Coffee Date: December 2017


Hello! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your families. It seemed like a lot of people started their festivities early, but we didn't do anything with family Friday or Saturday, and it was nice to have some down time just the four of us.

Tuesday was the seven-year anniversary of the day Jordan asked me to marry him! December 26, 2010, we were downtown Chicago with my family, and Jordan got down on his knee in the snow and proposed and shocked the daylights out of me. You can read our engagement story here, our love story in 10 questions here, and Jordan's side of the story as he planned the proposal part 1 & part 2.

The last time I wrote a coffee date post was back in August when J was 6 weeks old. Now that he's 6 months old, I thought it was a good time to take you all out for coffee, or maybe a peppermint mocha as a fun, wintery treat. If we were out for coffee, I'd tell you...

...that I've been writing more sponsored posts lately, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm actually finding them kind of fun. Now, I realize that purist bloggers would never say such a thing, and I know that as a blog reader sponsored posts can be obnoxious. The ratio of sponsored posts to lifestyle posts on The Lady Okie is always always always going to be majorly favored to the latter, but I've been able to try out some products I never would have tried before, and having certain writing requirements for posts depending on what the brand is looking for grows me as a writer, which I consider a useful skill and has been interesting. Plus, I don't hate free stuff and I don't hate money ;) I'd really like to start saving up for a camera upgrade this year! Most recently I wrote a post about these potatoes, which both Jordan and I thought were delicious, and I will definitely be buying them again! (For more of my thoughts on sponsorships and working with brands as a small blogger, read this post.)

...that I've added some really fun things to my wardrobe lately. I don't regularly buy clothes, especially clothes that cost more than $10 or $15, but as I mentioned in a previous post, after having J, I just feel kind of blah about everything I own and have been wanting to add some fashionable, cute pieces to my closet that I can feel good in that aren't t-shirts I'm still wearing from college. I recently got my first Stitch Fix box, which was fun. I'd been wanting to try it forever and was very impressed by it. A blog reader (Hi, Amie!) used my referral code to get a box for free, and she emailed me to say that she loved her entire box and kept everything in it! It's always nice to hear from you guys who read this blog, especially when I recommend something I liked and you like it too.

...that speaking of clothes, I have gotten some really fun and cute things lately from this website. They had a giant Cyber Monday sale, and I snagged a double hooded sweatshirt I'd been eyeing. I also love love love this hoodie, which is super soft and has a full half-zip, which makes it perfect for nursing!

...that I've started reading again. I basically stopped reading after J was born and only just recently picked it up again this month, thanks to being back in the office and having twice-a-day pump sessions. I've read four books just this month and will have a reviews post up for you soon. I hope this reading trend continues into 2018! If you have a favorite book from this past year, let me know about it so I can add it to my list. There are a couple of books that Carolann listed in her 2017 book survey post that I haven't heard of and want to check out! Michelle always has great book review posts, and Kristen just posted her 2017 book review recap.

...that I am joining a gym in 2018. I've never in my life had a gym membership, but this year I am going to be like every other person in America and make fitness a goal for the new year. J is six months old and only just very recently (like, two weeks ago) started sleeping longer than 2-3 hours at a time. I've been working full time since he was 8 weeks old, and I've been trying to take naps and go to bed early, but that's no substitute for night sleep. I've honestly been too tired to make a solid attempt to work out, but I will be honest and tell you that I feel like a giant blob. It's never been about the scale for me, and in fact we don't even own a scale so I couldn't tell you how much I weigh, but it's about how I feel, and I feel gross and out of shape. I am already signed up for the OKC half marathon in April, which will be half #11 for me, and I hope to get to the gym at least 2x a week in the evenings for a run and workout.

Finally, I would tell you that I am working on a post about my return to the office this second time around. Some blog posts are really easy for me to write, and some feel so difficult to put my thoughts into words. This post topic is turning out to be the latter, but I hope to finish and post it soon. I've shared so much about working motherhood on this blog over the past two years and I feel like I can't not say something about how it's been going having both kids in daycare full time and me back at the office.

