12-Minute Memoir: Summer as a Working Mom


Summer is officially in full swing, and in Oklahoma that means 90+ temps and lots of sweating. Also my air conditioning went out in my car yesterday. It’s the most wonderful time of year! 

I wanted to write a shoutout post for my fellow working moms, specifically those of us who work “traditional” hours and aren’t teachers. This post is for you, friend. I can offer nothing more than solidarity and a hug across the computer screen.

* * *
I’ve never cared that much about not having the summer off until I had kids, and I’m going to be honest: it’s taking a lot of mental effort on my part to not get majorly bummed out when I see people posting about all the fun times they are having with their kids at the pool and the zoo and the splash pads. First-world problems? YES. But nevertheless it's the truth.

Some days it’s easier than others, but the mom guilt is real that my kids are not getting to experience the slow, lazy days of summer. Our routine has remained the same Monday through Friday with early wakeups, a banana in the car on the way to daycare (also forgetting to brush R's teeth again), a 5 o’clock pickup, and the evening rush of dinner, bedtime routine, and five hundred requests for “just one more drink of water” and “three more songs.” 

It’s hot outside, but other than that it’s all very much the same inside my office. And actually the AC doesn't work so well in there, so it's hot in my office too.
The Facebook group I’m in for working moms, is such a positive place full of women who feel the same, and so many struggle with the balance of working full time while trying to give our kids the fun summer that everyone else seems to be having. Now, of course that’s not to say every working mom struggles with this, but I know that a lot do!
Unfortunately there’s not much I’ve found that helps. The bottom line is that I miss summer break, and if you’re missing it too, I see you. I hear you. 

Everyone loves to quote “the days are long but the years are short,” and while the saying is completely true, I hate that phrase because it just reminds me of how fast time is moving while my kids are away from me during the day. Summer doesn’t make that easier.
So for now I’ll just squeeze as much summer out of the time I have. I’ll be thankful for each splash in the pool and each laugh on the swing at the park after daycare pickup. I’ll be thankful that our daycare has “water day,” where the kids come in their swimsuits and play in the hoses and water outside. I’ll be thankful for skinned knees and sunburns and fireflies (but never mosquitoes!).
I may spend my lazy summer days rushing to work and sitting at my desk inside, but I always try to remind myself that evenings and weekends are open for anything.
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