I have a friend that lives in another state and we always send each other random gifts, so I really need to get her Christmas box in the mail. I love being around kids for the holidays - I'll be seeing my nieces and nephew this year and I can't wait! They do tend to make things more enjoyable.


  12. aw man, jordan with the hot chocolate ready when you got home? jeepers i would have bawled my eyes out. and demanded it every day. haha!
    hugs about going back to work. i am glad you love your daycare.
    i love that you guys draw names - that is so smart! KC has a pretty small family but it's still annoying buying all the gifts. my brother in law got engaged this year so now i have to buy my soon to be sister in law a gift too, and ugh. i barely know her (they've only been dating for like a year but that's a different story). i am such a grinch lol.
    i love that R knows the charlie brown song. so freaking cute! and how nice are you sending a package to your friend. i love sending stuff. i love receiving stuff too, not gonna lie.

  13. That is so sweet of Jordan to have hot chocolate and dinner waiting for you!! My sister and I don't exchange gifts anymore, we just buy for the kids and it makes things so much easier! I am sending you all the hugs this week with going back to the office. I am finally at a place where I haven't cried in awhile dropping Zoe off. It is nice knowing that daycare is going to love on them while they are there. Good idea to spruce up the office and burn a candle!I wish I didn't sit in cube land so I could do the same!

  14. That's so sweet of Jordan to make your rough day so nice :) Hopefully it will get easier for you.

  15. So so sweet that Jordan went above and beyond on your first day back!

    I love that R is loving the lights on houses! There is a house not far from us that always does a light show synced to music you can play in your car (via radio) and I'm excited to take our little one over there. She is loving all the lights that come with Christmas! :)

    Memphis has a radio station that plays Christmas music 24/7 too and it's my fav! :)

  16. Hang in there during this transition, Mama!

  17. ahhh Black Friday deals got me in trouble. So much trouble! CC is no happy ;)

    I hope the transition goes smooth <3 I don't know what it's like, but I know from my friends how hard it can be. I am praying peace over you right now

    PS. Drawing names is the way to go. This year, we killed all the adult presents so we didn't even draw names, we just gave presents to the little people and we exchanged over Tgiving.. so no more present buying for me!

  18. I'm glad things are going well but I can't imagine how hard it was to leave J after all this time with him! PRaying things get easier <3

  19. I hope that things get easier to handle with going back to work. I can't imagine how hard that it, and I think you are so strong and awesome for making that sacrifice for the sake of your family's needs!
    Christmas lights are so fun. We don't have any outdoor lights, but a lot of our neighbors do, and my toddler loves looking at them and saying "lights! lights!" Since he was 6 months old last Christmas and oblivious to everything, it's been fun and exciting to watch him take it all in this year :)

  20. SO... I read "these pacifier clips" as "pacifier paper clips" like... twice. It's been a long week. #help

    Praying for you this morning as you go back to work (even though I know today isn't your first day back). :)

  21. I'm glad you have had a lot of support this past week. And that was so incredibly nice of Jordan. It's nice to have extra support from your spouse during hard times.

    I'm glad R is enjoying the lights. Kids are really cute with their love for all things Christmas.

  22. I returned from maternity leave last holiday season and it was so hard!! I like the idea of making your office a bit more welcoming. If you have to be somewhere might as well make it more comfortable!


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