I always write a year in numbers, so keep an eye out for that one coming next year. I didn't do my annual reader survey that I've done for the past couple of falls, but if you do have a specific topic you'd like me to write a post about next year, please do let me know!

Thank you so much for reading and following along with The Lady Okie in 2017. I appreciate all the love on my posts and I enjoy interacting with all of you. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Jordan and I have been off work all week and are loving having some extra family time during this holiday season!

*Some affiliate links are used in this post. It takes a lot of work to maintain a blog, and I appreciate you supporting the brands that support my writing!


  1. Yay for joining a gym in 2018! It’s amazing how good that feels to do.

  2. I totally feel like a blob too...oh the holiday desserts! :( I have worn everything from that Stitch Fix box multiple times already so definitely a good investment. New clothes make you feel better too!

  3. I've had a gym membership for 2 years and I haven't been there in.... 18 months. Woof. Shame, shame.
    Your family photos are seriously the cutest. Yay for reading more! For some reason I am, too!
    Hope y'all have a happy new year!!

  4. I think the best book I read last year was "The Reason You're Alive" by Matthew Quick. I highly recommend it and it's not long at all. Happy New Year!

  5. Another half! You running rockstar. I bet the gym workouts will feel so good and you’ll rock that half. You should read Moon Over Manifest. I loved it.

  6. I feel the same way about sponsored posts! Sometimes they're so time-consuming and tedious to write, but most of the time I've loved it. There were a few occassions this summer where a sponsored post forced us to do a date or family outing that we otherwise wouldn't have! I also feel like it strengthens my writing. I feel like I write better when I have an assignment versus when I'm left to my own devices.

    Hope you guys have a wonderful new year and can't wait to read about your adventures in 2018 :)

  7. I always love these updates! Looking forward to following along in 2018!

  8. What camera are you wanting? I think photography gear is super fun (and way expensive).

    Yay for joining a gym! I love that I can go to a gym. It helps with accountability some.

  9. I kind of can't believe you've gone your whole life without having a gym membership, but I guess as a runner, you probably haven't really needed one! (Although what did you do in the winter if it got snowy and you needed to fit in a run???)

    Here's to a great 2018 for you and yours!

  10. My favorite book of 2017 was A Hope More Powerful Than the Sea... a biography of sorts that is about a young Syrian refugee. It’s been out for years (but took me forever to get it at the library), and I get nervous recommending a book to an connoisseur like you but I loved it. Made me so much more compassionate and opened my eyes to the plight of refugees.

  11. It sounds like you are making feeling good about your self & taking time for yourself more of a priority this year and I love that!! Can't wait to hear your thoughts on being back to work, I feel like it may be going better this time just by the tone of your posts lately but I could be off base (this is the internet after all).

  12. Thank you, lady! That's so kind of you to say. I'm also planning to join a gym. Our apartment had a free one literally 100 yards away and I MISS IT SO MUCH. The closest gym is 20 minutes away from our house, but oh well! I'm so anxious to get back to it.

  13. One has to wear clothes far too often to not have any clothes they enjoy--definitely worth it to buy some clothes that are actually fun to wear! Of course, I'm one to talk, I've bought all of 4 things to wear since June...but there are special circumstances. ;)

  14. Yay for a gym membership! I had great friends at my old gym (I cancelled my membership after Little Bit arrived) and really loved working out there! As she gets older I'll eventually pick a gym that has childcare (at least that's the plan) and I'll start lifting weights again. Until then I'm working out at home/around the neighborhood. But I love the gym so I hope you will love it as much as I have! :)

    Happy 7 year proposal anniversary! We're coming up on our 10 year proposal anniversary next month (oh my goodness, we were babies when we got married, haha!). I love the picture of you guys in front of the Bean! So much joy in that photo!

    And I'm glad you are having so much fun with the sponsored posts! I've enjoyed reading them. :)


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